Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1263 - 1263: Father Of Snake Monarch

Members of the Dark Tribe kept disappearing, but not a single person in the Dark Tribe had any idea as to what was happening. 

The Patriarch of the Dark Tribe was sitting on the top floor, busy in cultivation. His whole clan was being wiped slowly, but he didn't know. 

The same was the case for the Elders of the Dark Tribe. 


"We have killed thousands of them already. Are you saying you really didn't find any familiar faces in them?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch. 

Before entering, he had told the Snake Monarch to keep his eyes open and to inform Long Chen if he saw the people that destroyed his home. 

Even after killing so many people, Snake Monarch still didn't speak.

"I really didn't find any familiar faces. What can I do?" Snake Monarch replied. "It happened a long time ago. Those people must already be older now. None of the people we saw were old."

"You mean the High Ranking Members of the Dark Tribe should be the ones that destroyed your home," Long Chen summarized, taking the stairs to go to the next floor. 

"I think that should be the case," Snake Monarch nodded. 

Long Chen went upstairs. He kept checking every place, room by room. In some rooms, he found middle-aged men drinking. They were sent to his Inner World with their drinks. 

In other rooms, Long Chen found men having sex with ladies. Some were even having it with more than one lady. 

In other places, people were cultivating. 

As Long Chen walked through the corridor, he was able to see the showpieces that were placed on the walls. This was making it evident as to what kind of clan it was. All these showpieces were real heads of different species of beasts. 

He believed that these were all the heads of the beasts that the Dark Tribe went to find. They probably made all these beasts go extinct. 

Long Chen kept observing all the beasts but his feet suddenly stopped as he saw something in the distance. 

Snake Monarch left him, flying like a rocket. 

Long Chen also ultimately stepped forward, stopping before the head of a snake that was being hung on the wall. It was clearly the head of someone from the Snake Monarch species. 

"Do you recognize this one?" Long Chen asked softly. "From your Clan?"

Snake Monarch nodded, closing his eyes. He couldn't bear to see it anymore. "He is my father." 

"Your father... It means..."


Long Chen brought the head of the Snake down and kept that in his storage ring to keep it a proper burial later. 

"Are you alright?" he asked the Snake Monarch. 

Snake Monarch took a deep breath, shaking his head. "I knew that my family was dead. I knew there was no chance for them to survive. But there was a small hope in my heart that they managed to escape."

"I kept hoping that they were living, far away from him. Now I can't even hope for that," He added.

"You don't have to be disappointed. It just means that they reincarnated into a new and better life a long time ago. So don't worry about them. I'm sure they'll be having a good and peaceful reincarnation," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, patting him. 

"So don't lose hope for their well-being."

Snake Monarch nodded his head. "I don't."


In an unknown place, a massive body was buried underground. The massive body was the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor which everyone wanted to find, but no one knew where it was. 

The people who knew about its whereabouts were long gone. 

Even the current emperors didn't know where it was. They walked to find this body, but they couldn't. They didn't know how close this place was to them. The body was hiding right under their noses. 

It was buried by the First Emperor, right where Long Chen was currently standing. 

The First Emperor had selected a random place to bury the body. After that, he even forgot about it. Cities started flourishing, and soon, the whole geography of this world changed. 

Emperors kept changing. Kingdoms keep appearing. Soon, this place was completely forgotten, buried into the forgotten history. 

Then one day, a clan decided to make their residence here. That clan went on to become known as the Dark Tribe, where the Northern Emperor was born. 

The Northern Emperor wanted the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor, unaware that what he was looking for was under his home. The body of the blood dragon was so close to him yet so far. 

The Northern Emperor didn't know the whereabouts of the Blood Dragon Emperor's body, so he could only go with a different plan. The other plan was to simply didn't the Blood Dragon Emperor when he appeared. 

That was why the Northern Emperor was collecting his army. He had called all the powerful cultivators of the Empire to meet him. Similarly, he also sent an invitation to his own tribe. 

He had sent the Royal Commander to call the Tribe Patriarch to the Royal Palace. 

As the Royal Commander reached the palace, he grew surprised. It was too silent. The whole palace looked empty. There were no guards at the entrance. 

Opening the door of the Palace, he stepped inside. As he entered the Palace, he was even more surprised. Every time he came here, he found this place to be crowded. Unfortunately, at the moment, he couldn't find a single person here. 

Confused, he started climbing the stairs, wondering where everyone was hiding. 


Long Chen landed on the top floor where all the powerful cultivators of the Clan stayed. He didn't want to risk his inner world by sending these people there. 

"Finally, I see a person! I thought this place was completely abandoned. Where is everyone else?"

Just as Long Chen was about to bring his sword out, he heard a voice coming from behind him. 

He turned around to find a person in a Royal Dress. He could see that the person looked strong, but he wasn't as strong as the Northern General. 

"General! It's you?! You're alive?!" The man exclaimed in shock as soon as Long Chen turned around. He was still disguised as the Northern General. 

"I'm certainly alive. But you won't be," Long Chen let out, appearing behind the commander. A pitch-black sword appeared in his hand, with which he slashed the head of the man. 

Long Chen sent the body to his apocalypse world for the beasts to eat before continuing his quest to wipe the main culprits in the Dark Tribe.