Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 884 - 884: Assasin Union

Looking at Long Chen's looks, they had thought that he was a youngster who didn't have any power. They could see that he seemed handsome, and it was the only reason they could think of for the girls to stick close to him.

They thought that he was a weakling, so they didn't expect such words from him. 

They couldn't help but laugh out loud at his words. 

"Did you hear his words?"

"Hahaha, this kid seriously thinks he's some big shot."

"Yeah, He wants us to have healing medicine for us! He thinks he can break us. I've never heard such a funny thing."

The men started laughing as they pointed at Long Chen.

"Let's continue," Long Chen said as he told the girls to leave. 

The girls started leaving in the opposite direction of the men.

Long Chen also turned back since he could see a few guards nearby. He didn't wish to attract too much attention

Watching Long Chen leave, the men started laughing even more.

"Hahaha, as expected. You were just a big mouth. You don't actually have courage. Fine. Since we're in a good mood, we won't create trouble for you," the red-haired youngster let out as he laughed. 

Hearing his words, Long Chen simply nodded his head. He was glad since it meant he wouldn't need to break the bones of the men.

He continued leaving but what the man said next made him stop in his tracks.

"You can leave, but you must leave the girls behind. Don't worry. We're five men only. We'll each take an hour of the girls. So you can take them back after 5 hours," the man said as he licked his lips while he glared at the girls from top to bottom as if he was looking at a delicacy. 

Hearing the words, Long Chen stopped. This was crossing the line. He couldn't let this kind of behavior go, especially when it was about his women when they were with him.

What was worse was that he could even hear their thoughts which were so vulgar that they made his blood boil. He wanted to slice their head right now.

The guards nearby were still a problem. He couldn't kill them here if he didn't want to have to fight the entire Kingdom here. 

"Mingyu, Lan'er, come with me inside the Alley," He said to the women.

They started walking back inside the alley. 

"Hahaha, he stopped. And he is also escorting the girls inside for us. He agreed!" The man laughed as he watched Long Chen walking inside the alley.

"Come with me," he gestured to the other men as he followed Long Chen and the other women.

His eyes never stopped greedily looking at Ming Lan and Mingyu's butts as he followed after them.

The group of 5 entered the alley as well, leaving the public road. 

Long Chen stopped at the end of the alley as he turned back. 

The men also stopped a few meters away from him. 

"Get ready, boys. We're going to be a pretty yummy day ahead. We don't even need to go home to get started. We can begin right here in the Black Alley," he continued laughing. 

He reached out his hand as he gestured for Long Chen to leave. "Get out of here. Let us enjoy their yout-"

The man proudly claimed, but before he could even finish his sentence, a Knife stabbed his heart.

The knife seemed to be made entirely of Qi which disappeared after leaving a big hole in the man's chest.

The Qi Knife also contained some of his Darkness Law which made the attack even more painful for the red-haired guy. 

The Darkness made his death even more painful; however, no voice escaped his lips since the first thing that happened was paralysis of his body.

The other Four guys were still dreaming about having a pleasure-filled time with the girls when they grew shocked at the sight of their friend dying.

They didn't even see where the knife came from and where it disappeared to. 

All they saw was Long Chen moving his hand, which happened to be empty just until a few moments ago. A light flashed after that, and the next thing they saw was their friend lying on the bed.

"This talent and skill! He could only be from there! Run! He is from the Assasin Union!" 

Watching Long Chen's skill, the men had a misunderstanding that he was from the Assasin Union. 

It was a big organization here which specialized in the assassination of powerful cultivators. Many people were scared of them.

It was said that the Assassins could disguise themselves as anyone— old or young. That must be why this guy was looking so young.

Now that they had realized who they were against, the only option which was left was to run away and get to the main Street.

If they were in the public eye, they could have a chance at survival, but as they turned back to run, they saw Long Chen standing behind them.

"N-no!" They let out as they turned back.

Long Chen waved both his hands as a knife appeared in each of his hands.

"Please don't! We made a mistake, great master. We didn't know it was the Hunter Union. If we knew, let alone us, even our ghosts wouldn't have done this!" The men let out as they cried in fear, but Long Chen didn't listen.

Long Chen jerked both his hands and threw the knives towards the going men. It hit the forehead of two guys, killing them instantly.

The other two guys couldn't help but get so scared that their pants got wet.

A puddle of water starts taking place under them. Tears also started falling from their eyes.

Watching them, Long Chen sighed.

He turned back and started walking away as if he couldn't bother killing the two.

A smile appeared on the faces of the only two youngsters who were still living. They thought that Long Chen had forgiven them.

They wanted to thank Long Chen for sparing them, but they didn't care to. They didn't want to attract Long Chen's attention in case he changed his mind.

They both gazed at each other, smiling. Their tears and snot were creating a stark contrast with their smiles.

"W-we survived!" They let out happily, but that's when their eyes opened wide in shock.

They looked down and saw a sword stabbed in their chest.

The sword was soon pulled out. 

The swords swung once again, killing them.