Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1174 - 1174: Temporal Flames

Bright sun was high in the sky as the youngsters started the concoction.

'That's interesting. The starting procedure they use is the same as the one I used to do. Is there no difference in this than my alchemy? Shouldn't the higher level alchemy be different?' Long Chen thought as he observed the process that everyone was following. 

"I want to see from closer," Long Chen told the King. "Which one of them is the best Alchemist?"

"The red haired one in the front should be the best. His family is the Alchemist family of our Kingdom," The King answered, wondering why Long Chen was asking this.

Long Chen nodded as he stood up and walked towards the participants. 

He wanted to see them in action and understand more clearly.

Long Chen straight walked to the red haired man as he started observing. 

"I heard you're the best. I want to test that. Tell me the process that you keep following for this concoction as if I don't understand Alchemy at all. I want to see your knowledge as well," Long Chen told the man calmly. 

Through open eyes, he couldn't see any difference or anything special, but there was something that he believed was different. 

"What a great man. Despite being so knowledgeable, he wants to test personally to understand. Amazing," Gu Wang muttered, surprised. 

The King also nodded. He already knew that Long Chen was a powerful cultivator, but he also believed that Long Chen was an Alchemist as he recognized that the herbs were for which pill. 

As Long Chen was standing near him, the red haired man was also slightly intimidated. He took a deep breath as he understood that this was an opportunity to impress Long Chen, and he couldn't mess up. 

"First, I ignited the Temporal Flames that we use for concoction. The flames are rich in Origin Energy that helps us in Alchemy and in improving the grade of the pills," the red-haired man answered Long Chen as he pointed at the flame on the bottom. 

"Temporal Flame? What is that, and how are they ignited?" Long Chen asked the man. Since he was the tester, he was going to use it to the fullest to understand the process of Alchemy here.

"We can use our temporal aura to light these flames. As for how we do that, that's simple. We use the Alchemy Flame Manual, which is made for Alchemists to teach them how to use their Temporal Aura," the red-haired man explained. 

"Every person has a Temporal Aura. As to how pure their flames are, that depends on the Aura of theirs," he further explained. 

'Temporal Aura, huh. I should have one too. I'll ask Gu Lin for the Alchemy Flame Manual later,' Long Chen though, understanding something new. 

He was amazed at how advanced these people were at Alchemy. The process, which looked so simple, had so many secrets just from the first step. They had learned to use Flames rich in Origin Energy despite not having any ability to use Origin Energy as it was. 

"What next?" Long Chen asked, moving on to the next topic.

"The Cauldron I'm using is our family treasure and a Saint Emperor Grade Artefact. It's called the Seven Suns Cauldron. It can improve the quality of medicine even further, but poison can't be concocted in it, or the quality of that will fall," the man further explained as he moved on to the Cauldron. 

He had intentionally mentioned the poison thing. He didn't want Long Chen to take this Cauldron and give it to Gu Lin later since he was close to her. Since Gu Clan was a master in poison, this Cauldron was going to be useless for them. 

They'll only destroy it. So he explained it first. He didn't know that Long Chen didn't have any intention of taking anything and giving it to the Gu Clan. 

'Now that I remember, Saint King's ring also had a Cauldron in his ring that he gave me. It must be a top treasure too. After I understand the process of Alchemy in the Immortal World, I should try making Life Giving Pills again. Maybe I'll be able to improve them even more,' Long Chen thought as an idea popped up in his head. 

He wanted to remove all the limitations of Life Giving Pills by improving their quality. 

"After that, I placed the Twin Jade Herbs in the Cauldron along with a little amount of Qi Enriched water from the Qqian River."

"Now I'm waiting for the two things to mix properly, and then I can start the next part of the process," the red-haired man further explained before he finished.

"Good. How long will you wait before you start the next part?" Long Chen asked. 

"Five minutes," the red haired man explained. 

"Interesting. You're not bad at all. I have high hopes for you," Long Chen told the man as he started walking over to the other participants with his hands behind his back like he was an expert. 

He walked over to the others and noticed that they were all following the same process. It's just that their Cauldron was different. 

'If they're all the same, won't it mean they all produce the same quality of pills? The Cauldron quality will affect the pills only. Is this even a battle of talents or battle of treasures?' 

At this point, everyone was at similar points. No one had anything different. 

"It's just the start. Of Course, they'll all have the same methods since they're told to make the same pills," Xun explained to Long Chen as she appeared beside him, floating calmly. 

"That's true. But still..."

"Don't worry. The later parts become more complex. That's where their talent and timing will come to a test. You'll get to see the difference at that time," Xun further said to Long Chen. 

"If you say so."

Long Chen walked over to Gu Lin, who was standing in the first row right beside the red haired man.

He looked at her Cauldron and noticed that she was following the same process. But her herbs were mixing even slowers than the red haired man's herbs.

"Why is your process so slow?" Long Chen asked Gu Lin. 

"It's because my Temporal Flames are weaker than others. It doesn't affect poison concoction, but when it comes to Alchemy, I'm slower. But it won't affect my chances or the quality of pills. I'll finish before time is up," Gu Lin explained to Long Chen.

Long Chen nodded as he again walked over to the red haired man who seemed to have moved over to the next part.