Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 65 - 65: Farewell

"Greetings to you Queen Mia," Xia and others said as they all greeted her. Except Long Chen who just stood there silently looking at her.

"Also about your earlier statement, I am sure that you must be jesting as you already know that we are an honest tribe, unlike some other dishonest ones," Xia said with a smile.

"Oh, of course, I know all about you people." The girl sitting on the throne said with a smile.

"Answer me one thing. Since this human arrived here with you that means people from Elphia met him first. So my question is why did you all bring him here to my empire?" Queen asked as looking at Xia.

"There is no mystery behind it Queen Mia. Master Chen arrived in our tribe 3 days ago and we all welcomed him with open arms. He studied about this world and our history from the books and roamed around the tribe during the day. After that he told us that He wished to visit your tribe and so we brought him here." Xia explained to her what she was told by her father to say.

"Our tribe? We have an empire, not a tribe!" The Queen said with a serious look.

"Anyways I do believe your story somewhat. Anyone would get bored of that tribe of yours in a single day. It's not as good as our empire." The queen changed the topic as she said with a confident smile.

"A tribe doesn't have to be luxurious or complicated to be good. We quite like the way it is." Xia said, trying to control her voice from showing any anger.

"Isn't that little Terra? You have grown quite big since the last time I saw you. Why aren't you saying anything? It feels like she's the daughter of Elphia leader instead of you being the son of him," she ignored Xia as she turned her attention to Terra and asked.

"There's nothing wrong with it, your highness. She's the successor of her father's position and You know I'm not the one next in line for succession of my father's position, it's my elder brother and he's pretty talkative. I will tell him to visit next time." Terra replied, as he understood her meaning.

'She's quite arrogant, isn't she? I am finding her nature to be quite repulsive. If I could, I would like to stay away from people like her." Long Chen thought as he heard their conversation.

"True, but I do not want to talk to your brother. I don't quite like him. He is quite a scheming person." Queen Mia replied.

"What is your name?" Without waiting for Terra's response, Queen Mia finally said looking at Long Chen.

"My name is Long Chen. It's good to meet you Queen Mia." Long Chen replied.

"Likewise! I am the queen of this empire. You can address me as Queen Mia or your highness." Queen Mia told Long Chen.

"Since we already brought Master Chen here and completed what we set out to do, it's time for us to depart," Xia said to the queen with a slight smile.

"Don't be in such a hurry little girl. It will be night pretty soon and you'll have to set up a tent. Just stay the night here. Spending the night at our palace is much better than spending the night in the wild." Mia told her as she heard Xia's statement about returning.

"Huh, although she is pretty arrogant and her words are sharp, she is not totally evil.' Long Chen thought as he smiled.

"Bring them to the guest quarters," Mia told their maids as she pointed towards the exit.

"Queen Mia, Can I talk to you in private for a moment?" Long Chen asked as the maids came forward to escort him.

"We can talk in the morning, I am very tired today. You must be tired as well after such a long journey." Queen Mia replied as she walked out of the hall.

"But..." Before Long Chen could reply she had already exited.

"Tomorrow then," Long Chen muttered to himself as he followed the maid towards guest quarters. Long Chen was amazed about how big this palace was as he passed by over 50 rooms to reach the room he was supposed to stay at. Xia and the others were given separate rooms as well but they were closer to the main hall.

"She is different than Tensha and way presumptuous. Will she allow me to access their orb? It is going to be a challenge getting her permission." Long Chen muttered to himself as he lied on the bed.

"Why are you worrying about it? If she doesn't give it to you, you can just take it." Xun appeared near him as she said.

"I am not going to steal their orb." Long Chen said to her.

"It's not stealing as all these orbs are already yours. They are all here just for you." she said with a deep meaning in her eyes.

"Whatever, we will talk about it when she actually denies me," Long Chen said as he ended the conversation.

Long Chen started his Cultivation for the night after he finished feeding his egg using his qi. After half a night of hard work, Long Chen went to sleep happy as he already broke through to the Initial level of the 9th stage Spirit Establishment realm.

Day arrived, and just as long Chen woke up, he heard knocking on the door. He got dressed quickly as he opened the door and found Xia, Terra and the whole entourage standing outside.

"Are you all leaving right now?" Long Chen asked.

"Right Master Long, we are departing and we did not want to depart without saying goodbye to you." Xia smilingly said.

"These two days of journey with you were some of the best experiences I had. I really enjoyed our trip and I would like to thank you for accompanying me throughout. Here is a gift for all of you. I was told that it is pretty expensive." Long Chen said as he handed out a bronze coin to guard Captain Tia and his team.

"Nothing for us?" Terra couldn't help but ask.

"I have something even better for the both of you," Long Chen told them.