Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 153 - 153: The Promise

" The promise that caused death... and made Qiandi go mad with anger" Su Ming replied in a low voice.

" It all started with your great grandfather. During his time, Qiandi and Esteria were really close friends. In Fact, we were closer to Qiandi then we were to Tricion Empire. Royal families of both places visited each other's empire regularly. It was said that during one such visit, the first princess of Qiandi, Princess Min fell in love with the crown Prince of Esteria, Prince Huang. She told her father about it, who in turn talked to your great grandfather. Thus the marriage between both Royal families was established. But unbeknownst to everyone, the Prince wanted something else. As soon as Prince Huang found out about this arranged marriage, he went to his father and told him that he didn't want this marriage and that he was in love with someone else. He asked your great grandfather to nullify the marriage but he was denied" Su Jing said. 

" That's to be expected as a promise can't be broken so easily, especially a promise given by an Emperor to another Emperor just because of feelings. "Mingyu commented in between while Wang stayed silent as if imagining himself in place of Prince Huang.

"As the day of marriage drew near, Prince Huang's opposition increased but there was nothing he could do as he was trapped in his room. One day,Prince Huang escaped. It was thought that he won't return but he soon returned with a woman. He informed the Emperor that she was the girl he was in love with. As he escaped and went to meet her, he found out that she was pregnant with his baby. He told your great grandfather that he won't leave the girl he loves and his kid and if he is still forced, he is ready to die but won't marry another girl. Your great grandfather finally felt defeated and assented to their relationship and canceled the marriage. " Su Jing further explained. 

"That's all? A broken marriage caused all this? It's not like we killed anyone? we just denied a marriage. " Mingyu let out with a strange look on her face.

" That's not all... The First Princess of Qiandi committed suicide as soon as she found out about the broken marriage. It was said that she felt heartbroken and couldn't bear to live in this world anymore" Su Jing said in a serious tone as she looked at them.

"First Princess' death was blamed at Esteria and the enmity was started. Soon after, Prince Huang and his wife disappeared as well which caused our Esteria Emperor to be furious as well. Thus, years of friendship were broken and the war began... " Su Jing finished her story.

"Don't mention it to anyone though. I just told you to make you aware of the mistakes of the past but don't mention this story to anyone." She said in a serious tone.

" Yes mother" They both nodded.

Half a day passed as all the Emperors came back. 

Their mood looked somewhat good making it seem that their talks went well.

Emperor Qian Wei and Emperor Ji Hanjian left after bidding their farewell but strangely enough, Emperor Wei turned back and glimpsed at Lu Wang with a smile before leaving.

"How did the talk went?" Su Jing asked as she gazed at Emperor Lu Junwei.

" I think it went well. In Fact, I feel like we won" Emperor Lu Junwei laughed as he said. 

"What happened in there?" Su Jing asked with a happy smile as she saw the bright mood of Lu Junwei.

"The Enmity that started with a marriage, is now ending with a marriage. To end the conflict between the kingdoms, we decided to tie the empires through marriage. Wang's marriage is established with the daughter of Emperor Qian Wei. I'm happy because we got such a good opportunity" Emperor Lu Junwei said with a smile.

" His daughter? Doesn't he only have one daughter? The girl who is said to be a once in a millennia talent? If it's like this, then it is indeed good for our empire. Now we will have another heaven-sent talent but shouldn't you ask the wish of our son first?" Su Jing said with a smile.

"Oh Right! Tell me, son. Are you ready for this marriage? If you aren't, I'll cancel it even if that means that we'll be fighting for a hundred more years. " Emperor Lu Junwei gazed at his son with an expectant face. 

" I am ready father... " Lu Wang said as he gazed at the expectant look on his father's face for a brief moment.

"That's like my good son" Lu Junwei said with a laugh. 

" Let's go!! It's time for father and son to have a drink like men" Emperor Lu Junwei said as he left the hall while grabbing Lu Wang's hand.

They Drank till late at night before walking back to their rooms and fell asleep. 

Morning arrived, Lu Wang left his mansion and walked through the city as he entered a small medicine shop.

"You're here..." A feminine voice sounded as soon as Lu Wang entered the shop. The shop was completely empty as most days with only the two of them being there.

"I'm getting married..." Lu Wang said in a low voice. 

"... to whom? " The girl asked as she looked down.

"Princess of Qiandi" Lu Wang replied but his voice sounded like it was breaking.

"Oh... I wish you a happy marriage Prince Wang. Did you come here to tell me to keep silent?  If you're worried that I'll tell others about our relationship then you don't need to worry about that. Even if our relationship didn't mean anything to you, It meant everything for me. I know I can't keep you to myself but I'll keep these precious memories to myself alone" The girl said in a low voice. 

" That's not... I have no... choice... " Prince Wang said as his eyes got slightly wet.

The girl gazed in his eyes as her eyes got wet as well. 

"It's fine... Do what you must. Just think that we were never meant to me. Can you leave now? It's time I close the shop " The girl said as she looked down. 

Prince Wang turned back as he walked towards the exit with heavy steps when a sound came from behind. He turned back only to find the girl vomiting behind the counter.