Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1036 - 1036: Embarassment

"Did she look towards you just now?" Zhiqing asked as she suspiciously looked towards Long Chen. 

"Maybe," Long Chen answered. "I already told you that I fought with her. She has seen me quite a few times. Since I'm not disguising myself, maybe she recognized me. It's not strange."

"Do you think she will expose you? You were the one that killed Pei Zen after all," Zhiqing asked, frowning. 

"So what even if he tells them? What can they even do to me?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face. "There's no need to bother with them. If they want to see their losses, I'll happily oblige them," Long Chen answered lazily. 

It was unclear if he was actually tired enough not to worry or if he genuinely didn't care. But she had faith in his words. If he said that he wasn't in danger, it must be the truth. 


Back in the arena filled with water, Qian Yu had started using her law to her advantage. Since it was a field to her advantage, she wasn't going to bother with anything. A victory was a victory. 

In any case, even if she wanted to have a full effort battle, she would have had it with Du Liang or Long Chen, who were strong enough to face her. Why would she care about Meng Qian, who she didn't find worthy of her full effort?

A huge wave of water from the surroundings started rising in the air, listening to her commands. 

"Wait, listen..." Meng Qian again tried to convince her by words as he tried to think of a way out of this situation. He had long-range attacks but none that could reach her from the wall of water. It was evident that he had failed. 

"Go talk to your father,"  Qian Yu said as she waved her hand gently. 

The wave of water that had risen in the sky shot out towards Meng Qian, who was still trying to explain, like a tsunami that was intending to drown him. 

It was at that moment when Meng Qian knew... He was gone. 

Emperor Meng couldn't help but facepalm himself at the disappointment of seeing his son being toyed with. It was sad. He was eliminated within a minute of the battle starting. 

And that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that within that one minute, he has managed to insult his father, insult the organizer and beg for someone to go easy on him. 

The Emperor felt his face turn red in shame. This was a disaster. He wasn't sure if he should be sad that his son was defeated or be glad that he wasn't on stage anymore to embarrass him more.

Seeing the giant wave coming towards him, Lu Wang was sure that no amount of attack was enough to save him. A defensive skill could save him from attacks, but it couldn't stop him from falling down because of the impact. 

Not thinking anymore, he subconsciously flew upwards to dodge the water. The wave of water passed through, not hitting him because of his height. 

After the wave passed through and the platform became visible again, Meng Qian landed on it. 

"You bit*h! Have you no shame! You can't fight fairly and use excuses!" Meng Qian complained. 

Qian Yu didn't look at him, instead looking at General Wuki. 

"Is it my win now?" she asked. 

"Yes, you may go back," General Wuki nodded in response.

Hearing his reply, Qian Yu went back to her father. 

"Good work," Emperor Qian nodded her daughter in praise. 

Meng Qian still stood on the platform, confused. 

"What the heck? How can you declare her win! The water didn't touch me! According to the rules, I'm not defeated. I didn't accept defeat either. This is unfair to me!" he complained. 

"It is as fair as it can be. According to the rules, you weren't allowed to fly. The moment you flew, you accepted defeat," General Wuki answered lazily. "Now go back and empty the arena so we can move over to the next fight."

"No! This is unfair. I didn't fly. I only jumped! You are not fair. You said jumping was allowed. I didn't break the rules. I jumped and landed back on the platform. That girl, on the other hand, flew back. So she broke the law of not flying. She is defeated. Don't cheat here! Give me my win!" Meng Qian insisted. 

The crowd again started laughing at his shenanigans. 

"Emperor Meng, your son is really an item. I should thank you for bringing him here. Laughing is good for our health," Emperor Du chuckled as he again teased Emperor Meng, who had his head lowered in shame. 

He had thought that this mockery was going to be over after Meng Qian's defeat, but it seemed like that wasn't the case. His son was probably trying to create a record of embarrassment or give him a heart attack because he didn't like him. 

The citizens, the Emperors, everyone was laughing. Even Long Chen was amazed. 

The eldest son of Emperor Meng and his third son also seemed embarrassed. It wasn't just Meng Qian insulting himself, but he was insulting them all. 

The Emperor couldn't help but stand up in rage as he flew towards his son in the middle of the arena. 

"Father, lo-" Meng Qian said something as he watched his father come, hoping he was here to help him. 

Instead, a pained scream left his lips as he groaned, "Argh!"

Emperor Meng had grabbed his arm with full force in his rage. "Enough embarrassing me! Come back now! You won't say a single word today. If I caught you saying anything, I would kill you personally! Don't think I am joking today!" 

Grabbing his son, Emperor Meng flew back to the stand that was arranged for them. 


"Now that all obstructions are over, next participants come forward." General Wuki commanded after everything was over. 

"Best of luck, son. Have a great time! I hope you enjoy the battle!" Emperor Du said as he saw his son leave. 

" Try to win," Emperor Meng told his third son, Meng Huling. He glanced at Meng Qian and continued talking to Meng Huling,  "But even if you can't, at least don't make me any more embarrassed than this idiot already did."

Du Liang and Meng Huling stepped forward on the arena that was still filled with water. 

Both of them landed on the small floating platform. 

General Wuki again brought out the Amplifier Stone. 

Seeing that, Long Chen sighed, "There goes one more use."