Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1063 - 1063: Taking The Throne

Emperor Lu left the Royal Palace with his wife and his daughter. 

They all entered the Royal Carriage, which left the Royal Palace to fetch Long Chen, unaware that Long Chen had already left to come to the Royal Palace. 

A few minutes after the carriage departed, Long Chen landed at the entrance of the Royal Palace. 

The guards had already known that the Emperor left to bring Long Chen with respect with all his family. That meant Long Chen was once again their influential Prince Consort. So they needed to treat him with proper rest. 

He wasn't their enemy anymore, and the guards found it fortunate since they knew that if Long Chen was their enemy, it was going to mean their death. 

"Your Highness!"

All the guards greeted Long Chen with great respect, which surprised him a bit. What had happened to them? Did the Emperor already declare that he was forgiven and that he was to be treated with old respect? 

That seemed highly unlikely. Why was that Emperor going to do all that without knowing what had happened to his son?

"Whatever, it doesn't matter," he let out as he stopped thinking. Even if the Emperor asked, he already had an excuse. 

"Your Highness, you're here. His Majesty left to bring you home with all his family. No one is here," the guards informed Long Chen. 

"Oh? They left already? I guess I missed them. They're pretty fast," Long Chen said as he rubbed his chin while taking a step forward. He pushed the main door of the Palace open before he stepped inside. 

"It's too much of a bother to go back and forth. I'll wait here. When they come back, tell them to come to the Royal Chambers. I'll wait for them," he told the guards before he left. 


Walking inside the Royal Palace, Long Chen found his way to the Royal Chambers, where he had decided to wait. However, as he entered the throne room, he saw the ministers sitting there. 

Almost all the seats were already filled except one. 

"Sigh, there are no seats for me. It's fine. Since I'm waiting for him, I should be able to occupy one until he returns," he declared as he walked towards the main throne. 

All the Ministers had already stood up, shocked as they saw Long Chen enter, but it was certain that he wasn't their enemy anymore, so they weren't as scared as they should be otherwise. 

"Prince Long, welcome back. We would like to apologize for whatever happened in the past. Please forgive us," the Ministers told Long Chen as they apologized. "We were misled. But we're glad that the truth is out now."

"It's fine. Don't worry about it," Long Chen lazily replied as he waved his hand. 

He had already reached the throne of the Emperor. What he did next was something that the Ministers had expected. 

Long Chen sat on the throne that was reserved for the Emperor. 

"Why are you so shocked? I had no place to sit. Father in law is out, so I took this seat until he returned. Don't worry. I'm not staging a rebellion or something," He said as he noticed the strange expressions of the ministers. He could already guess what they were thinking and answered in advance.

"Ah, Your Highness. That place is only for the Emperor of this Empire. If you need a place to sit, how about I vacate my seat so you can sit here?" One of the Ministers asked with respect. 

"Huh? Do you have a problem with me sitting here?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"You said this is reserved for the Emperor. Aren't your seats reserved for the ministers too? The same problem exists in sitting in your seat as well. The only difference is that this one was already empty, and yours would need to be empty. I'm not going through that effort again, only for a seat," he added. 

"It's not the throne that makes an emperor, not an emperor who makes any ordinary seat into a throne. So stop making it such a big deal. It's fine," he further said as he sat more comfortably. 

"Now, I haven't slept in a long time. I'll be resting. Please wake me up when my father in law comes back," he told the Emperor, who couldn't help but sigh. 

Even though the ministers disagreed with Long Chen's logic, they couldn't do anything about it. They couldn't just offend the guy that didn't even care about the Emperor when kidnapping his son. 

"Yes," the Ministers agreed unwillingly as they sat on their seats. They didn't need to involve themselves in such things anymore. 

They could only wait for the Emperor to return. 

Long Chen sat back on the throne, closing his eyes as if he had fallen asleep as he waited for the Emperor to return. 

In reality, he wasn't sleeping. He was just giving some much-needed rest to his head and his eyes as he thought about the future. 

He knew that he had many things to do. He had to leave this world, preferably with Mingyu. He had to go to the old world and open the Tomb of the Saint King and see what it was hiding. 

Moreover, he also had some enemies. For which, he needed to get stronger constantly. His next plan was to enter the Immortal World, but he needed to have a higher Cultivation than a Saint Realm Expert to achieve that. Or he needed to achieve a higher comprehension in his Space Law. 

In any case, the Immortal World was something he knew was going to be challenging for him. It was a place that was going to have Cultivators who were called gods here. He didn't even know if he could take them on or not. The power gap was something unknown to him. 

Fortunately, according to Xun, he had a good chance there. As long as he didn't dive head first into a problem, the problem wasn't going to find him. That gave him some confidence to reach that place. 

He also wondered when his Next Bloodline Trial was going to come. The more Bloodline Trials he faced, the worse it was going to be since he would get benefits, but Tian Shen's meeting would come closer too. 

He wanted to have the Bloodline Trials delayed as much as they could. But he had no control over them. So only increasing his strength was the option for him. 


Time kept passing slowly, and soon, an hour had passed.  

The Emperor had returned with his family after being unable to find Long Chen. All they heard was that Long Chen had flown towards the Palace.