Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1150 - 1150: Heavenly Tribulation

"Can we at least stay until the Heavenly Tribulation comes?" The ladies asked Long Chen, who shook his head. 

"No. I've already started touching the threshold. It can come anytime now. Don't worry; I can take care of myself. I'll meet you both soon," Long Chen answered as he stepped forward and hugged both the ladies before he sent them back. 

After he became alone once again, Long Chen looked at the Snake Monarch, who was flying around.

"So partner, where to now?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen, frowning. 

"Nowhere to. You're also going back. I want no casualties around myself, and you're one of them," Long Chen answered, shaking his head as he stepped closer to the Snake Monarch. 

Placing his hand on the Snake Monarch, Long Chen said softly. "No matter how annoying and nonsensical you are at moments, but you're still my friend. So you need to be safe too."

Hearing Long Chen call him a friend, Snake Monarch felt something inside him. He couldn't understand what it was, but there was a kind of elation inside his heart. 

"Don't worry; even the Heavenly Thunder can't hur-"

He was answering Long Chen, but mid-sentence, he disappeared as he was sent back to the Beast Region with the rest. 

Long Chen glanced at the guards of the Royal Palace who were looking at him. 

He brought out all the money he had from this Kingdom and tossed that towards the guards. 

"Have fun and do your duty properly. Keep Ji Shan's father safe."

Even though it was strange that he was paying guards so much, he treated it as something of a salvation. He had to kill many guards throughout the years to get to his path. He felt like doing something for the guards this time. 

A spatial portal opened behind him, inside which he entered, disappearing. 


Long Chen appeared in a distant mountain range. It was also the place where he had learned the Thunder Blade, and this was the place he was going to achieve his breakthrough. 

Just as Long Chen disappeared from the Empire of Ji Shan, the four envoys reached there, trailing Long Chen's aura.

"The aura disappeared here once again. It looks like he again teleported and left. Continue our search," the first envoy said. "Take one direction each. He can't teleport far away. As soon as you find his aura, signal the others."

The four envoys spread out as they took a different direction. 


Long Chen sat on top of a desolate mountain where no person came. 

He was finally going to attempt his final breakthrough. 

He was going to elevate to the Immortal World. 

He brought out the Pure Origin Flower again so he could start absorbing the energy of the flower to push him through the threshold.

He took a deep breath as he calmed his heart. 

"Xun. I am going to attempt it. Any other last moment advice?" Long Chen asked Xun.

"Keep calm, stay focused, and don't be scared. Fear can be your biggest enemy. Also, remember. No matter what you see, always remember that you were never wrong! You were always right in whatever you did! You deserve to break through. Have faith in your bloodline and push through!" Xun told Long Chen.

"You're right. I'll try my best, and I'll pass through," Long Chen answered as he clenched his fist. He closed his eyes as he started absorbing the Qi from the flower. 

Just a little bit of it was enough to push him to the threshold. 

Dark Clouds started covering the sky. Even the sound of thunder could be heard as if the clouds were roaring at Long Chen. 

Not only the mountain region but thousands of miles around Long Chen was covered in the dark clouds.

Whoever saw the clouds became surprised as they didn't understand what was happening. How did the clouds come so fast when the sky was clear just a moment ago?"

The clouds weren't normal. Instead, the clouds seemed to be purple. 

Not a single person in this continent knew what these clouds meant.  Unlike the other continents, this one was a pretty backwater continent. Only a few people had broken through to the Heaven Realm here, let alone the Saint Realm. 

The four envoys had just spread out when they saw the purple clouds. They instantly understood what this meant. 

"Someone is trying to break through to Earthly Saint Realm?" The Envoys muttered as they started flying towards the center of the clouds to see who it was. They had a pretty good assumption that it was most probably Long Chen who they were looking for.

The Envoys soon reached near the center of the clouds as they looked ahead in frustration. 

"We're late. It has started," they muttered as they frowned. 

They could see Long Chen sitting on top of one of the mountains with his eyes closed but they couldn't approach him.

Thousands of lightning bolts were falling all around Long Chen. 

The lightning bolts were too powerful, but they weren't here to harm Long Chen. Instead, they were here to exterminate any foreigner that entered the proximity of the one who was trying to get to Long Chen. 

If they stepped near and they were hit by one of these bolts, they were going to be in a big mess as the lightning had a chance to even kill them, and no treasure was useful against the lightning.

Fortunately, the lightning that Long Chen was going to face was going to be weaker than this and only a test for him to see if he deserved to break through.

"What should we do now?" The Second Envoy asked the first, frowning.

"What can we even do other than waiting?" The first envoy asked, sighing. 

"Let's wait for him to break through. If he's successful, we can take care of him then. And if he fails, we won't have any need to worry anyway since he'll be dead," the First Envoy told the other as he folded his arms.

They decided to wait.

On the other hand, Long Chen had no idea that there were people waiting around him like vultures. He also didn't know that there was something around him that was keeping him safe in the form of a cage. 

It seemed as if all his senses were gone, and he was floating in silence.

In the silence, he finally heard a voice. 

"Oh, you're here again. Welcome."

"Huh? Long Tian?" Long Chen exclaimed. "Am I in the real bloodline temple again?"

"That's right. You're here again," the boy that appeared before Long Chen answered.