Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1159 - 1159: Everyone Out

"Origin Essence? That rumored energy? Wasn't it said that no human could absorb it?" Ji Shan asked as he sat beside Long Chen. 

As soon as he got closer to Long Chen, he couldn't help but step back. "Why is such a bad smell coming from you?" 

"Ah, I guess it's because I was vomiting a few hours ago. I absorbed too much Qi, and it temporarily made me sick. I'm fine now, but I haven't taken a bath yet. I thought I should eat first, and then I can take a bath," Long Chen answered. 

"Is that really what you thought, or you couldn't feel that the smell of you was that bad at the moment?" Ji Shan asked, laughing. 

"Ah, a little of that as well."

While Ji Shan and Long Chen were talking, Long Chen's mother approached him. She didn't worry about the smell as she sat near Long Chen. 

"Are you really fine now?" She asked as she rubbed Long Chen's back.

"I am fine, mother," Long Chen answered as he took another bite of the apple. Soon, the apple was finished, and he brought out the next one. 

 "Anyway, as I was saying, this world has Origin Energy which is really mystical. But as you all haven't broken through to the Earthly Saint Realm, you can't even sense it now," he further said, getting back to the topic. 

"As for what you said, it's true that we can't absorb Origin Energy as humans. But we can absorb the Qi amplified by Origin Energy which this world has. That helps more," he continued. 

"Is that why cultivation here is said to be much better?" Grandpa Long Ren asked. 

"That's right, but you don't have to worry. Now that I'm here, I'll keep sending the Qi of this world to my Inner World inside our Clan. Even when you cultivate there, the effect on you all would be the same as cultivating here," Long Chen answered. 

The so-called picnic continued for an hour before Long Chen actually sent his family back, including his wives.

Only Ji Shan was left here beside Long Chen. As for his wives, he didn't let them stay here since the plan was for Long Chen and Ji Shan to find a pond or something where they could shower. He also promised them all that he was going to bring them out later. 

Long Chen and Ji Shan were walking inside the forest in search of a water source. Long Chen had decided to delay further stabilization of his cultivation until later since it was a month-long process. And he didn't want to sit like that for a month. He first needed to shower. 

As for the risk, it wasn't that he couldn't use his powers. It was just that he couldn't break through until he stabilized his cultivation. 

He knew that he wouldn't break through for a long time anyway, so he had plenty of time. 

"Look, a pond," Ji Shan said as he pointed towards a pond that was in the distance. 

"Finally, there's something," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

The two of them walked to the pond. After making sure that no one was there, the two of them took off their clothes as they jumped down inside the pond. 

"The water feels so good," Ji Shan said as he started feeling refreshed as soon as he jumped into the pond. 

"That's true. I think my beasts should also experience it. Those guys hadn't experienced something like that in a long time," Long Chen said as he brought out his tamed beasts out of the Beast Region. 

The first one to come out was the caterpillar-like beast that was capable of entering anyone's heart and keeping them hostage. It even had two tiny wings now with which Cati was flying around Long Chen. 

"Come on, little guy. Get in the water and take a break," Long Chen told the Heart Devouring Insect who listened and landed on the water. It started floating.

Next, Long Chen brought out the Dark Horned Armored Rhino, who landed right outside the pond. 

"Big guy, I know you can swim. Get in the water," Long Chen told the Dark Horned Armored Rhino, who shook his head. 

"Can you really not swim because of your weight?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

The Dark Horned Armored Rhino nodded. 

"Would you be able to swim if you were lighter?" Long Chen asked to which the Dark Horned Armored Rhino nodded his head. 

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that," Long Chen said as he started swimming towards the Dark Horned Armored Rhino. 

He stepped out of the water and walked to the Dark Horned Armored Rhino. He brought what seemed like a crown from his Storage Ring and placed it on the head of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino. 

"This is a Weight Removal Crown. It'll decrease your weight by so much that you'll easily be able to swim. You can come in the water now," Long Chen said as he flew into the water again.

The Dark Horned Armored Rhino also followed after him as he actually felt like he was as light as he wanted. 

He stepped inside the water and didn't drown. The Dark Horned Armored Rhino seemed happy as he swam around the massive pond.

Next, Long Chen brought out the Sun Destroying Condor, who also joined the party. 

Next was the turn of Orion, who also landed on the ground. 

Orion looked at Long Chen, wondering why he was here. Generally, he was only called out when the enemy was nearby. 

"Don't worry. There are no enemies. It's just a party. Think of it as a treat for everything you all did for me," Long Chen told Orion, understanding what he was thinking. 

"Come in the water and relax," he further said. 

As Long Chen commanded, Orion stepped inside the water. He also felt relaxed as soon as he did that. 

Next, Long Chen brought out the Snake Monarch. 

"Snakey, come in the water. And get smaller first. I don't want you occupying the entire pond," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch who was flying in the sky. 

"A swimming competition? Did I mention that my grandfather was a Universe Swimming Champion! None of you weaklings can defeat me," Snake Monarch said, laughing. 

The Snake Monarch got smaller and became as small as an ordinary snake before it also came inside the water.

" And now it is the turn of Little Snow. It had been so long since I met her last," Long Chen muttered as he prepared to call out little snow from the Beast Region to let her enjoy it as well.