Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1203 - 1203: Heavenly Oath

The Princess started drying her body with the help of the tower. As she wiped her legs, she bent forward in the direction of Long Chen, who was sitting at a meter's distance from her. 

"Pretty, isn't she?" Xun asked Long Chen.  ​​

"Very pretty indeed," Long Chen said.

Unfortunately, as soon as he had said it, he realized that he had made a mistake. He had spoken it out loud instead of answering with his thoughts.

He was so distracted by the Princess; he didn't realize. 

"Huh? A man's voice?" The Princess exclaimed as she waved her hand in the direction where the voice came from. 

A bright golden blade made of Qi appeared before her. The golden blade shot towards Long Chen, who was surprised at how perfect her aim was. 

He realized that if he didn't move, he was going to be screwed, but if he used teleportation, his shadow transformation was going to be canceled, and he was going to become visible. 


The Qi Blade stabbed in the wall, not finding its target. Long Chen teleported at the last moment, appearing right behind the Princess. 

He wrapped an arm around the slim stomach of Princess Mimi while forming a Qi knife of his own which he placed on her neck. 

He had realized that he couldn't teleport outside the cave because of the distance from the exit which he had seen to here, thus, deciding to take a lead. 

The last guards said as they brought out their weapons, without talking time in covering themselves.

"Calm down. Don't misunderstand. Listen to me first. I was sleeping here, and when I opened my eyes, I saw you bending towards me. If anyone's at fault, it's you for breaking my sleep," Long Chen told the women as well as the Princess.

"Moreover, it was your Princess who attacked me first! I am just holding her hostage for my security," he further said. 

His hand was wrapped around her waist, not letting her move. Her bare body stuck close to Long Chen, who was standing behind her. 

The Princess didn't move as she could feel the knife that was resting on her neck. She did think about attacking Long Chen, but she dropped the plan, worried for her life.

"You!" Her face suddenly turned red as she felt something behind her. "You shameless pervert! What are you doing? Free me!"

"Hey, you can't blame me. I'm a man, after all. It's a natural reaction. Anyway, it's not like I want to do anything with you. I just wanted to have time to explain my side. You had attacked me indiscriminately after all," Long Chen said, rolling his eyes. 

"I knew if I didn't take you hostage, all of you would try to kill me!" He continued. 

"We won't kill you! Free me!" The Princess said firmly. 

"Take a heavenly oath that you or the other ladies won't kill me," Long Chen said. 

"You! Fine! I take a heavenly oath that I or the other ladies present here won't kill you today!" Princess Mimi said, taking the heavenly oath. 

"Only today?" Long Chen asked, amused. 

"Today is enough for you to run! Didn't you want time to run? I took a heavenly oath; leave now!" The Princess told Long Chen as her face turned even redder because of something else. 

It was the first time a man had hugged her from behind, and that too with such lewdness. The fact that she was without clothes was making her feel even stranger.

"Hah, it doesn't matter. One day should be enough for me," Long Chen said as he freed the Princess. 

As the Princess was free, she wrapped the towel around her body before she stepped back. As she had created distance from Long Chen, she glanced at her guards. 

"Arrest this person," she told the women. "Break his legs and drag him to the capital!"

"Amusing. Is the Princess going to break her promise?' Long Chen asked, smirking. 

"I promised not to kill you today. I didn't say that we won't beat you up today. As for killing you, we can do that anytime after tomorrow," the Princess said, scoffing. 

"Ah, so that's what it was. I see now," Long Chen let out, laughing. "But I did realize your wordplay the moment you took the heavenly oath. It doesn't matter. As long as none of you try to kill me, I can take care of anything."

The female guards kept their swords back as they glared at Long Chen while cracking their knuckles. They weren't going to use weapons that could accidentally kill Long Chen. Instead, they were going to use their strength that they were known for.

None of the guards believed that Long Chen could protect himself.

"Aren't you ladies going to wear clothes first?" Long Chen inquired, amused. "I mean, I don't mind either way. It's not like I hate seeing you all like this."

"But I must say, the Princess is in a different league altogether," he continued, annoying them even more. 

It was the first time he was going to fight with his stabilized cultivation which made him even more excited. 

"You shameless man! I'll see if you still have that smirk on your face when I break your legs!" One of the ladies said as she ran towards Long Chen.

Within the blink of an eye, Long Chen found her near him. He could see her pinch coming towards her. 

He slowly raised his hand, which to others seemed lightning fast as he caught the fist of the woman. 

"Is that the strength you were hoping to break my legs with? I'm disappointed," Long Chen said, sighing. 

He pushed the lady back, shaking his head. 

"Anyone else who is actually strong?" He asked, seemingly disappointed. 

Seeing his casual action, the ladies were stunned. Why did he seem like he was bored, as if he had faced a kid? The person he faced was their strongest warrior. Why did he seem disappointed? Just how easy was it for him? 

"How strong is he?" They asked the lady who was defeated by Long Chen. 

"Too strong," the woman answered. "His strength should be more than our General."

"So strong? How could it be? Who is he? A general from another Empire? No! None of them is this young! It must be a misunderstanding. He should only have strength and no other skill. All of you go together!" The Princess commanded. 

Long Chen, in turn, glanced at the Princess. "I would much rather you come yourself."

All the women ran towards Long Chen, trying to take him down; however, as they reached Long Chen, they realized that he had disappeared.