Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 915 - 915: Useless

The Royal Guard reached Long Chen's top half. He reached out his hand to take off the mask of Long Chen.


A grunt involuntarily left his lips as his body arched backward. The sword that was in his hand flew off his hand, falling to the ground.

Blood came out of his mouth, but that blood was nothing in front of the blood that was coming out of his chest. He gazed down to see the sword that was coming out of his chest. 

He also noticed that the body that was in front of him started getting blurry. It was either that or his vision was getting blurry instead because of the loss of blood.

"Aaah!" The man let out another scream as the sword was pulled out of his back. He involuntarily stepped forward two steps before he dropped to his knees. He placed his hand on the ground to make sure that he didn't fall. 

Turning his head backward, he tried to see the person who had attacked him from the back, but he couldn't see. His vision was awfully blurry, making it impossible to see who the person was. 

"Don't you know it's bad manners to take off the mask of a stranger? Especially if you already saw his face?" A cold voice fell on his ears, making his already pale face even paler.

The voice... Wasn't it the same voice he had heard previously? It was the voice of the man who he had just killed. If that person was alive, then who was the one that was cut in half.

"You can ask that question to the devil in hell," Long Chen answered, reading the thoughts of the man.

He swung his sword with a single hand, cutting the head of the man in a single strike.

Long Chen gazed at the body of the Royal Guard that had just fallen down to the ground.

There was only one body lying on the ground as the body of the masked person had already disappeared.

Long Chen walked towards the man on the ground and kept his body in his storage ring before he commented, "The illusion always gets them."

He wore the storage ring of the man in his fingers before he gazed inside the ring. Almost all Cultivators carried their clothes in their rings. He was looking for a pair of clothes that were the same as the ones that the Royal Guard was wearing.

He soon found the clothes and brought them out from the ring. He started changing his clothes and donned the clothes of the Royal Guard.

After getting dressed, he once again placed the Mask of Mischief on his face, which changed his looks. He seemed exactly like the Royal Guard now.

His body size was also the same as the man now, leaving no obvious differences between the two that could have been found between the two of them.

There were still some blood spots left on the ground, but he didn't care about them as he left.

As Long Chen walked out the alleyway, he noticed that Xun was also floating beside him. She was just staring at him, not saying anything.

"Don't keep it in your stomach. Ask what you want to," Long Chen told her.

He already knew what she wanted to ask since he could read her mind, but he couldn't let her know that he was able to read her mind, so he asked directly instead. 

Xun shook her head and didn't say anything as if she wasn't going to ask.

"Fine. Don't ask. It's even better," Long Chen let out as he chuckled.

Xun rolled her eyes as she heard his words. She knew that he was saying it to annoy her, but he didn't say anything. "Why are you impersonating him? Didn't you say that your aim isn't to go to them by replacing someone?" 

"This wasn't the plan, actually. So I didn't lie. I wanted to do something else. Albeit, the girl didn't stop me from leaving. Instead, she opted to get this guy to call me. Seeing the man follow me, I changed my plan since it was a good opportunity in a way," Long Chen answered to Xun.

He continued as he gazed at Xun, touching her nose jokingly, "It's not often that a high-ranking official who has the permission to stay with the guests chases after you into an alley alone."

"So you're going to impersonate this guy? You are really going inside a tiger's den with no information," Xun cautioned him.

"A wild animal would be cautious when going in a lion's den because they don't have a way to escape when they are surrounded by the tigers," Long Chen answered as he rolled his eyes.

"I have my methods. So I can take some risks. Of course, this doesn't mean that I'll certainly get caught, so don't think that. I do know a few things about how I should act. Observing those people for such a long time isn't for waste. If I see things going south, I'll be the first one out," he continued.

"I hope so," Xun muttered as she nodded her head before she disappeared.

Long Chen walked onto the main street, mixing up with the public as he walked back to the blue-haired girl.

He kept his head down as he continued sighing when he got in her sight, making it seem as if he was cursing himself.

"Why are you back alone? Where is he?" She asked Long Chen, glaring at him. She didn't know that he was the same guy she was asking about.

"I lost him. He suddenly disappeared. I don't know where he went. I tried, but it's impossible to find him now," Long Chen answered as another sigh escaped his lips.

"You are as useless as a person can be. You can't even catch one person effectively. As expected, the people in this place are really incompetent. Or it must be that we're the unlucky ones to be stuck with you," the girl said sarcastically. 

"Come on; I suppose he did try his best for whatever he's worth. Let's just forget about your crush for once and continue on our way. We don't have all day to waste here. And who knows, we might even find him later on. We certainly won't find him if we stay here," the red-haired man let out as he patted the girl.

"Fine. I hope you're right and I find him. It's the first time in my life I felt like that about a guy," the blue-haired girl answered.