Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1260 - Chapy 1260: Get Stronger

Long Chen had challenged Mu He to arm wrestle just to bring these youngsters down a notch. 

Since Mu He was filled with arrogance, he didn't even think that Long Chen could be of challenge to him. He immediately accepted the challenge as everyone got in positions to arm wrestle. 

"Ready?" Long Chen asked, firmly placing his elbow on the table. 

Mu He did the same. 

'This Long Chen is too arrogant. Does he really think he can defeat anyone? This coward would just lose and give an excuse about why he lost before continuing boasting,' Crown Prince thought, shaking his head in disappointment. 

The other Youngsters were also pleased as the match was decided. Even though it wasn't a real battle, just this much was enough for them to enjoy. Watching this playboy lose was good compensation for them. 

Moreover, it was also an opportunity to show the world that even if the Long Clan was powerful, their heir was a waste.  


The arms of two youngsters met. 

"Ready?" Long Chen asked. 

"Yeah. Prepare to lose, Young Master Long," Mu He replied, laughing. "Three... Two... One!"

As soon as the countdown finished, Mu He started applying force to defeat Long Chen, only to be stunned. 

"No matter how much force he applied, he couldn't even make Long Chen's hand move an inch. 

"You can start whenever you want," Long Chen asked. He knew that this guy was already using all the force he could, but Long Chen still acted ignorant, showing that he didn't even notice any difference. 

Mu He's face turned red in embarrassment. 

"Come on, Mu He! Why aren't you taking it seriously? Finish it fast!"

"That's right! Stop playing around!"

"Just finish it!"

Everyone kept chiming in, thinking that Long Chen was telling the truth and that Mu He wasn't taking it seriously. 

Even the Crown Prince was fooled.

"Mu He, stop wasting time. We don't have all day. The dinner will begin soon!" Crown Prince said. 

Sweat started appearing on Mu He's face, not knowing what was happening.

"Sigh, alright. If you don't want to do anything, I'll finish it," Long Chen said, applying only a tiny fraction of his force, smacking the back of Mu He's hand on the table. 

"Man, Mu He! You're an idiot. I can't believe you lost to him! You should've taken him seriously. Step aside, let me show you how it's done," The Young Heir of Guan Clan stepped forward. 

Mu He wiped the sweat off his forehead before he stepped back. 

He knew that something was wrong. It wasn't that he didn't take this seriously. It was just that Long Chen was too strong. This guy was a wolf in sheep's skin. He was too strong.

'As expected of the heir from the powerful Long Clan. He is much stronger than me. I think it's not because he's weak that he doesn't participate in any event. Instead, it's because he's too strong," Mu He thought as he stepped back.

Guan Yi stepped forward and challenged Long Chen. 

The outcome was similar. Within seconds, he realized what happened to Mu He. A similar thing was happening with him. No matter how much he tried, he just couldn't use any strength at all. 

"You too? Why is it that none of you is putting any effort? Fine. I'll end it this time too," Long Chen said before defeating Guan Yi. 

"Man, you too? Are you all so scared of the Long Clan that you don't even attempt to win? It's just a youngster's battle. It's not like the Long Clan will be affected if you won. Let me show you how it's done!" Another youngster stepped forward. 

One after another, the people kept stepping forward. The final outcome was the same for everyone. 

At this point, only the Crown Prince hadn't challenged Long Chen. Other than him, everyone else challenged Long Chen, and they were all defeated. 

He believed something was wrong. This wasn't as simple as others not giving it their all. It was just that Long Chen was powerful. As for how powerful, he wanted to rest it as well. That's why he challenged Long Chen as well. 

Long Chen again pretended that the Crown Prince wasn't putting any force when he was. Unfortunately, everyone already knew this trick of Long Chen as they had all been defeated. 

They all understood that the Crown Prince was giving it his all. He just couldn't win at all. 

In the end, even the Crown Prince was defeated.

"Young Master Chen, I must say, I really underestimated you. Not just me, but everyone underestimated you. You're quite strong. Certainly worthy of being the heir of Long Chen," Crown Prince respectfully said before he walked back to his table, sitting down.

"What gave you the impression that I wasn't!" Long Chen asked, amused. 

He also took his place.


In a different place, Mingyu, Zhiqing, and the others were accompanying the Royal Princess and her friends. 

The atmosphere here was more pleasant as there was no animosity between the ladies. Unlike Long Chen, his wives went out a lot. They also showed their talent by fighting the others.

Everyone knew that they were really strong. 


After a fairly ordinary Royal Dinner, Long Chen and his family went back. 

After everyone was back,  Long Chen spent a few hours training with the ladies. 

"You're getting good," Long Chen complimented Ji Shan. 

"Not at the speed I predicted. Compared to that, my progress is much slower, despite having similar Qi conditions as the Immortal world. I don't know what's wrong," Ji Shan commented, sighing.

"You can't make your progress faster. It's a long and complicated process that can't be rushed," Long Chen reminded Ji Shan, patting his shoulder. 

"You have been able to grow faster. I don't expect to progress as fast as you, but I don't think I even have a fraction of your speed," Ji Shan commented, sighing. 

"I'm different. The only reason I grew so fast was because of my bloodline. Without that, my speed might even be slower than yours. I mean, just try removing me from the equation and try comparing your cultivation speed to any other person you know. You've been growing the fastest," Long Chen reminded Ji Shan. 

"So don't look at what could have been. Instead, you should look at what's good about you and focus on those things. Our Cultivation gives us a long life. We can afford this speed, and you'll be one of the strongest one day," he added. 

"Still, I can't be satisfied at this speed. I need more strength,"  Ji Shan muttered, sitting with his back against the wall.

"Do you really want to get stronger? I think I have a way for you."