Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 950 - 950: Kidnapped

Ning and Mu were the only two people from the Dark World that were still alive. They were trying to find Long Chen; however, they located the Origin of missing Qi before finding Long Chen. 

As Ning removed the stone that was covering the entrance of Long Chen's cave, he found the entrance. Even though it seemed like something made by a human, they still thought that it was a beast. Which human can take in so much Qi for a breakthrough, after all? 

"There it is... The beast is hiding inside that place..." Ning commented. 

"Wait a minute. If a beast is hiding inside, who covered the entrance with a stone?" Mu asked, raising a valid question.

This question also got Ning to reconsider. "Do you think it's a trap?" Mu further asked.

"I am not sure, but we should still be careful. I'll go inside, and you keep an eye on the outside. Enter if I call for help. If it's a trap, someone will try to attack us from outside. We can't let that happen," Ning commented as he agreed to go through with the plan. 

While Ning stood outside, Mu stepped inside the cave, which finally got the light being uncovered.

"Hey, someone's coming! Get up!"

Xun kept shaking Long Chen's body to wake him up, but he refused to open his eyes as if he was too deep in Cultivation even to hear or feel anything. 

"You idiot, get up this instant, or you're going to be dead. Your fans are already here!" Xun roared in anger as she intensified her efforts. 

Albeit everything seemed ineffective as Long Chen. Long Chen didn't wake up. 

Mu reached the depths of the cave and found Long Chen sitting there. A smile appeared on his face as he saw Long Chen. 

"So you're breaking through. It's still shocking that you can take in so much Qi. Let me kill you first and then see what's so special about you," Mu let out as he grinned while stepping towards Long Chen. He also brought out his gun.

"Huh? Is he about to get up? What the heck is he doing?" 

Long Chen, who had been sitting still, started moving as if someone was shaking him back and forth. Mu couldn't see Xun, so he found it weird. 

"I should kill him fast before he wakes up," he thought as he ran towards Long Chen. 

As soon as he reached Long Chen, he swung his sword. As Long Chen was this close to death, Xun also lost all hopes. How could it happen? This was going to be how it all ended? He was going to be killed in the hands of a youngster from a mortal? She didn't think of a way to help as she saw the sword getting closer to Long Chen's neck. 

She ultimately also closed her eyes as she gave up. She also started apologizing for failing. It was uncertain to whom she was thinking about when she asked for an apology. 

Just as the Sword was about to touch Long Chen's neck, the sword disappeared. The man also vanished along with the Sword. 

Mu found himself in an open desert. A bright sun was hanging high in the sky. Some clouds could also be seen. 

"Where am I?" Mu wondered as he realized that this place didn't seem like the special realm they had entered. The Qi was also much different here. It appeared somewhat lacking at the moment, not comparable to the Qi on the outside at all. 

"Welcome to my world. You should be glad. You're the first person who's seeing it." A peal of laughter echoed in the surroundings. 

Mu recognized that voice. It belonged to Long Chen. But where was he

"Where are you?" He asked right away.

"Where I am?" Long Chen let out as he laughed. "I am everywhere. I am the air; I am the sun; I am the earth! I am the god of this world!"

"This can't be! This is your inner world?! How did you make it so big? Even we can't..."

Mu soon realized what Long Chen meant. When a person became a Heaven Realm cultivator, they formed their inner world. They could also bring someone into their inner world but to bring someone without their permission? One needed immense spiritual power to achieve that!

Let alone the fact that his world was so much bigger than it should have been, but for him to be able to bring another Heaven Realm Cultivator inside his inner world without their permission? That was much tougher. 

Most people didn't even try to bring a person against their will because if that person happened to be stronger than them, that person should easily destroy their inner world to get out. This way, they would not only lose their inner world but also be gravely wounded. 

"You managed to bring me inside. That was surprising, but it was your biggest mistake. You'll suffer the consequences now!" Mu declared arrogantly.

"For that, you have to be stronger than me," Long Chen's voice echoed in the surroundings like the voice of a god. He was still not visible. 

"Let me show you then!" Mu let out as he raised both his hand towards the sky.

"I can't use this normally as I need to control my strength, but I don't have to worry about damaging things here. The more I damage, the better," he laughed out as a dark beam of light shot out from his hand, which took the shape of a Dark Sword. 

The dark sword appeared in the sky. It was two hundred meters long in size and 8 meters wide in size. 

"It might have been effective against me outside, but not here. You think too much of it. My inner world is not as simple as you think!" Long Chen declared arrogantly. 

As soon as his words fell in the ears of Mu, he saw a Dark Sword-like thing taking shape in the space near the sun. 

Long Chen didn't have an inner world but an inner universe that was made using the law of Darkness. 

The entire space it contained was filled using the Darkness of Law of Darkness which could take a physical shape in the inner universe to place heavenly punishment on the enemies that dared to go against his will. It was the perfect time to test that now. 

"You think that thing can stop me? Think again?" Mu roared in rage as he slashed his hands down. 

"What?" Shock spread across his face as he realized that his Dark Sword didn't move.