Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 787 - 787: Chasing Sides

'You won't be punished," Long Chen declared in an effort to make Wu Xun join him.

"Fine. I will swear my allegiance to you; however, I have one condition!" Wu Xun said, nodding his head.

"Fine. What condition do you have?" Long Chen inquired.

"You won't kill the members of Dragon Squad that swear their allegiance to you. You'll give me a chance to convince them. I don't want anyone to die since I'm helping you unify the Kingdoms. Even if someone doesn't agree, you can't kill them. They can only be arrested," Wu Xun told Long Chen, stating his term, which was about saving his men.

"Hah, if that's what it wants, then I agree. As long as you can get them to pledge their allegiance to my cause, I'll let them free. They can be a part of the new Dragon Squad that you'll be leading. However, if even a single one of my men is killed by a Dragon Squad member, the ones who oppose will be killed and not arrested!" Long Chen said, sighing.

" Also, the Sunai King and his loyal men must be killed or converted to our men. You will lead the assault. Vermillion and I will follow behind! In Fifteen days, I want this Kingdom to be mine!" he continued.

"I agree," Wu Xun said, nodding his head.

"Good," With a calm smile on his face, Long Chen took off the sword.

He stepped back, putting the sword back in his Scabbard.

"Hmm?" With a curious look, Long Chen looked back as if he felt like someone was behind him. 

After a few seconds, he turned back to look at Wu Xun, who was on his knees.

"Please accept my allegiance," Wu Xun said, sitting on his knees.

"You could've attacked me from behind when I turned back; however, you didn't. You're actually sincere. You pass the test," Long Chen said as his body started turning illusory and disappeared.

"He was another illusion?" Wu Xun muttered in confusion.

"Yes, it was to test your loyalty. I've been standing behind you since the start." A Voice came from behind him.

Turning back, he saw Long Chen standing there. His Sword was still in its hand, ready to cut his neck if he had decided to attack the illusion.

" Two of your men are already dead. Go and stop your men from attacking Vermilion, or they will all be dead. Bring me their loyalty," Long Chen said casually as he glanced at Vermilion fighting against the Dragon Squad Members.

The burnt bodies of two Dragon Squad members were already lying on the ground. The battle seemed to get more intense with time; however, Vermilion seemed to be getting more and more powerful, the more he fought.

"Vermilion! Stop attacking and come back!" Long Chen called out, telling Vermilion to come back. He glanced at Wu Xun, "You go and handle it."

Vermilion heard Long Chen's command and unwillingly came back flying. He had managed to kill only three Dragon Squad members in this time, and he wanted to kill even more; however, he couldn't ignore the new King's command.

He came back and landed near Long Chen, ready to attack. He thought that Long Chen was having difficulty dealing with Wu Xun, so he wanted to attack Wu Xun.

"Stop! He's on our side now! He'll be your teammate in our quest to Unify the two Kingdoms!" Long Chen declared as he used Flash Steps to appear between Vermilion and Wu Xun, stopping him.

"He agreed to join us? What the heck? How could it be possible?! Vermilion exclaimed in shock when he saw Wu Xun flying away.

Vermilion stopped in front of the Dragon Squad Members, who were chasing after Vermilion.


"What is he doing? If he's on our side, why isn't he killing them?" Vermilion asked Long Chen, seeing Wu Xun walk to the Dragon Squad Members instead of fighting them. He thought that Wu Xun would be killing if he was on their side m

"He's getting them to join us. Don't worry. I believe he can do it. I won't only take over the Sunai Kingdom, but I'll take over their Dragon Squad without losing a single member," Long Chen replied as a subtle smile appeared on his face.

" H-how did you do it? Getting our strongest enemies to surrender and going for you? It seems impossible! I don't think Wu Xun is the kind of person who would surrender for riches. As for his life, he shouldn't be worried about that too. How did you do it?" Vermilion inquired, not knowing how everything happened.

" People have more weaknesses than just the fear of death. You should know it better since you were trapped by one such weakness yourself," Long Chen answered, reminding Vermilion about the fears that kept him from helping Long Chen by going against the Royal Tutor's wishes.

After a few minutes, Wu Xun came back with six Dragon Squad Members following behind him.

"They have agreed to surrender. The others haven't. I've made them unconscious. They can be arrested. I'll get them to agree later after everything's over," Wu Xun informed Long Chen as he pointed towards the unconscious bodies lying on the ground.

After finding out that Wu Xun has switched sides, the Dragon Squad members who were loyal to him decided to do the same. As for the others, they decided to switch out of fear since they knew that not doing it would only result in their death. There was no way they could win when Vermilion and Wu Xun fought together. That was like a nightmare scenario for anyone who wished to survive. 

As for the ones that placed loyalty toward the Kingdom above anyone else, they decided to go against Wu Xun by decoding to battle until their death. They were swiftly beaten to unconsciousness by Wu Xun.

"Our army would be coming soon. They'll take them back," Long Chen muttered, looking at the unconscious bodies.

"Until then, you can deal with the rest of the Dragon Squad members since half of them are not here," he continued.

"Vermilion, you go with him as well. I'll wait here with the bodies for the army."

While Wu Xun was wondering how Long Chen knew that there were half of Dragon Squad Members left behind, Long Chen started talking to Vermillion.

Vermilion and Wu Xun left together, flying towards the base of Dragon Squad while Long Chen waited back.

"Leaving them alive could be a problem later if there's an uprising later by Dragon Squad when I leave this world." Long Chen muttered, looking at the bodies.