Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1104 - 1104: Possible To Trace

"I don't know what you're talking about. I did find an injured body and dragged it here, thinking I might be able to heal that person, but it was too late. He was dead by the time I got her, so I burned his body," she said, lying to protect Long Chen. 

"Oh? So you burned the body? Do you know who that dark-haired silver-eyed boy was? Without knowing anything, you burned his body?" The First Envoy asked, sneakily testing to see if the person who came here was indeed Long Chen or the other person in the fight. 

He didn't directly ask for the guy's look since he believed that the woman would give him the same description.

"How should I know who he was? I saw an injured body, tried to save him, and failed. It's not like I could have asked a dead guy who he was?" The old lady answered as she sighed. 

"True, it's not like you could have asked Long Chen who he was," the First Envoy said as he nodded while folding his arms, agreeing with the lady. 

"So? Where did you burn his body? May we see that place?" He further asked. 

"Ah, yes," the old lady nodded as she started walking outside the hut. The other Envoys began following her.

"You, go check her house to see if you find anything suspicious about Long Chen," the First Envoy said to the Fourth, making sure that the old woman didn't hear them. 

Without asking twice, the fourth Envoy turned back slowly and started walking back, separating from the group. 

He walked back to the small hut of the lady and entered inside before he began his search.

Since the small hut wasn't very big, it didn't take much time for him to finish searching, ultimately finding the thing they were looking for. 

"A mortal lady... With a storage ring that has so many treasures? Hah, interesting. Nothing else is here, though. I guess this ends the search," the Fourth Envoy said before he left the hut again, soon catching up with other Envoys. 


"So this is where you burned the body?" The Envoy asked as he gazed at the bank of the pond. 

"Yeah. This was the place," the old lady said, pointing towards a spot that had no grass or anything.

Burn marks were indeed present at places. 

"Oh? I don't see any ash here, though. Shouldn't there be some?" The First Envoy asked as he frowned. 

"How would you see it? I cleaned that since I didn't want it here. The ash must already be mixed with the water already," the old lady said innocently. 

"Oh, so it mixed with the water," the First Envoy said as he rubbed his chin. 

"Yes," the old lady repeated again.

"May I ask you something? What do you take us as? The idiots who will believe anything or kids? Please answer," the first Envoy said. 

"What?" The old lady asked, not understanding. 

"I must say, for a mortal, you're pretty good at lying. But you're still not good enough for us to need an artifact to see if you're lying," The First Envoy said as the smile on his face disappeared. 

"So, are you telling me what happened, or should I kill you and ask your ghost?" he further asked. 

"What are you saying? I don't understand?" The old lady acted ignorantly again as she took a step back. 

"I'm asking if you'll tell me the truth or if I should kill you first." 

The same voice came from behind her. Turning back, the lady saw the same man standing behind her who was sitting in front of her before. 

Before she could even open her lips, her throat was gripped by the man who started raising her in the air. 

The Fourth Envoy also arrived beside the first Envoy at that point.

"What did you find?" The First Envoy asked the fourth. 

"This ring. I believe it's a gift from someone for saving their life. I can see the trace of that man's aura in this," the Fourth Envoy said as he raised his hand to reveal the ring in his hand. 

Without waiting for a second, he brought out all the treasures that were kept inside the ring.

"There are many treasures in the ring, but not the most precious treasure that a Heavenly Demon can possess. The ring is also not very high quality. It seems like he gave him the treasures he didn't feel he needed as a gift before leaving," he added as he looked around at all the treasures. 

"This! You're wrong! I took this time from his body before I burned his dead body!" The lady insisted again. 

"Old woman, I think you didn't hear what he said. This isn't the main ring of that Heavenly Demon! We are mostly sure of that. So don't give us the excuse that you took the ring from his dead body. If you had, you wouldn't have this ring but the more precious one of him," the First Envoy said, grinning. 

"We already knew you were lying. But your lies are becoming a bit too obvious now," the Second Envoy said, chiming in. 

"Honestly, we don't even need you at this point. This ring will be enough to lead us to that guy. But I would still love to hear your answer. Where was he going?" The First Envoy again asked.

The old woman understood that she was caught and they knew that truth, but she didn't believe them when they said that they could find Long Chen with the ring. Or they wouldn't be asking her for answers. She believed they were bluffing to get the answers from her. 

"I don't know where he was going because he's already dead! You don't believe me, that's fine. You want to kill me, that's fine too. I'm already an old woman, barely having a few days left in my life. Do your worst," she said, still insisting that Long Chen was dead, without caring for her life. 

"So you decide to side with a Heavenly Demon. Too bad. Have a great time in hell then, the same place where we're going to send that Heavenly Demon soon after," the First Envoy said as he placed a bit more force on his grip and tightened his palm, crushing the neck of the woman.

As her neck was crushed, the woman died, still in disbelief. They actually killed her? Did that mean they weren't bluffing when they said they could trace Long Chen with the ring? They could certainly kill him if they could find him. Long Chen was injured, after all.