Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1202 - 1202: Origin Vein

'What the heck is happening here?' he thought, looking at everything weirdly. 

Why was the girl stripping? Was it so she could dive inside the water to bring out the treasure? Even then, she could've sent others instead. She didn't have to go personally. No matter from which angle Long Chen looked from, he couldn't find what was happening.  ​​

The confusion only increased as he noticed the girl step inside the pond. She didn't dove inside though. She just stood inside the pond, not seeming like she was going to search for anything?

"What are you doing here? Come inside as well," the Princess told the other women. 

"Are you sure, Princess?" The ladies asked, concerned. "Is it fine if we entered too?"

"Of course, it's fine. Don't worry. Step inside. Let the pond nourish your skin to make it softer. It's fine," the Princess informed her. 

The female guards nodded as they also started taking clothes off. After stripping completely, they also stepped inside the pond. 

Standing in the back, Long Chen couldn't help but facepalm himself. He understood everything now. There was no treasure here. The ladies were only here for this pond which helped their skins. He felt like an idiot for thinking that there was a treasure. 

'The exit is closed as well. It won't open until they leave. Such a waste of time,' He thought as he sighed. 

'I can teleport outside too, though. Oh well, I guess I'm not in such a hurry. This place isn't bad to rest in either. The view is great too.'

He stepped closer to the pond and sat with his back resting against the wall while observing the ladies as he wondered if the water actually affected their skin or not. If it did, it was a good place for his family. 

He observed the ladies, especially the Princess, noticing that somehow her skin did look more beautiful. He wasn't sure if it was actually a change or it was just his misconception since he was pretty even before.

The ladies brushed their fingers against their skin, making sure they received the proper nourishment. 

Xun appeared before Long Chen, frowning. She was stunned to notice him shamelessly looking at the girls. 

" Are you really peeping at the women who are bathing now?" she asked. 

'Hey, you can't blame me. I'm just observing them to see the effectiveness of the water,' Long Chen replied to her, rolling his eyes. 

"Is that so? Why aren't your eyes on the face of the Princess instead of being on her breasts?" Xun asked, glaring at him. 

'You're too young to understand. Their breasts are so soft already. If the water can make them look better, then that's the true testament of its power. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm sacrificing my eyes for research and analysis. Not because I actually appreciate their beautiful bodies,' Long Chen replied lazily. 

Xun took a deep breath as she sighed. 

" You really expect me to believe that, don't you?" Xun asked, shaking her head.

'Of course, why won't you?' Long Chen asked, smiling wryly. 'I'm the most honest person in the world.'

"That's true. By the way, which one is better?" Xun asked as she sat beside Long Chen.

'The Princess, I think. Hers are the perfect shape.... cough, wait. What was the question again?' Long Chen asked, stopping himself at the right time. 

Xun looked at him blankly, sighing. 

"Grow up," she commented.

'I am already grown up. Haven't you seen?' Long Chen asked, smiling. 

As he talked to Xun, he didn't stop looking at the Princess. It was only after ten minutes that he actually noticed a big change. The Princess looked slightly younger. And her skin looked visibly softer.

'I guess it does work. I wonder why it has this effect, though,' he thought, frowning. 

'Is there something special in this case?' 

Long stood up and started observing the surroundings even more carefully. For the most part, this place looked completely ordinary. Even the pond in the water seemed completely ordinary. 

'You won't find anything like that. The answer isn't in the walls. It's under you," Xun reminded Long Chen. 

'Under me?' Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"That's right. There should be an Original Vein under the ground which passes from under us. The energy from that should be what nourishes the pond, which in turn nourishes the skin of these women," Xun said, solving the mystery. 

"Think of it like this. Origin Vein is like a treasury filled with energy, but no one can use it. Still, it's something that has an aura of its own. The aura of Origin keeps leaking, ever so slightly."

"And when this water stays near that aura for decades, its properties also start changing as it absorbs a different form of the origin which is just the aura mixed with the Qi."

"What these women are doing is taking that aura which the pond had absorbed for the last few decades to nourish their skin," She said as she finished the explanation. 

"That's why you see such a major difference. It's similar to how a cultivator looks young even when they are older, all because of their high cultivation," she continued. 

'Ah, so it's that. I understand now,' Long Chen said, nodding. ' But won't the energy run out because of the girls? How can my family and I use it in that case?'

"Don't worry. It won't run out so easily. From what I can see, there's plenty of it. Too much for the girls to take it. A lot of it will be left behind. But then again, it's not like you can use that anyways. It's only effective on women," Xun responded. 

' It's fine. In any case, I didn't even want to go inside. I'll start looking girly even if that works, which I don't prefer,' Long Chen replied as he walked back and sat down now that the mystery was solved. 

"This should be all our body can absorb. Let's leave," the Princess said after ten more minutes as she stepped out of the water. 

Unlike before, she was now facing Long Chen as she stepped out of the water. Long Chen didn't act modest either. He didn't take his eyes off as he observed her perfect figure. 

Water could be seen dropping down her wet body, which stood completely bare before Long Chen. 

'Not bad at all,' Long Chen thought. 

The others also stepped out of the water, giving even more of a view to Long Chen, but his eyes stayed on the Princess who brought a towel out of her storage ring.