Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1077 - 1077: Special Breakthrough


At the same time as Wu Lia screamed, another loud voice was heard. Both Long Chen and Wu Lia looked to the side and noticed Emperor Lu coming out of the building he had crashed inside. 

Not only did he step out, but he also used his power to attack Wu Lia to get him away from Long Chen. 

Since the attack came as so unexpected and Wu Lia was more immersed in attacking Long Chen, he hadn't prepared for the attack, which landed on his chest, making him fly far away. A deep gash was left in his chest, which as he crashed on the ground, far away from Long Chen. 

As Wu Lia was attacked and injured, his attention was shifted from Long Chen, which freed him from the bounding restriction. 

Since there was no restriction keeping him in the air, Long Chen landed on the ground.

Utilizing the opportunity, he used his left hand to swallow the Life Healing Pill to heal his right hand before he picked up the sword of time and started flying away before Wu Lia could stand up. 

His hand still needed time to heal even though he had eaten the Life Healing Pill. He wanted to take this time to hide somewhere to give Orion time to destroy all formation points. 

Without that, he was helpless here. He was just a fish on the chopping block.

" I shouldn't have been more reliant on the Teleportation. I should have learned more skills to help me in situations like these," he said as he continued flying. 

"Tell me where my daughter is right now, you bastard!"

Seeing Long Chen run, Emperor Lu appeared before him, asking about his daughter.

The only reason he attacked Wu Lia was because he was about to kill Long Chen. He didn't want to lose his daughter forever. As long as Long Chen told him where she was, he could leave and get out of the battle between Long Chen and Wu Lia. 

"You bastard! Get out of my way!" Long Chen exclaimed as he raised his sword to attack his father-in-law to get him out of the way. He didn't have time to mess with this guy here. 

Unfortunately, before he could even move his sword, he saw a golden sword falling from the sky, cutting Emperor Lu from the middle. 

Long Chen hastily moved away from the sword as he watched the Golden Sword, trying to create as much distance from it as he could. 

"This is enough obstruction. Now is the time to get back to what you were doing. We still have to cut you up. Let's not keep you waiting any longer, shall we?"

Wu Lia was standing in the back, patting his clothes that were dirty because of the fall. 

He again raised his hand in the direction of Long Chen, bringing the same restrictions again, which again entrapped Long Chen making him unable to move. 

Unfortunately, something was different this time. The small portion of the strange pattern that had become visible on the Sword previously when Wu Lia had tried touching it once again started shining. 

Long Chen had already lost a lot of blood because of losing his hand, and his body was also somewhat weak, but he could feel his body filling up with energy as the symbol started shining. 

As for the restriction around his body, that had also disappeared. Moreover, his hand healing had fastened. Within seconds, his right hand was as good as old. 


Long Chen was surprised to see that restriction disappear. And he observed the expressions of Wu Lia, who also looked shocked. It was obvious that Wu Lia hadn't done such things. 

The only thing which could have done this was the sword which he was holding in his left hand now. 

"Hah, I don't know how I should thank you, little friend. You again came to my rescue. Don't worry. Now that you made me immune to this restriction, I won't disappoint you," Long Chen said, gazing at this sword. 

"Now, let's get back at that guy," he said as he came down on the ground. 

He slowly raised his right hand and gestured towards Wu Lia, telling him to come. 

" Since you made things so serious, let me make them serious too now. You're not going to leave me anyway. You've been following me, putting everyone around me in danger. Today, it'll all be over," Long Chen declared. 

The skies were already dark, but they started getting even darker as the thunder began cracking in the sky. Blue light could be seen shining in the sky occasionally as if thunder was waiting to fall. 

"You've grown more arrogant, little boy. Those restrictions were nothing anyway. They were a way to make things easier. That doesn't mean they were all I had," Wu Lia said as he started walking towards Long Chen, bare handed. 

"More tricks?" Long Chen lazily said as he moved his body to the side, dodging the golden sword that was coming from behind him towards his heart. 

It was a clear trick of Wu Lia to kill him by distracting him, which failed. 

"Want to play like that? Fine! Let me play," Long Chen declared as he smashed his right foot on the ground before he started flying towards the Golden Sword that had turned back. The Sword was coming towards him once again, but unlike before, Long Chen was flying towards it as well. 

Long Chen watched the golden sword reach him. In response to the sword, he also slashed with his Sword of Time. Leaving a dark trail in its wave, the Sword of Time moved towards the Golden Sword. 

Both the swords clashed, and it was when something strange happened. The golden sword was immediately destroyed, turning back in the specks of golden light, but the golden specks of light didn't move towards Wu Lia. 

Instead, the specks of light were seemingly absorbed by his Sword of Time and converted into energy which was absorbed by his body. 

Strangely, the energy was so pure that just absorbing that much was enough to give him several breakthroughs. He had broken through to the fifth stage of Heavenly Realm right away just from that attack.

Long Chen's mouth opened wide as he realized what had just happened? The Sword of Time! It has literally destroyed an attack and changed the energy of that attack to the Cultivation for him! 

He didn't know how it happened, but it was so mythical. It was so mystical. He wondered if he could do it with other attacks as well. 

If he was able to do it with the Sword of Time with every attack of his enemies, his breakthroughs would be so fast.