Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1284 - 1284: Too Weak

"Immortal World, huh? That weak world. I always wondered why you call that the Immortal World. I mean, you all live for such a short time, yet you dare call yourself Immortals? That's really funny," the dark-haired man said, laughing. 

'Tiny lifespan? Is he really calling millions of years a short time? Did I meet another braggart like Snake Monarch and Blood Dragon Emperor? Why is it that everyone I meet is like Snake Monarch now? I thought his shamelessness was rare?' Long Chen thought, shaking his head. 

"You're not from the Immortal World?" He asked the man. "For someone from Mortal World to be able to travel here, not bad."

"From the mortal world? Those weak places? Someone like me can never be born there. But I do love spending time with the mortals. It's fun to have fun in Mortal World," the man replied. 

"Back home, everything is so boring. But in Mortal World, I can enjoy and watch the futile struggles of mortals as they fought for supremacy, unaware that their peak isn't even capable of being the weakest in the grand scheme of things.. Such ignorant humans, but fun," he further added. 

"Such a disappointment though. There are no human cities here. And I don't want to be in the midst of Ordinary Beasts. I feel like it's beneath me," he continued, sighing. 

He brought out a ring from his pocket, sighing. "I can't even leave this world before forty-eight hours. What kind of crappy treasure is this? The wait was fine since I was in Mortal Worlds but in this world? I'll die of boredom. What should I do?" 

'Who actually is this guy? Ordinary Beasts? Weak mortals? The short life span of Immortal cultivators?' The more Long Chen heard the words of this guy, the more confused he became. 

He was really curious about where this guy was from? He said he wasn't from mortal worlds? And he had a condescending tone for the Immoral World? Was he really someone from Immortal World or someplace else?

"Where are you from?" Long Chen asked the man. 

"Hmm? I'm from a faraway place. Don't worry about me. But do worry about what I can do here! Because if I start getting bored, I'll start destroying this world. Then father would blame me even more than he would for the two worlds I already accidentally destroyed!" the dark-haired man asked, frowning. 

"Well, I can create a Formation to send you to an immortal world?" Long Chen suggested not messing with the man. It didn't matter who this man was. 

From the way he talked, Long Chen felt like there was no need for him to be on bad terms with this guy. 

"Nah, I tried. Your Mortal travel formations don't work on me. As soon as I try, my aura destroys the formation since it's too overbearing, even when I get to keep it in control. The formations can't accommodate me," the man replied. 

"Formations can't bear your aura? How? They can bear even my aura. From what I heard, even the Emperors don't have a problem with your Formations. Why won't they work for you?" Long Chen asked.

"Because my heavenly beast aura breaks the formations! Didn't you hear what I'm saying?" The man asked, rolling his eyes. 

"Heavenly Beast Aura? Wait! Are you a Heavenly Beast? Your green eyes, long black hair?! Are you from the Royal Black Tortoise Clan?" The Blood Dragon Emperor suddenly exclaimed in shock. 

He was already one of the peak-tier beasts in existence. Only Heavenly Beasts were above him. Fortunately, he had knowledge about those beats. From what he remembered, only the human form of the Black Tortoise Clan was like this. 

Moreover, he was also able to feel some spiritual compression as if he was standing before a Royal. That already made him suspicious about the identity of this man, but now he was even more sure. 

"You know about me? Not bad for a little snake. That's right. I'm Prince Zhu Chang, from the Royal Black Tortoise Clan, here to have some fun! But now I'm trapped in this useless world for two days! This sucks! I'm already getting bored! Arghh!"

"Your Highness, please calm down. Why don't you come with us? We're going on an adventure. It would take us two days as well. You can spend those two days with us! After that, when your treasure is prepared, you can leave? How about that?" Blood Dragon Emperor suggested, trying to calm the Zhu Chang

As for Long Chen, he was standing in the back, frowning. He remembered hearing about the Royal Beast Clans of Heaven. 

There were quite a few Heavenly Beast Clans, but the Black Tortoise was one of the strongest. They were known for their strongest defense, but their attack was also powerful.

What really troubled him was something else. He knew that Little Snow was a Heavenly Myriad Beast, who was probably being chased by all Heavenly Beast Clans so they could steal her powers. 

That's why he kept little snow in the Beast Region, not bringing her out in such a long time so that Heavenly Beasts couldn't sense her. To find a Heavenly Beast right before him, he became concerned, wondering if this guy could sense Little Snow on him. 

Moreover, the beast who was before him wasn't any random Heavenly Beast. He was their Prince? Long Chen didn't even know how strong this guy was since he couldn't sense any strength, despite his special bloodline, probably because beasts used a different form of cultivation.  

The only thing that Long Chen knew was that this guy was strong. He was really really strong, just because of his identity. Even the Immortal World Emperors couldn't be anything before this ordinary-looking man, let alone others. 

He was mostly sure that even after using his dark sacrifice, he couldn't defeat this guy..  at least not with his current strength. There was a long way for him to go before being able to fight people from Heaven, and he knew it. 

He took a deep breath, realizing he needed to work with his brain.

"That's right. Why don't you come with us? We can't promise you great entertainment but having the company of friends is better than nothing, right?" Long Chen asked. 

Even though he didn't want to keep this guy with him, he knew that it was the better option. It didn't seem like he could sense Little Snow. So the ring was working its magic, even in close range. That removed most of his worries of accompanying this guy. 

Moreover, it was also the safer option since he remembered what this guy said.