Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1244 - 1244: Using The Blood Dragon Emperor

"So there's actually no way to find that place?" Long Chen inquired, feeling the concern of facing the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

If he could find his body, he could have tried to destroy the body, but now, it seemed like there was no way to have that happen. The only other option was to tame the Blood Dragon Emperor which would give him a frighteningly powerful beast. 

"That's right. There's no other way to get the information. All who knew about it are long gone. If there was any other way to find that place, it is with you. The diary or any other inheritance item that he gave you? If that's none, then there's no other way," Lord Glen responded, expressing clearly that it was impossible.

Without commenting, Long Chen closed his eyes as he tried to go through everything he read in the diary to see if there was any clue inside it that he might have missed. But he couldn't find anything significant. 

There wasn't any information at all. 

" It's fine. Don't bother your head. In any case, even if we find out where the body was, we can't get to it before the Blood Dragon Emperor's spirit can. Just prepared for its arrival. As for your heavenly oath, I have a way to help you with that," Lord Glen suggested, understanding Long Chen's plight. 

"What way?" Long Chen inquired, opening his eyes. 

"You need to assassinate the Emperors!" 

"Assassinate them? Can you clarify?"

"I have a skill which can help you teleport from place to place. I want you to master it. After that, we can use the Blood Dragon Emperor to help you finish your Heavenly Oath. It's actually pretty simple but a little risky."

"I'm prepared for the risks. Just tell me more about it."

Lord Glen took a deep breath and started explaining the plan he could come up with. 

" The plan is simple. You'll do nothing. Let the Blood Dragon Emperor return. The Blood Dragon Emperor will certainly attack the four Emperors, but the Emperors won't go down without a fight. I don't think Blood Dragon Emperor would kill them in one attack either," he said. 

"So that's where you come into play. The Four Emperors would be heavily injured in the battles. I'm sure you'll get some opportunities in the middle of the battle to take advantage of the situation.'

"Just appear near them, kill them, and disappear. You need to do this with all four Emperors while making sure that you aren't caught by the Blood Dragon Emperor."

"This way, you can kill the four Emperors from right under the nose of the Blood Dragon Emperor. After you're done with your Heavenly Oath, the two of us can leave the Immortal World. What do you think?" Lord Glen asked, finishing with describing the plan. 

" That... Does sound like a good plan, actually. Instead of fighting the Blood Dragon Emperor, it's about using him to get to our goals. Not bad at all," Long Chen said as a smile formed on his face. 

"There's one problem in it though," Lord Glen pointed out. 

"What problem?" Long Chen asked. 

"The short range teleportation skill that I have was given to me by a Great Senior long ago. Even I was only able to master this skill after a hundred years. On the other hand, you probably only have a few days at best to learn this skill," Lord Glen explained. "It isn't an easy task. In fact, it's almost impossible."

Snake Monarch looked at Long Chen, controlling his laughter. Since Long Chen had told him to stay silent, he wasn't speaking, but he was having a really hard time believing it. 

This guy was actually talking about teaching a short range teleportation skill to Long Chen? And after all that, he believed it was going to be hard for him? 

"I don't think you need to worry about that skill. I already have one skill like that myself," Long Chen directly told Lord Glen. 

"You do? I'm not talking about fast movement skills but a literal space skill! You know how rare they are?" Lord Glen asked as he rolled his eyes in disbelief. There was no way this young guy could have a skill like that. Even Saint King didn't have this skill, he thought. 

Long Chen picked up the beer bottle again only to find it empty. 

"Don't you have more?" He asked Lord Glen, completely offtopic.

"There are more in the cupboard," Lord Glen lazily answered, only to have his eyes open wide. As soon as he said it, he saw Long Chen disappear. He was sure that Long Chen hadn't moved. He had actually disappeared.

He wondered how it could be possible. 

"You're right. I found a few." A voice fell in his ears, coming from behind. 

Turning back, he was able to see Long Chen standing in the back with a different bottle in his hand.

"Did you... Did you just....?" Shocked, Lord Glen stuttered as he asked a question. 

" Did I what?" Long Chen asked, laughing. But he wasn't standing near the cupboard this time. Instead, he was sitting back in his seat. He had once again teleported. 

"Was that actually teleportation?" Lord Glen asked, stunned. 

"What do you think?" Long Chen asked, taking a sip from the new bottle. 

"You can really do it? Amazing. Who taught you this skill?" Lord Glen asked as he held Long Chen's hand in excitement. "Was it the work of the same senior that taught me? It can't be. How can he still be alive? Did you learn it from the Saing King inheritance?" 

"Hah, you're wrong on both counts. My right-hand man comprehended the skill himself, without any help. In fact, he learned it before he turned eighteen. And you took thousands of years to learn an inferior version of that skill? You need to work on your comprehension," Snake Monarch told Lord Glen, unable to keep his mouth close for any longer. 

"Self learned skill? Really? You must have had some manual or reference. How could you learn it without any help?" Lord Glen asked, amazed at the possibility of someone learning this skill without any outside help. 

"It's not that hard actually. As long as you have a good understanding about the space, you can also do something like this," Long Chen also started speaking as if it wasn't a big deal and that anyone could do it as long as that person was talented enough. 

He couldn't just say that he learned the Skill as a reward from the Law Orbs after he mastered the skills.