Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1261 - 1261: Using The Blood Dragon

"Do you really want to get stronger and faster? I think I have a way for you," Long Chen suddenly said, thinking about something.

"To get stronger, you need someone to help train you. Someone who is not only stronger but also more experienced, whose entire focus can be on your training," he added. 

"Are you talking about yourself?" Ji Shan asked. 

Long Chen shook his head. 

"I'm not talking about myself. I can certainly train you, but even I'm not that experienced. And even if I try, I can't keep my focus on you since there are so many things that I need to take care of. I just have too much work. I'm talking about someone else," Long Chen replied.

"Who?" Ji Shan asked, curious. "Is he someone strong?"

"Yeah. Someone very strong. I only recently met him. He's actually one of the five strongest cultivators in the Immortal World. I'm sure I can get him to take a disciple. He's already above all the earthly matters, and he doesn't have any family. I'm sure he'll keep all his focus on you. What do you say?" Long Chen asked.

Ji Shan didn't even have to think about this. The offer was just too good to ignore. He couldn't ignore it. He wanted strength, and now he had hope. He had a person who could train him.

"I want to train with him. Where is he?" Ji Shan asked. 

"Ah, I actually have no idea where he is. But I'm sure we'll meet him soon. I'll introduce you to him then. Just have patience," Long Chen said. He had already left Lord Glen behind. He couldn't go back to meet him as that was going to waste a lot of time. 

Even though he had already told Lord Glen that he didn't want his help, he was already sure that the man was certainly going to show up with the appearance of Blood Dragon Emperor to see if Long Chen succeeded or not. 

Ji Shan nodded.  "What's his name?"

"His name is Lord Glen. I think you'll like him. Anyway, it's getting late for me. Snakey would be getting upset that I'm not back. Can't leave my body unattended."

Long Chen's figure disappeared as he finished speaking.

He woke up on the back of Snake Monarch. 

The Sun was shining brightly in the sky. It was still early morning here. Snake Monarch had been flying all night long. 

Standing up, Long Chen stretched his arms, letting the rays of the sun hit his skin. 

"How far did we get?" He asked. 

He didn't get a reply. 

"Snakey? Are you listening?" He asked again, not getting any response. 

"Are you sleeping while flying?" Long Chen asked, confused. He flew in front of the Snake Monarch to see that his eyes were open.

"What happened to you? Why aren't you speaking?" Long Chen asked, confused. He could see that the Snake Monarch was up. 

"Can you stop talking? I'm trying to think of something. You'll make me forget it!" Snake Monarch finally let out, shouting at Long Chen. 

"There you go. I already forgot!" After a few minutes, he sighed.

"Forgot what?" Long Chen asked. "Don't tell me you were forming the plan to make nuclear bombs or something? What could be so important?"

"I was counting to a million. I was so close to finishing it. Now I forgot which number I was on," Snake Monarch let out, sighing. 

Long Chen couldn't help but look at Snake Monarch weirdly. "You were counting? Since when did maths become so important to you?"

"I was getting bored, alone. So I started counting, and before I knew it, I was actually into it. I really wanted to finish it, and now I forgot where I was," Snake Monarch explained. 

"Alright, forget about the counting for now. Tell me where we are? That's more important." Long Chen insisted. 

"How would I know where we're at the moment? All I know is that I've been flying for more than thirty hours in the direction you told me, right before you went to sleep," Snake Monarch replied. 

Long Chen opened the map. He already knew where he was before he went to his inner world. Depending on their speed and the time it took them, he made an assumption of the distance they had traveled based on their trajectory. 

"If I'm not wrong, we should be somewhere around this spot now," he muttered, glancing at a certain spot on the map. 

" We still have a lot of travel left. I wonder if the Blood Dragon Emperor will come before we even get to the Royal Palace. If that's the case, we would really be in a pickle."

"Snakey, stop flying. Come and relax," he told the Snake Monarch,  changing plans. 

Snake Monarch stopped flying and became smaller, as Long Chen suggested. 

"Are you going to call him out?" Snake Monarch asked. 

Long Chen nodded. "We're going for revenge. It would certainly be good if we get there fast. Moreover, you need to take a rest as well. How will you help if you're already exhausted by the time we get there?"

"So just sit beside me and relax."

Long Chen called out the Blood Dragon from the Beast Region. It was the first time he was meeting the Blood Dragon since he called him out in the Dragon Temple. 

Long Chen on the Blood Dragon, which started racing through the air. His speed was so fast that even Long Chen himself was surprised. He hadn't expected that Blood Dragon would be so fast. 

Even he thought that Blood Dragon would only be partially faster than Snake Monarch, but the actual speed of this guy pleasantly surprised him. 

Even the Snake Monarch was amazed, seeing the massive gap in their speeds. It made him realize again about how weak he actually was. 

Even with Blood Dragon, Long Chen avoided the cities on the way. He didn't want to attract much attention because of the Blood Dragon. The distance that was going to take weeks was finished in a few days. 

The Blood Dragon was getting closer to the Royal City. Long Chen finally stopped the Blood Dragon. He sent him back, deciding to travel the rest of the path alone. 

Soon, Long Chen landed inside the Royal City of the Northern Empire. Getting inside this place was much easier than he had expected. 

There wasn't any strict security, maybe because no one thought that someone could dare to mount an assault on the Royal City where the Northern Emperor lived.