Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1115 - 1115: Snake Monarch Showing Off At Sect.

"Lied about what?" Zhiqing asked. "What lie could be so strong to place her life in danger?" Mingyu asked. 

"I told you I killed the Elders of the Major Sects after coming out of the Divine Heaven Sect, right?" Long Chen asked. 

"Yeah," Xun answered.

"That Mi Yap left us hanging despite being an Elder of Dark Soul Sect. She instead blamed me and told the other Elders that they could kill me because I was wrong as she ran away, all because she believed that helping me would be bad for her against so many enemies of mine. Not only me, she even left Chu Miao behind," Long Chen said. 

"When I killed the Elders, I kept their bodies in my storage ring before I went back to the Dark Soul Sect with Chu Miao. We placed the blame on her, and she was imprisoned so this could be investigated."

"If Mi Yao were proven to be telling the truth, I and Chu Miao would have been killed for framing an Elder. I told her to leave the sect, but she refused even though she had lied for me. Her love for her sect was pretty high," he said. 

"Oh? Would she not be dead by now? The truth should already be out," Zhiqing pointed out. 

"Nope. I don't believe so. Because Mi Yao is dead," Long Chen said as he shook his head. 

"That elder is dead? Do you mean..."

"Yep. I killed her with another Elder who had imprisoned me before I left," Long Chen replied. 

"I wonder within this much time, how much progress had the sect made. Chu Miao should be pretty strong now. She should at least be Peak of Earth Realm," he added. 

"Hahaha, when you're talking about enemies, you even call Heavenly Realm experts weak. But when you talk about friends, you even talk about the Earth Realm like it's a big achievement." Zhiqing burst into laughter as she heard Long Chen's words. 

"Of course, it's an achievement in this continent which barely has any Qi to support fast breakthroughs. Moreover, she is pretty young too," Long Chen replied. 

"By the way, do you want to know an interesting fact?" He asked. 

"Sure. Tell us. Just don't tell us if that interesting fact is that you have more wives," Zhiqing said jokingly. 

"Not that. Snakey, you hear this too because this is related to you as well," Long Chen said. 

"Related to this King? Do tell," the Snake Monarch replied. 

"She is the reason I met you," Long Chen said to the Snake Monarch. "If she weren't there, I would most probably never have met you. My entire future would have been different since I can't even imagine my life and these achievements without you. You and everyone that's part of my life are special," Long Chen replied. 

"I was looking for Orion, who was captured and kept hidden, and she took me to the place where some beasts captured by the sects were kept. Even though I didn't find Orion there, I met the Snake Monarch, and everything else is the history."

"Huh? So if she weren't there, you wouldn't have met me? Oh, how good they would have been," Snake Monarch said as he sighed. "Can I kill her when I meet her?"

"Try to do it and see. I don't believe you'll like the consequences," Long Chen replied calmly. 

"I'm joking. Don't worry; I won't hurt your future wife," Snake Monarch said cheekily, bringing a few sharp gazes to Long Chen from his two wives. 

"You really like messing with me, don't you?"


The Snake Monarch flew through the continent, which seemed a bit short in front of his speed as he soon reached the Dark Soul Sect. This was the only sect that Long Chen had ever been a part of, officially. 

The massive snake entered the vicinity of the Dark Soul Sect and even entered inside, excluding his Aura of Peak Heaven Realm Cultivator, which was making everyone tremble in fear. 

"Is a heavenly beast attacking us?"

"His Aura! It seems stronger than the Sect Master! What should we do?"

"We should run! If it attacks, we won't survive."

There was a commotion within the sect as a strange beast had entered inside. No one was daring to attack the beast, which seemed to be even stronger than anything they had ever seen. 

Even the Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect stepped out of her Courtyard as she looked at the Sky. Her measly First Stage Heaven Realm aura seemed like a kid before the Dragon-like Snake's mountain-like aura. 

The Grand Elders also stepped out of their resting places as they looked at the giant snake in the sky. 

"Why did this great beast come here? Such a strong beast shouldn't exist in this continent, at least not in these parts!" one of the Grand Elders exclaimed.

"I am not sure, but it's not attacking. We shouldn't disturb it. If we enrage it, we will all suffer. Just don't do anything. Maybe it's just passing through. It'll leave," the Sect Master said as she warned everyone against doing anything.

None of them could see Long Chen and the ladies who were sitting on top of the Snake Monarch as they were all on the ground, and no one dared to walk in the air against the Snake Monarch. None wanted to attract any extra attention. 

"Hahaha! You measly mortals! That's right! That's how you should look at me! I'm your god! Bow before me and give me offerings of your faith!" The Snake Monarch said as he laughed like a filmy villain. 

"Don't you want to go down?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen. 

"Nah, they messed with me a lot with their schemes, especially their sect master. I want to have them experience a bit of fear. As for Snake Monarch, he is also enjoying it. Let him play around a bit," Long Chen replied with a smile. 


Chu Miao was also in her Courtyard, lost in Cultivation when she heard the noise. She slowly opened her eyes as she stood up. She walked towards the door and stepped out before she looked at the sky. 

At first, she was scared with the frightening aura as if a god was coming, but she soon recognized the Snake Monarch. 

"Huh? Isn't that Long Chen's snake? Is he back? How did his snake become so strong? Even Sect Master's strength seems nothing before it," Chu Miao exclaimed as she started running towards the Snake Monarch. 


"You Measly Mortals! Where are the offerings? You dare offend this god? Even the Heavenly Emperor didn't dare to do this before me! How dare you? You have five minutes! Bring all your previous items here and offer me!" Snake Monarch said.