Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 924 - 924: You Would Regret It

Long Chen was attacked suddenly, which he didn't expect. A fist empowered by a Martial Skill landed on his chest, making him fly back like a toy.

If it was someone else, they might have crashed on the wall, but Long Chen had more presence of mind and talent. He spread out his Divine Sense to make a visual representation of his surroundings in his head.

He turned his body to make sure his crash wasn't as back. He also used his half-step heaven realm Cultivator, which allowed him to walk on air and fly for a few seconds. He used the air to control his body.

His feet landed on the wall instead of his back that would have hit the wall previously. He used his feet to push him forward. He had not only controlled his body but subconsciously prepared to counterattack, but she soon realized that he was impersonating to be a guard. He couldn't attack the girl. 

He landed on the ground a few steps away from the girl.

He stood before the girl, finally able to observe her better. Now that he saw her carefully, he realized that the girl was a part of Tricion Prince's team. She was the Qiandi Princess.

Why did she attack him, though? She couldn't have known who he was. And attacking a random guard is strange as well.

"Why did you attack me?" He asked straight away.

"You duffer, do you even need to ask that question? You were about to crash on her. To push you back must be why she attacked you," Xun's voice floated in his ears instead.

The girl in front of him didn't answer, though. 

" Strange. Despite my attack, you are still fine. Your chest isn't broken. How can a youngster like you be fine after my attack? Are you a body cultivator? You must be here for the ranking tournament as well. Which world are you from?" The girl asked.

'A youngster? What is she talking about? I am impersonating a middle-aged man. She should be a kid before me in this look. Why is she cal-"

Long Chen didn't initially understand what she was trying to say, but he soon understood. A vision appeared before him about how he had taken off the Mask of Mischief before meeting Mingyu, and he didn't remember wearing that back.

He tried touching his face gently to confirm once again if he actually wasn't wearing the Mask of Mischief.

'Faak! How can I be such an Idiot. I was running around in the Palace like this? I'm so lucky no guard saw me. I wouldn't even understand why they attack me if they had seen,' he thought, feeling like cursing himself.

He gazed back at the girl.

'It doesn't seem like this girl has seen the wanted posters of me. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been asking about where I am from. I need to leave and get my mask,' he thought.

"No. I am not from another world. I am not a normal guard here who happens to look young. See my clothes? Now I need to leave. If you'll excuse me..." Long Chen let out as he turned sideways. He started leaving. 

"Wait! I didn't tell you to leave yet," the girl called out.

'Ah, young miss, If someone came here and saw me in this face, you know what kind of trouble I'll be in? Stop trying to have me killed and get back to your work,' Long Chen thought as he turned back slowly. He wanted to say all this to the girl, but he kept the words in his head.

"I'm sorry, madam. But I really need to get somewhere. And I didn't do anything anyway. I didn't even touch you. You were the one who attacked me. Please forgive me for any mistakes I might have done; I can't stop. I don't want to lose my job," Long Chen told the girl before he started running back.

The girl gazed at Long Chen, who was running away.

"Urgent work? You were going in a different direction before. And now you're running back where you came from. Do you think you can fool me?" The girl muttered as she frowned.  "And you being old but looking young, I am not an idiot to believe that. Someone like you can't be a guard here."

The Qiandi Princess started flying towards Long Chen while Long Chen ran back towards his room.

Long Chen reached the room. He opened the door and stepped inside, but before he could lock the door, the girl also barged inside the room.

"I am not leaving you until you tell me the truth. Who are you? A person like you is worthy of taking part in this ranking tournament from any world. Yet you lie and claim to be a normal guard? You're not even twenty and so strong. People like you are people from the higher echelon in our world. There is no way you are a normal guard," The girl said to Long Chen.

"You are really a duffer. Why do you even care who I am? Go back and focus on your ranking," Long Chen argued back.

"I am a curious person. I can never calm myself as long as there is a question I want an answer to. My head would be in turmoil until you answer me," the girl answered.

"Fine. At least close the door," Long Chen answered as he smiled wryly. He walked back to his bed and picked up the mask of mischief. 

"Close the door? Why? What do you intend to do?" The girl asked suspiciously.

"So we can have sex all night and break this bed without any disturbance," Long Chen replied sarcastically. "Of course, so no one hears what I'm about to tell you, duffer!"

"You are talking very disrespectfully. You should really control your tongue," the girl said grimly.

"I'm not going to. What are you going to do?" Long Chen asked back. He was also at the end of his patience.  He didn't want to be chased by a girl like he was a rat. 

Why did she even care about such things that aren't related to her ranking or her world? She was just making things difficult for him, which was annoying him. And more importantly, this duffer wasn't even closing the door.

"Do you really think that I can't get my answer using other methods?" The girl inquired as she revealed her Heavenly Realm Aura. 

"Fine. Enough is enough. I don't care about anything now. You want to do it, then do it. I swear to god if you made the first move, you would regret it." Long Chen also released his aura as his eyes turned darker.