Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 860 - 860: Change

"What just happened?" Wu Lia wondered as he found himself far away from the place he was supposed to be at.

He didn't even know where he was now. All he could see was that he wasn't on the same Continent.

He tried to Teleport back, but it didn't work. It was as if some kind of restriction was on his power. It could have been temporary or permanent. He didn't know what it was.

Back in the city, as Wu Lia disappeared, the people from the Empire were free of the time restriction.

Fu Min was looking where Wu Lia was standing previously, only to see Long Chen there.

It was all so confusing today. First, he saw that Long Chen and Xu Liang were there. Then the two weren't there as if they were hallucinations previously. Then he saw Wu Lia, who similarly disappeared in the blink of an eye, and Long Chen again appeared there.

He decided to stop thinking about it as he warned Long Chen, "Stop right there. Don't you dare to touch the sword! We are from the Empire, and you are under arrest. Raise your hand and step back!"

Long Chen looked at them casually before he sighed. He ignored them and picked up the black sword.

Seeing this ignorance, Fu Min was enraged. He attacked Long Chen, targeting feet. He wanted to cut Long Chen's feet while still leaving him alive so he could be shown before the emperor.

"Long Chen, watch out!" Ji Shan came running towards Long Chen, warning him to be wary of the attacks. 

Long Chen could see the attack coming, but he didn't do anything. He glanced back at Ji Shan and smiled.

He simply disappeared before the attack could land on them. Ji Shan vanished with them.

The two of them appeared in the empty room of an unknown place.

"What happened? Where are we?" Ji Shan asked, but he only got one response.

Long Chen opened his lips and slowly said, "Sleep."

That word worked like a miracle as Ji Shan instantly fell asleep and dropped to the ground.

After Ji Shan slept, Long Chen finally put down his brave front as he coughed out a mouthful of blood again.

"Sigh, how the mighty have fallen... He could see that I wasn't as strong. I'm glad he didn't see the truth..." He muttered as he wiped the blood off his lips. "I hope you have a peaceful time there, my friend. The world has changed a lot. And it's all my fault. I can't let you take the brunt of it."

He looked pale, as if he was having a hard time already. 

He gazed at the roof of the room before his red eyes returned back to the usual golden as he dropped to the ground. 


Back in the dark space, Long Tian was still standing with his eyes closed while Long Chen waited patiently to hear a response and to know what was happening outside.

Long Tian slowly opened his eyes.

"It's over," he muttered.

"What happened? What's over?" Long Chen asked.

"The battle is over. You won, I guess. It's time for you to leave," Long Tian let out softly.

"Wait, you still didn't tell me about how you knew about my land," Long Chen expressed in a hurry.

"It's time for you to go. It's already too late. I'll tell you next time you come. Also, be wary of Xun and Tian Shen. Don't take things too lightly, or you might be in trouble. I don't think he would help you again. Just be careful," Long Tian said, sighing.

Long Chen opened his lips to say something, but before he could say anything, it all disappeared.

Everything turned to dark. Long Chen could finally feel, but all he felt was a pain. His whole body was aching, as if his nerves were being stabbed by thousands of eyes. His entire body was aching.

He realized that he could move his fingers, but it was excruciatingly painful.

He tried opening his eyes, which were aching as well. He felt something wet on his face. He wiped his face and looked at his hands only to realize that it was covered in blood.

Ignoring the pain, he sat up.

The first thing he did was he called out Ming Lan from the Fake World

Ming Lan came out of the Fake World Ring. The first thing she saw was Ji Shan, who was lying unconscious. There was not even a single wound on his body. She looked around and soon saw Long Chen, but his condition was entirely different. 

It was as if he had gone through the life or death Battle. Not even an inch of his body was looking intact. There were wounds all around. His face was also covered in blood. She ran up to him. 

In the meantime, Long Chen had already eaten a life healing pill that was healing his body. Strangely enough, his helping was too slow compared to how it was supposed to be. The speed was abysmally slow.

It was as if these weren't normal wounds that a person could get during a battle but something more.

"What happened?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen as she dropped to her knees before him.

She used her own clothes to wipe his face that was covered in blood.

"Nothing happened. I just had to fight someone. Don't worry. It looks worse than it is," Long Chen muttered as he smiled gently.

As Ming Lan was wiping the blood off of his face, he kept that smile to comfort her that it wasn't serious.

"I can see how Non-serious it is. Stop fooling me," Ming Lan said, sighing.

After she finished wiping the blood from his body, she helped him change clothes as well. Fortunately, his external wounds had healed by now, so she couldn't see how serious he had been.

Long Chen was putting much of an effort into standing straight. If he didn't want to show off, he would have already fallen to the ground since his feet were shaking. 

"Where is Xu Liang?" She asked suddenly after she finished dressing Long Chen.

"Xu Liang, huh," Long Chen muttered as he squinted his eyes. Even he didn't know where the kid actually was. Was he even a kid? He couldn't even be sure of that.

The strength and the aura that was coming from the kid during the last moment was nothing less than the gods of the heavens. He truly felt that he was facing a powerful being from heaven. Even though he had decided to use Dark Sacrifice, he wasn't sure if that could even help him win.