Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1082 - 1082: Poison

Wu Lia finished his count at the same time as Long Chen attacked. 

As soon as his count finished, a loud scream filled the place. Everyone could hear a painful scream as if someone was in extreme pain. 

The scream belonged to none other than Long Chen, who was screaming as if he was dying. 

All his nerves had turned pitch black which seemed like they were forming a line all around his body. The black nerves were also bulged.

His constant screams didn't stop as he started falling down. The Sword of Time also fell down from his hand. 

It was as if his body had lost all its strength. The only thing it had was the pain. The only thing he could still feel was the mind numbing pain that he wasn't able to control. 

He had some resistance to pain, but this pain was too much. His voice soon turned hoarse as the pain didn't stop. 

He continued falling. It was only when he fell on the ground that his screams stopped as he lost consciousness. The black nerves were still thumbing as if his body was still in pain, even if he couldn't scream to express it. 

"Naive kid, not all weapons have the same specialty. Some can be pretty poisonous too," Wu Lia said, grinning as he stared at the blade of his spear. 

He started coming down and soon landed on the ground again. 

"The pain will last for ten minutes. Too bad I can't hear your screams anymore. As for the paralysis of your body, that will last for half an hour. Until then, you're at my mercy," Wu Lia said as he walked towards Long Chen. 

He soon reached Long Chen, who was lying on the ground. Long Chen's head was bleeding, and the bones of his arms were crushed because of the fall, but he wasn't expressing any pain since he was unconscious. 

As for his heart, it was still beating. 

"You lost consciousness too fast—what a waste. You can't even watch how you die," Wu Lia said as he looked down at Long Chen, who was lying near his feet. 

The Spirit Sword of Long Chen was still clashing with the Golden Sword that was stopping it from doing anything. 

Wu Lia raised his right foot and placed it over Long Chen's face before he brought his spear near Long Chen's neck, ready to thrust down. 


The distance between Orion and Emperor Wu was decreasing with each passing second, and soon, only a few meters of distance was left between the two. 

That was when Orion stopped hearing the thoughts of Long Chen as if he had lost consciousness. Or was it that he had died?

Orion couldn't help but worry about what could have happened. 

He needed to get to Long Chen to help him, but with Emperor Lu, he couldn't. He needed to take care of Emperor Lu first, who was closing in on them. 

Orion finally decided to disobey Long Chen's command. Long Chen had told him to run away soon before he lost consciousness. As for now, Orion realized that running away was impossible since this freaking guy could see him for some reason, even when he was hiding. 

As for speed, Orion was lacking. Instead of being killed while running away, he felt dying while fighting was a better option since at least he had a chance to win in that case. On the other hand, while running, he had no chance of winning.

The closer Emperor Lu got, the more disadvantage Orion was going to be in. 

He ultimately decided to stop and turn back, catching the Emperor by surprise, who could only see a Wolf-like creature come out of a shadow and open its frightening mouth. 

A dark ball of energy came out of Orion's mouth, instantly reaching the emperor, who seemingly didn't expect it. 

Since there were only a few meters of distance between them, the ball of energy hit the chest of the Emperor right where his heart was supposed to be. 

A see-through hole was left in the chest of Emperor Lu which was as wide as his fist.

 Strangely enough, no blood was coming out of the big hole. Emperor Lu was standing without falling down as if he wasn't phased by the hole. There were no expressions on his face. 

Instead of falling down and dying because of the attack, he closed in on Orion, removing whatever distance there was between the two. 


The man with half covered face was back in the same old room. He was filling his glass with more wine. 

As he filled the glass full, he walked over to the chair and sat down. 

There was a look of relief on his face as he took the first sip. 

"Everything's in place. Finally, this nightmare will be over. Within a few seconds, we would finally be rid of him. She would awaken and send us back. I'll get to see my family again. Can't wait," he muttered as a hint of a smile appeared on his face. 

It was as if he could see what was happening without seeing. 


Long Chen was lying on the ground. Wu Lia's foot was on his face, which was bleeding and covered in dust, but he couldn't do anything since he was unmoving. 

His face had turned pale. His black nerves had started slowly turning red as his body turned paler. 

"Goodbye, my little enemy. Have a fun time in hell."

Saying the last words, Wu Lia thrust the sword down towards Long Chen's neck, intending to impale his neck and kill him. 

The Sword of Time was lying about five meters away from Long Chen, way out of his reach even if he was awake. Unfortunately, he wasn't even awake to know what was happening. 

The spear grew closer to Long Chen's back, as fast as it could.


Just as the spear was about to impale Long Chen, Wu Lia stopped as he heard a voice from behind. It sounded like the voice of a woman. 

Wu Lia glanced back to see who it was only to realize that it was a middle aged woman. 

"Please leave my son in law! He did nothing wrong. We can talk! What do you want? Just tell us!" The Woman told Wu Lia.

"Hahaha, first father-in-law tried to stop me, and now his mother in law wants to do that. Funny," Wu Lia muttered as he burst into laughter. 

He didn't realize that as he was looking back, Long Chen's eyelids flickered a bit as if he was gaining consciousness.