Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 841 - 841 Kill Ming Lan

" That man was probably working with the bandits. He wanted to separate you from her Grandma so he could use you, and that's why he had her killed. Do you really respect that guy?" Wu Lia told Xu Liang, trying to place all the blame on Long Chen.

It was all being done with the intention to have Xu Liang attack Long Chen.

"He made my Grandma die! He... made her die," Xu Liang asked as he sighed. 

Tears kept falling from his eyes. He looked in pain as the time he spent with Long Chen flashed before his eyes. Was this all fake? It was all a trick to fool him? And if it was, what was he going to do? Was he ready to go to war against Long Chen? Or was he not going to do anything?

Many questions floated in the head of Xu Liang.

"He made grandma die! I will kill him! I will kill that man!" Xu Liang muttered as flames of anger raged through his heart.

"Oh, good. It's a good thing to fight against the people that took everything from you," Wu Lia said.

He always enjoyed doing unorthodox things. He was also the reason that Long Chen's family was attacked as he informed the Elders of Major Sects that Long Chen had killed their Head Disciple and Elders. 

He wanted to see Long Chen in despair to see his full strength, and now, he had another opportunity. He could again do something like that, but this time it was with the excuse of helping the guy that sent him here to find the cause of the disturbance.

"He took your most precious person from you. How about you do the same thing?" he asked Long Chen.

"Take his most precious person?" Xu Ming muttered as Ming Lan's face flashed before his eyes. She was Long Chen's wife, who was back at the hotel.

He didn't know where Long Chen kept the rest of his family members. At a time, there was only one woman out. It was the time of Ming Lan.

He was sure that Ming Lan was precious for Long Chen.

"Yeah. Take the most precious person from him. Like he took from you. How about you make him feel the same pain, so he understands what you went through? Kill the person he cares about! Kill them with your own hands. Take Revenge for your grandma!" Wu Lia kept repeating as he stepped closer to Xu Liang to make him do his bidding. 

There was a concerned look on his face, but inside his heart, he wanted to laugh out loud since he had such a fantastic opportunity. 

"Don't you want her soul to be in peace? Don't you want her to be happy in heaven?" Or do you want your Grandma to suffer for eternity?" he asked Xu Liang.

"I don't want her to suffer!" Xu Liang let out strongly.

"So you want her to be at peace?" Wu Lia asked. "How can she be at peace knowing that the man responsible for her death is living happily with his loved ones? How can she be happy? You can help her! Do it! Take from him what he took from him! Make him feel the anguish of losing someone he cares about!"

"I-i am not strong enough. I can't defeat anyone. I just started Cultivating." Xu Liang answered.

'Hmm? Does he truly not know about his strength at all?' Wu Lia thought as he looked at Xu Liang in confusion.

"You have no idea about your true strength. Let me help you," he walked closer to Xu Liang and placed his finger on Xu Liang's forehead.

"Don't move." He commanded Ji Shan.

' I can use this time to go through his memories. Let's see what this boy's origin is. Where did he come from, and how was he able to use his powers if he didn't know about them,' he thought as he closed his eyes.

A mysterious aura started spreading out of his body that surrounded him and Xu Liang.

He used his powers to read the memories of Xu Liang as he sent his consciousness inside his head.

"What is it?"

As soon as his consciousness entered Xu Liang's head, he grew stunned.

There was a giant golden door in front of him. The door didn't seem to be locked.

" He isn't a normal person at all. Even the Immortal Realm Cultivators aren't like this. Is he from Heaven?" Wu Lia muttered as he observed the giant gate. 

He reached out his hand to open the giant door but as soon as his fingers touched the door, he saw a dragon and a phoenix come out of the door.

The Dragon roared while the Phoenix screeched. 

Their noise of the two was not only painful, but it made Wu Lia felt like his soul was going to be torn to shreds if he stayed there for even a second. He immediately left the head of Xu Liang and retracted his hand.

He stepped back in a hurry to create distance from Xu Liang.

Even when he had retracted his consciousness, his soul was still shivering.

'What the heck was that? What kind of restriction was that? Is he really from Heaven? Why would there be such a restriction on his memory that even I can't pass through? The essence of  God Beast Dragon and God Beast Phoenix of guarding the place that leads to his memories? If they are at the entrance, just how strong would the restriction inside be? Just what are his memories hiding?' he thought as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"What happened?" Xu Liang asked as he saw the boy looking so scared.

Wasn't he supposed to help him? Why was he looking scared?

"Ah, it's nothing. Don't worry," Wu Lia muttered as he calmed himself. He shook his head.

" I don't feel any stronger," Xu Liang pointed out.

"Don't worry. You don't need to get strong instantly. I will help you myself. I'll help you get your revenge. You can kill his loved one with your own hand. Are you prepared?" Wu Lia asked.

" I am prepared," Xu Liang said as he nodded his head.


Wu Lia opened the portal once again, which led back to the hotel.

"Let's get going then." He gestured for Xu Liang to enter.

Xu Liang entered the portal, followed behind by Wu Lia.

The portal disappeared.

They stepped out on the other side of the portal, which led to the same room where Xu Liang was previously sitting.