Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 925 - 925: I Respect

The girl felt the chilling aura of Long Chen, which seemed to be much more intimidating than a normal aura of a Heaven Realm Cultivator. Was he also a Heaven Realm Cultivator? He must be. That must be why he managed to survive her attack safely, she thought.

'Still, how can his aura be so dark? I've never seen such an aura. It seems like the aura of death. Just what is it?' the girl thought as she squinted her eyes.

A deep frown graced her forehead.

She didn't know that it was because Long Chen wasn't releasing his Cultivation Aura. He was also using his Slaughter Aura that he had cultivated after killing millions of people.

This Slaughter aura weakened his enemies while giving him an advantage. It also worked in creating fear. If he were to release this aura in public streets, mortals would not even be able to stand before him in fear.

As the girl was a Heaven Realm Cultivator, she wasn't affected by the intimation that strongly. She only felt like this aura was something darker.

The Dark and sinister aura only grew stronger. The surroundings became bone-chilling. The eerie and cold aura of Long Chen clashed with the bright aura of the girl. Instead of feeling weak, it seemed stronger despite coming from Long Chen, whose Cultivation was weaker.

"You aren't a normal person. But if you think that is enough to stop me, you should think again. I gave you many opportunities, but you didn't take them. You can't blame me for being heavy handed now," the girl let out grimly. 

She looked around and realized that the space was not much for a proper battle, but she didn't care. It was just enough for her. She only needed to beat Long Chen to the ground to have him understand the difference between their strength.

She clenched her fist as her Qi once again started moving towards her hand. She was going to use the same attack against.

She disappeared from her position and, in the next moment, appeared before Long Chen and punched out with all her strength. The only difference was that she wasn't targeting his chest like last time. She was instead targeting the face of Long Chen, which was the weaker part of a body Cultivator.

Her fist reached Long Chen's face, but Long Chen didn't fly back like he was supposed to. In fact, the fist didn't even touch Long Chen, who had only used a single hand to catch the fist of the girl before it could hit him.

The girl's eyes opened wide. He was able to stop her attack with a single strength? Did she still underestimate him?

"Is that all?" Long Chen muttered softly. 

"Consider me underwhelmed," he let out lazily as he packed his fist as well. While the girl was still stunning, he punched back. Unlike the fist of the girl, his fist actually landed on the stomach of the girl.


A pained noise came out of the girl's mouth as the fist landed on her stomach. She was tossed back like a broken kite. 

What she thought would be the outcome of Long Chen was the outcome for her as she crashed on the wall. She fell on the ground after crashing on the wall, but she didn't remain for long. She stood up instantly.

"I told you. You would regret it if you made the first move. I have no enmity with you. I don't even care about you. You are the one who placed her nose in my matter, and when that wasn't enough, you even attacked me," Long Chen said as if he was chiding her. "Now you can try again or listen to me in peace."

" There shall be no peace until your head isn't under my feet now," the Princess let out strongly as she clenched her fist.

It has been a long time since she had received the short end of the stick in a battle. She was feeling embarrassed. She had talked so big only to end up on the ground. She couldn't let this thing go like this. 

She needed to take back her dignity for herself. She knew that she wasn't going to be at peace knowing what had happened. She couldn't be at peace until she made Long Chen beg under her feet.

'Sigh, this thing is going to turn really bad, I guess. People will know I am here, and I would have to change my methods to see what I want to do. But whatever, I can't fall back either,' Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly.

He knew that the commotion might get big enough to attract the attention of big-shots. If that happened, he would have no choice but to escape using his Space Law. But he wasn't worried either. Now he had seen the entire palace. He could use his Space Law to barge in anytime he wished. 

In any way, his identity wasn't safe now. The girl had seen his real face. It was only a matter of time before she saw the wanted poster and recognized him.

And even if that didn't happen, she was certainly going to complain about him to the emperor who will recognize him after she described his looks.

The best option now was to kill her right here without attracting much attention and the second best option was to make sure that he wasn't someone she could mess with.

Long Chen spread both his arms confidently as a smile formed on his face. He wasn't going to show his weak side either.

"You want my head under your feet? Come and try it. Don't worry. I respect women. Even if I defeat you, I won't place your head under my feet," he said.

"You respect women? Ah, I'm afraid I have to disagree? In the Trial World, you cut the hands of that little Queen. Then you killed the woman with the Flame Law. That's not even counting how you wiped an entire city," Xun again couldn't stay without chiming in.

'Ah, that queen... I was naive. I shouldn't have done that. But that flame law woman was a witch. She was killing people and kids. She deserved death. As for the city... Can you please don't remind me? I wasn't in control at that time and didn't know what was happening. You can't place that on my head. You were just as much responsible for telling me to use Dark Sacrifice,' Long Chen told Xun, giving his explanation.