Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1142 - 1142: Yu Clan

"I must say, that's the stupidest question you asked so far," Xun told Long Chen in response as she shook her head. "Do you really think the kids of cultivators in the Immortal World are born as Saint Earth Realm experts?"

"I don't. That would be crazy," Long Chen replied. 

"Exactly. Then why do you think that world will have any measures against weaker cultivators?" Xun asked Long Chen, rolling her eyes.

"If that's the case, then why don't the cultivators that elevate to Immortal World take their families with them? They should be able to keep them in their inner world and smuggle them there, right?" Long Chen asked Xun, raising a question. 

"They can't," Xun answered without explaining why. 

"Why can't they?" Long Chen decided to ask himself. 

"It's because their Inner World is weak. If you keep the human world inside your inner world, there's a chance that all the people inside your inner world will die. And most of the time, this happens. This also affects that cultivator and harms them. That's why no one takes their families with them," Xun explained. 

"What? Why didn't you tell me this before? My family can die?" Long Chen asked as he blurted out suddenly. 

"Don't worry. Your family is safer. There's your bloodline aura that's surrounding the Inner World of yours. So you will remain unaffected by this phenomenon. It's the same as people who come from the Immortal World," Xun told Long Chen. 

" Their inner worlds are also protected with something like this. That's why they can come and leave effectively without hurting their Inner Worlds. As for the people from the Mortal Worlds, they don't have this protection," she further added. 

"Are you sure? I don't want any harm to come to them," Long Chen told Xun as he squinted his eyes. 

"I'm two hundred percent sure. There's no risk for you," Xun replied.

"That's better," Long Chen let out as he took a sigh of relief. 

He once again called out the Sun Destroying Condor and flew to its back before landing. 

The Sun Destroying Condor started flying as if understanding Long Chen's thoughts. 

"Are you going to Zhiqing's Kingdom now? That's the closest from here if I'm not wrong," Xun asked Long Chen. 

"Not exactly. I want to stop midway for something. I need to check a few things," Long Chen told Xun as he smiled. 

The Sun Destroying Condor didn't have to fly for long as the place he wanted to get to wasn't far from the Dragon City. 

The Lectin City was the name of the place where Long Chen landed before he sent the Snake Monarch back. It was part of a Second Rank Kingdom.

"This place? I don't think there is anything special here, right? Why do you want to stop here?" Xun asked Long Chen. 

"My Long Clan... It was destroyed on that cruel day. But as you know, I managed to save many of my clan members that day, right? I just want to check up on them to see what's happening with them," Long Chen answered.

"Those people? Why do you even care for them? Did you forget? When your grandfather and others decided to come back to save you even after all that, those people chose to leave with the Yu Clan?" Xun asked Long Chen, frowning. 

"I know. I don't really care for them. Just think of it as severing all karma and ending my curiosity," Long Chen told Xun as he shook his head. 

Long Chen walked through the backward city as he advanced towards the Yu Clan.

"Wait, I remember. Isn't the Yu Clan also the clan of your fiance Ling?" Xun suddenly exclaimed. "Don't tell me you're going there for her?" 

"You're right. It's the Clan of Ling, but that's not why I'm going there. Are you forgetting it's also the Clan of Yu Tianhao? He was my father's best friend. I think he would love to meet my father as well since he was also sad about his disappearance. No matter what happened in the end, Yu Tianhao is indeed a good guy," Long Chen answered. "Unlike his rude daughter."

Long Chen soon reached the Yu Clan. 

As soon as he reached the entrance, he couldn't help but be amazed. 

"Uncle Ru?" He exclaimed, amused. "They made you their guards?"

He didn't know why but he also found it a bit funny. Those people chose to leave the Long Clan and his grandfather in time of need, and now they were working as servants?

"Y-you? Young Master Long? You're alive?" The guard exclaimed as he saw Long Chen. Even his mouth opened wide in shock. 

"Of Course. What would happen to me?" Long Chen replied lazily. "Anyway, step aside. I want to meet Uncle Tianhao."

"Ah, P-please let me escort you," the guard said as he took Long Chen inside the Clan. 

"Yu Ru! What are you doing? How did you let a stranger enter without informing any of us first?"

They had only taken a few steps inside when a sharp noise made Ru stop. 

"Ah, M-master Jin. Greetings to you," Ru greeted the old man that was stepping towards them. 

"Yu Ru? So you left the name of Long Clan to embrace the name of Yu? I don't know what to say, but I am not shocked," Long Chen said to Ru, who previously used to be an Elder in the Long Clan known as Long Ru. 

" Master Jin, he isn't a stranger. He is the Young Master of the Long Clan," Yu Ru told the old man. "That's why I let him enter."

"You let him enter? Who do you think you are to decide such a thing without asking us?" The old man retorted sharply. 

He looked at Long Chen before he continued, "As for the Long Clan? Isn't it that trash clan that was wiped off the face of this earth? Hah, why wouldn't this dog leave their name? The Yu Clan is more glorious, after all. He's lucky we let him join our Clan as servants while also giving him our names."

He had heard Long Chen ask why this guy had changed his last name as if there was something glorious about the Long name. He couldn't help but cringe as he replied to Long Chen. 

Hearing his words, Long Chen's gaze turned sharp. 

"I'm sorry, but did you really call Long Chen trash?"

"I did. Why wouldn't I? It was a Clan of a Third Rank Kingdom even at its peak. And we were the Top Clan of our Second Rank Kingdom! We are still the same, but that clan is nowhere to be seen. It was trash," the old man said.