Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 906 - 906: He Is Here

To Long Chen, he was holding Xun's left breast, but to Ming Lan, it seemed as if he was pinching air which she found somewhat odd.

She didn't say anything and just kept watching curiously.

Mingyu had her eyes closed as she kept moaning, so she didn't see where his hand was. 

"Re-release me now!" Xun protested as her body grew weak. She didn't even have the strength to resist as if her weakness was in Long Chen's hand.

'Why should I? You started it. Now stay like this,' Long Chen answered using his thoughts. 'Now you'll stay like this until I finish.'

"Yo... Mhmmm."

Xun was about to scold him, but another moan escaped her lips as her body struggled. 

"I'll do the same then!" She said weakly as she loved her head upwards. She also pinched his chest.

'It won't work on me. You can try all you want,' Long Chen answered as he smiled.

It wasn't the effect of the touch as much as it was the right touch with the right amount of skills. He had learned the intricacies, but Xun hadn't, so he didn't need to worry.


While Long Chen was with his wives, the Royal Palace was still as noisy as it had been when Long Chen left.

Even after all this time, their assumptions didn't stop about the immortal world and the Saint Killer.

The Emperor hadn't returned yet with Minister Wang.

While the guests were discussing outside; Emperor Meng, Minister Wang, Fu Min, and his team were in a private room.

Fu Min was informing about everything he had seen from the moment he saw Long Chen and what happened.

"This strength... It doesn't seem like you are lying," The Emperor confirmed as he heard the words of Fu Min. He realized that Fu Min wasn't lying.

"Your Majesty, this does sound like someone from the Immortal World. How else would a kid have such power," Ministers Wang pointed out.

"I understand that. The question remains, though. Why was someone from the Immortal World fighting the Saint Killer heir?" The Emperor muttered.

"Maybe the Saint Killer heir annoyed the guest from the immortal world? When they reached there, the fight was already going on. I believe the two didn't know each other. As the guest looked like a weak kid, the Saint Killer heir might have bullied him. That was what caused the battle in which the Saint Killer heir was thrashed completely," Minister Wang answered, making a few assumptions.

"This does seem possible, but this is the normal part. What happened next is more confusing. One moment one of them was lying on the ground. Saint Killer's heir seemed like he would die at any moment," Fu Min chimed in.

" But the next moment, the two had disappeared. And in the end, the Saint Killer heir appeared alone before he disappeared with his friend. So he was certainly alive. I didn't see the guest after that, though. Could it be possible that he was killed?" He asked.

Minister Wang nodded his head before he continued. "There's only one person who can answer such questions, and that person is him. You saw his new face, right? That must mean he was using some trick to show a fake face previously." 

"Have a sketch created of the new face as well and have it distributed in the entire continent." Emperor Meng said. 

"But your Majesty, if he can change face once, that means his disguise skills are good. Can't he do it again? How can we find him if he keeps changing his face?" Minister Wang inquired.

"Yeah. His skills are good, but doesn't he have a friend as well? We will certainly look for him but place more focus on his friend. Create a sketch of his friend as well. These sketches are only to be distributed amongst the guards of the Royal Army. Even amongst other Kingdoms, only the army should be allowed to have the new sketches," The Emperor answered, smiling.

"We shouldn't distribute amongst the citizens to have them inform us if they had seen them?" Minister Wang asked the Emperor. 

"No need for that. I don't want them to know we are looking for the second guy. Let it be a covert operation. Only search for the Saint Killer heir openly. No one shall know that we are searching for his friend as well," the Emperor said softly.

"Also, this is a crucial time. The first stage of the rankings tournament is about to begin in two days. I don't want any disturbance in the city. Increase the protection of the city. No stranger should be allowed in. The Saint Killer heir must not be allowed to enter the city and roam freely," he continued as he stood up.

"Get to work right now."

He left the room, leaving the others back in the room to discuss how to handle the orders. He didn't even have them created the portraits of the two guys to see.

If he did, he would have realized that Long Chen had been before him a few moments ago. He missed such a great opportunity as he left.

He returned to the banquet hall and sat back on the throne that belonged to him.

Throughout the night, Minister Wang and Fu Min created the portraits of two guys and had their riders take these portraits throughout the Continent to other kingdoms. Their task was to give them to the kings along with the instructions to keep one of the portraits a secret from the general public.

A lot of them were even distributed amongst the guards of the Royal City that kept an eye on the city.

"Wait a minute, why are you giving me the portrait of Prince of Fengshu?"

The guards who were standing at the entrance of the Empire were also given the portraits, which stunned them. They recognized the man in the portrait as the Prince of Fengshu.

"Prince of Fengshu? What do you mean? This is the portrait of the Saint Killer heir, according to Master Fu Min. He isn't any Prince," the Royal Guard answered.

"What the heck?! He had the token of the Prince of Fengshu. I thought he was a Prince and allowed him inside. Doesn't that mean the Saint Killer heir is in the Royal City?" The man answered as he started sweating.

"Fuck! You let our enemy enter the Royal City? You idiot! Make sure no one leaves the city! I'll inform Minister Wang about this!" The Royal Guard said as his face went pale as well.

He climbed on his beast and started flying towards the Royal place.