Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1218 - 1218: Formation Brush

"How can I get tickets I would have if I went without promising you? It seems to me that I would still have been on my own just like I'll be if I work with you," Long Chen let out, laughing.

"You're wrong. With our help, you can certainly go farther than you would have otherwise," the woman calmly said. 

"And how is that possible?" Long Chen inquired, amused. 

"It's simple. Because as you already know, the entire town only has the lower quality Spirit Protection items. Even the best of them could only last for a day. A single day isn't enough to go to the true core of the town where the main treasures are kept," the woman informed Long Chen. 

"What we'll do is provide your High Grade Spirit Protection items that can last for a week. That much time should be enough for you to go in and come out."

"As you know, you can only use one such item after going in. So even if you take ten lower grade items, it'll be useless. That's why you need my help. And when you get to the core region, you'll find a lot of treasures. I only want a few things from there. As for the rest, you can keep them."

"Isn't this a good offer?" The lady asked as she finished explaining.  

"Let me guess. Your sect disciples are intentionally not selling the High grade items because they don't want anyone to go that deep in the town. You don't want others to get those treasures. Is that right?" Long Chen inquired as he understood a few things. 

"That's right. We don't want others to get the treasures. But that doesn't mean all the disciples are working together. We all want that thing for ourselves. That's why everyone is trying to send a person in to work for them. I was also looking for a person to go in from my side," the lady answered. 

"Why me? That's what I don't understand. I don't believe it's because you think that I'm strong," Long Chen asked, frowning. He knew that no one could see his strength. He wondered if she heard about his actions before about how he beat up an Elder. 

"You're right. It's not your strength. I don't care about your strength. I only care about your formation knowledge. Since you were able to find out about our formation details, I think you can do it," the lady answered. 

"What does having a formation knowledge have to do with treasures? Could it be that..."

"That's right. According to the rumors, the owner of this town was a Formation Master. He kept most of his treasures hidden and protected by formations. We had only recently found out about something special that he had stolen in the past."

" And it was a really important thing for us. We believe he should have kept that in his Main Treasury where you person had managed to reach before. That's why I want you to go in and take those things out," the woman told Long Chen. 

"Moreover, you won't actually be alone. There are two more people that will go in with you. I just want you to join them and locate the treasury," she further added. 

"Is that so? I'm sorry, but I declined. Though I just thank you for telling me about that hidden treasury. Not that I didn't know about it," Long Chen let out, smiling wryly. 

This lady really believed that no one had managed to reach there. Actually, the Saint King had already gone there last time. He had also taken the treasures from that Treasury, but he couldn't take all the treasures.

There was another Formation there which only allowed for three treasures to be taken out at one time. That's why Saint King chose the three treasures that he liked and left. 

The other treasures were still behind. But he had mentioned about the other Treasures that he had seen there in the treasury.

Long Chen also knew what treasure this woman was after. He was able to guess that much. The woman was affiliated to the Formation Sect. It was clear that she wanted something related to her profession, and there was only one such thing there. 

'It should be the Formation Brush. The precious item that is able to improve the user and effectiveness of any formatting which is drawn with it. The Saint King had also thought to take that, but he ultimately chose something else to take. It's surprising that no one else had managed to get there in so long,' Long Chen thought, frowning. 

"Are you sure you don't want to join my team? You're ready to lose such a good chance?" The woman asked, frowning. "Do you even know how many treasures you can get if you help me? The treasures that these middle grade sects have been after for so long. They can all be yours!"

"As I said, I don't want any treasures with your help. I will go as far as I can on my own," Long Chen said as he stood up and turned to leave. 

The old man blocked his path, not letting him leave. 

"Is that how you're going to do things? I mean, you really should think about your next steps. Who knows, something really unfortunate might suddenly happen here," Long Chen subtly warned everyone present in the room, frowning. 

He wondered if the people here were really going to be this stupid. 

"I'll give you one last chance. Do you agree to work for me or not?" The woman asked, frowning. 

"I refuse. I don't want anyone to do with it," Long Chen calmly said. "The ball's in your court. What do you want to do?"

"I'll do something really simple. I'll praise your determination for not being lured by the treasures. I won't force you if you don't want to do this. But just remember, today you missed on the opportunity of your lifetime," The woman told Long Chen, sighing. 

"I doubt I lost anything here. Don't worry about me. Can I leave now?" Long Chen lazily inquired. 

"Alright. You can leave. But remember, if you ever told anyone else about what's happening here, I'll make sure you suffer. You have no idea who I am," the woman warned Long Chen. "So keep your mouth shut!"

" Don't tell me you really expected me to tell everyone about this? I don't have that much free time."