Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 938 - 938: Immortal Demon

"I apologize, but I can't answer that. I myself don't know. Only my father knows, and he even refused to tell us. Only he can answer you all about this when he returns," Crown Prince Meng Luqi confessed, albeit somewhat unwillingly.

"Hah, not bad. Either he really wants you people to not have an extra edge in the trial, or you're lying. Whatever, it doesn't matter to me," Du Liang let out as he smiled.

Bing Lui from the lightning world was looking towards Long Chen, who stood with Du Liang. She wished to have battles with them. 

Long Chen looked at the girl and grinned. He even winked at the girl to throw her off when she glared at him. 

Bing Lui was taken aback as Long Chen winked at her. She couldn't help but take a step back in disgust. 

Long Chen felt like laughing out loud at her response, but he controlled himself.

He only recognized five teams that were present here. The thirteen other teams were some he had no idea about. And he was sure he was not going to find out about them. He was simply here to be with his team, so they don't feel the missing of Pei Zen. 

If the trial needed him to fight, he was going to make excuses and step out of the ranking. He had already thought of the excuses. And if it was something other than the battles, he was going to give his all to get a good rank. 

The ranking of three people in the team decided the world where the next stage of ranking was going to be. He wanted to make sure that it was in the world of Mingyu. For that, he needed a good ranking as well.

He was hoping that luck would support him in what the trial was. If it did, he was going to give his best to make sure he got to go to Mingyu's world for the subsequent trial. 

If luck wasn't on his side, he was going to go to make more excuses to be asked to go back, but he was sure he would need to go to whichever world was chosen. It was better to go with it to make his entry into Mingyu's world more accessible. 

It all depends on what the subsequent trial was going to be. 

"Bastard!" Bing Lui muttered as she glanced at Long Chen once again after he stopped looking at her.

A few more minutes had passed before the doors once again opened. A dark mist started entering through the door, which spread throughout the vast hall. The mist only floated within a few inches above the ground. 

"Such showoffs," Du Liang laughed dryly as he shook his head.

"Are you jealous?  You could have had a similar entry," Qian Yu told Du Liang, who was looking uninterested but still commenting on it.

"Meh, it's just a useless show. These people are not going to achieve anything good from this," Du Liang answered. 

"Why should I make an effort to impress some wastes?" he continued.

"Who are you calling a trash?!" A red-haired man complained, seemingly upset. He was from another team that was the closest to the Fengshu team.

The team was one of the weakest teams supposedly, but even when they were comparatively weak in the eyes of others, they were still the geniuses from their own world. How could they beat this disrespect when it was right before their eyes?

How could a person call them waste? This was not fair, and it infuriated the entire team. Only the red-haired man complained since he was the leader of the team of the windshock world, which was solely ruled by the Gurni Empire like Esteria ruled this world.

All three members of the team were Royal Princes from the Gurni Royal Family. They were the geniuses of their world. They were said to be the heaven-sent once in a Millennia geniuses who were adored and respected by billions of people. 

Youngsters dreamt of becoming like them. How could they be called trash? Just what was happening to this world? 

"Did you say something?" Du Liang casually gazed at the red-haired man.  His eyes suddenly turned blood red. The red-haired man felt a bone-chilling fear in his heart as he saw the gaze of the man as if he had seen death itself. 

"Gaze of Death, I never thought I would see something like this again," Xun's voice resounded in Long Chen's head. 

Long Chen also noticed Du Liang's dark eyes suddenly became red. Unfortunately, he didn't feel anything special from them. It just seemed like a neat trick. Why did the red-haired man seem so fearful after it? 

And how come the black mist was retreating from Du Liang's surrounding right now. It wasn't acting like that before. It was as if the eyes scared the mist.

'What do you mean? Eyes of Death?' Long Chen asked Xun, feeling like her words had something to do with the red eyes. Something that could surprise Xun must be special indeed.

It's a special physique that appears only once or twice in the universe.  You wouldn't have heard of it, but it's said to be a really rare physique. The last time it appeared was in a Prince of the Demon Realm. That person was a really fearsome guy who was even stronger because of the eyes of Death," Xun told Long Chen. 

"Unfortunately, this person wasn't born in the Death Domain. He doesn't have their ability to use Origin Energy. His eyes of Death can be strong but not as strong as the eyes of that person was," she further added. She didn't appear near Long Chen this time, though. 

"What's so special about these eyes?" Long Chen asked curiously. 

"Everything. These eyes aren't called the eye of death for no reason at all. And this isn't a self-given name. These were called the eyes of death by one of the strongest races in this world, the Immortal Demon Race,"  Xun said to Long Chen.

'Immortal Demon Race? Who are they?' 

"They are the real demons who occupy the Demon Realm. You know them as demons. There are many lower demons in the world, and many other races similar which call them demons collectively even though they aren't one of the Immortal Demon Race," Xun told him.

"The Immortal Demons are the real demons and the only ones who can compare to the Heavenly Warriors," She continued to give Long Chen a better idea so that he could understand better.