Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1137 - 1137: Going To Father

As per Xun's reminder, Long Chen had decided to wait and gain his peace of mind before doing it. 

While Long Chen was immersed in conversation with Yue Fei,  Prince Zhu was sweating. He had just seen Orion kill his General like he was a toy. 

Moreover, the Royal General was the strongest warrior here. His death scared the Prince since there was no one to save him in case Long Chen wanted him dead. 

"Y-you! You want the girl, take her and leave. We won't stop you!" The Prince told Long Chen, taking the lead. His shivering voice was proof of his fear of Long Chen. 

Long Chen heard the voice and turned back, smiling. 

"Ah, I had forgotten about you. Thank you for reminding me that it exists as well. So, back to the point. Tell me, why should I leave? What's the hurry?" He asked as he laughed. 

"P-please leave. Or let us leave. We aren't enemies," the Prince told Long Chen as he took another step back. 

"What if I don't let you leave either?" Long Chen asked as he started stepping closer to Prince Zhu. 

"S-stop! Don't think you can do anything just because you're a Sky Realm Expert. My father is also in the Sky Realm, and he is much stronger! Stop and don't do this. We don't have to go through this!" Prince Zhu said as he stepped back more. 

"Hah, Young Prince, now that you mention your father, I guess I should really meet him. You know the direction of the Royal Palace, right? What am I even saying? Of Course, you know. You lived there. Let's go meet your father," Long Chen told the Prince as he grabbed him by his neck and raised him in the air. 

"Orion, come. Time to leave," he further said as he called Orion, who returned to him right away. 

Orion was sent back to the Beast World. 

"Princess Fei? Would you like to accompany me? Let's go bring your brother out," Long Chen told Yue Fei as he raised his other hand towards her. 

Yue Fei stood in a daze for a moment before she finally stepped forward. For her brother, she wanted to do this. She wanted to get back to him and save him. And it seemed like Long Chen had the strength to make her wishes come true. 

Long Chen, Yue Fei stepped out of the Royal Palace with Prince Zhu. 

Seeing Prince Zhu in Long Chen's grasp, the guards tried to stop him as they raised their weapons towards Long Chen. 

"Young Prince, do you want to tell them something? Because you should know, your neck will be crushed before their weapons reach me. Your life is in your hands," Long Chen didn't even bother moving a finger as he used Prince Zhu as a shield just because it amused him. 

"Y-you are using me as a shield? Aren't you strong?" Prince Zhu asked Long Chen but not before he told his guards to stop. 

"Shield? Weren't you using Yue Fei as a shield too?" Long Chen asked, amused. 

"W-what do you mean?" Prince Zhu inquired. 

"Keeping Prince Luan hostage to force Yue Fei to marry your general? Do you think I don't know why it was? Just so there are no uprisings in the near future to revive the old Kingdom? As the Princess is married to your side, there will remain no risk. Isn't this what you all thought? Isn't this the same as using Yue Fei as a shield?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Y-you ar-"

"No need for explanation. Only use your mouth to tell me the direction," Long Chen told the Prince as he waved his hand. 

With a single wave of his hand, a gust of wing appeared along with a massive beast that seemed to have come out of thin air. 

' Another powerful beast? Just how many does this guy have?' Prince Zhu thought as he saw the Sun Destroying Condor appear out of thin air.

Without caring about what anyone was going to say, Long Chen wrapped his arms around the slim waist.


Yue Fei couldn't help but make a faint noise as she felt a manly hand wrap around her, but before she could think about anything, she found herself rising in the air. No, it wasn't her who was flying but Long Chen who was flying while carrying two people. 


All the guards stuttered as they saw Long Chen fly in the air. 

Even Prince Zhu was shocked to see it. Sky Realm experts could only walk in the air, but they couldn't fly. How could it be that Long Chen was flying? The only thing that made sense was that Long Chen was a Heaven Realm Expert just like the Elders of the Nineteen Supreme Sects?

Didn't this mean that he was equal to the god-like cultivators he was talking about? And he just threatened Long Chen about his father? He was threatening a Heaven Realm Expert with an old man who was in the Sky Realm? Could anything be funnier than that? His head had started spinning.

Now he finally understood why Long Chen had called him an idiot and compared himself with supreme sect Elders last time. He wasn't bluffing. 

"G-great master. Please forgive me. I swear to god I will, as you say. I was an idiot. Please forgive this naive kid and let me fall into your legs. Please," Prince Zhu told Long Chen as his face became even paler in fear. 

He could see death right before him. In fact, Long Chen could destroy his Entire Kingdom like Shui was destroyed! 

The only way to stop this calamity was to do anything to make Long Chen forgive him. 

"What happened? Not arrogant anymore?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 

"N-not at all. Only an idiot would dare to be arrogant before you. Please forgive me!" Prince Zhu exclaimed.

On the other hand, Yue Fei was sitting still on the Sun Destroying Condor with her mouth open.

Was she dreaming? She felt like it was a dream. 

Long Chen, the boy who was a Prodigy of the Shui Kingdom and their pride in his young age! He was a great talent, but after the assassination attempting, he lost his mind, and his cultivation halted until one day he healed and started rising again as he shocked everyone in the Kingdom.

Still, no matter how big of a genius he was, for him to reach such great heights within a few short years? That seemed impossible. How did he achieve it?