Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1024 - 1024: Mysterious Change

"Let me go. I will never kill anyone. You misunderstood me. I really wasn't going to kill my sister. Why would I even kill her? She is my family! I have no reason to kill her. Just calm down and think carefully for a moment. Don't kill me," Lu Wang begged Long Chen for his life, explaining that there was some misunderstanding. 

"Why would you kill your sister? That's the only reason you're still alive. Because I want to know why you would. Tell me why you were going to kill her. You're the Crown Prince. You don't have any risk of losing your crown because of her. She doesn't threaten you either. So why? Why were you going to do it?" Long Chen asked. 

'This idiot... He clearly told me that he's only keeping me alive because he wants an answer. In that case, why will I answer him? He would just kill me after that,' Lu Wang thought as he gazed at Long Chen, not knowing that Long Chen could hear his thoughts. 

"Because even if you don't tell me, you'll die," Long Chen answered the man who seemed shocked. "The only thing is that your death will be faster if you tell me now. If you don't, it'll be much slower. I'll cut you up in small pieces, and you'll watch with your own eyes."

"So are you telling me or not?" he asked as he raised his Sword of Time and stabbed it on the shoulder of the man and started sliding it down, cutting him. 

"I told you, I don't want to kill her. I have no reason to. Why would I harm her?" Lu Wang said as he watched his body being cut. He couldn't feel any pain, so he could only watch with his own eyes. 

"Are you telling me or not?" Long Chen asked. "I'm asking last time."

"Three... Two... One..."

After a short warning, he started counting to three. Even when his count was completed, Lu Wang didn't answer him. 

"Alright. I was curious about the answer, but that doesn't matter. Tell the answer to the first soul you meet in the afterlife instead," he said before he started swinging his sword again and again. 


Lu Wang called out to stop Long Chen, but his words were ignored. He was killed as his body remained in a pitiful state on the ground. 

Watching the man die, Long Chen turned back slowly with no regret on his face. 

He gazed at Zhiqing, who seemed a bit scared. 

"Why are you scared? Did you really think he was going to harm you? I wouldn't let him," Long Chen said to Zhiqing. 

"I'm not worried about him. But I'm worried about you," Zhiqing said as he gazed at Long Chen in concern. She didn't know why but there was something about Long Chen which was scaring him. 

"Scared from me? Why?" Long Chen asked as an amused smile appeared on his face. 

Zhiqing was scared, but she knew that it was still Long Chen. She gathered her courage as she started walking closer to Long Chen. "What happened to you? Is Mingyu fine? Did she di-"

She thought that it might be because Mingyu was dead that Long Chen was affected. If that had happened, she needed to be there for him to make him calm down.

Stepping closer, she hugged Long Chen, but she couldn't remain in close proximity to Long Chen as the Darkness was overwhelming me. She was feeling suffocated. Still, despite the struggle, she remained hugging him for as long as she could. 

It was only after ten seconds when she stepped back, unable to stop herself. She knew that if she stayed close to him, she might be killed. 

"What happened?" Long Chen asked calmly. Even though he talked like he normally did, his voice felt intimidated, which sent shivers down the spine of Zhiqing. 

Xun was standing behind Long Chen, watching everything with a frown on her face.

"What is happening to him? Normally he wasn't this stupid, at least. Leaving Mingyu behind twice, getting angry so fast, making a stupid decision, losing him in darkness... This all seems too strange. It's not him. Why?" She muttered as she gazed at Long Chen, trying to understand something.

She didn't know why but she felt like Long Chen was different in the last few months since he came to this world. Was it the air here? Or was it something else?

"Oh, wait! I get it now!" She suddenly exclaimed as she realized what it might be. 

Her eyes were thoughtfully staring at the object in Long Chen's hand, which was a black rusted sword that was a bit less rusted now than previously. 

"After he came to this world, he started practicing with that Sword almost daily to get better acquainted with it because it was a God Grade Weapon. I thought this was normal, but no. That sword, it must be affected!" She said as she frowned. 

"This sword is a God Grade Weapon. All god-grade weapons originated by the Origin in the Heavenly God Realm or Heavenly Demon Realm! Those worlds don't have Qi. They have Origin energy only. Even though a person with Qi can use them, their real power comes out with Origin!" Xun let out as she slapped her forehead, wondering why she didn't notice it before. She just couldn't believe it.

"The previous world didn't have Origin Energy sufficient. As for the Spirit World, it was the same. But this world is a bit closer to the Immortal World, which in itself is closer to the Heavenly World. The Origin Energy here is much more than any other place he has been to. In the presence of Origin, that sword is getting active!"

" That must be why that dark light came out of it last time! The sword was already a bit awakened by that time. And the attack of the Emperor probably had some Origin Energy used too. That's why it swallowed that attack! After swallowing that, the sword awakened even more! That's why it's less rusted now!"

"That's why Long Chen's darkness is increasing. The awakening of a God Grade weapon is affecting him and his Laws, especially his Darkness Law, which has a close relationship to Sword of Time that had seen the Darkness of its users previously! This idiot! That's why he can't control his impulses! It's all my fault! God... Could it be that I'm too late now?" Xun kept muttering as she regretted her ignorance that led to this.