Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 980 - 980: Seen

"That's good. I have been awakened from death for this only. You gave me life and made me able to come back. I will definitely finish the thing you awakened me for so I can walk free," the young man let out as he gazed towards his hand. 

"It's not that simple. If he was able to kill Wu Lia, he isn't someone you can face. I had underestimated him," the half-masked man muttered as he gazed towards the Window. 

"Also, he is inside your palace from what it seems. As I can't see everything about him, I don't know why he is here. Maybe he brought your sister back, and that's why? In any case, you need to be careful. Brutal strength alone isn't the answer. You need to mix it with something more," he added. 

"What more should I do? If he is in the palace, I should directly attack him and kill him," the young man muttered. He was known as Lu Wang inside the Empire, who was the Prince of the Esteria Empire and the brother of Mingyu. 

Mingyu and her father knew that he had gone outside for some business, but that was only an excuse he used to come to meet the half masked man. 

"If he can kill Wu Lia, he has more strength than you can face. At Least you can't face him openly. And I can't involve myself either. So you'll have to do it alone,"  The half masked man muttered, frowning. 

"How should I go about it then?" Lu Wang asked, frowning. 

"The answer is simple. A person fights his best when he has a sane mind. It is when he can think clearly and decide fast. So the best way to make someone weak is by... Taking away his rational thinking," the half-masked man muttered. 

"How can I do that? I don't even know him?" Lu Wang asked, frowning deeper. 

"It's simple. A person can go insane in two ways. One is if he is drugged, and the other is when he loses everything close to him. The first one can't work because of certain reasons that you don't need to know. As for the second one, that's easy. You're the brother of the woman he loves. You can easily make him lose everything he holds dear," the half masked man added as he stood up. 

"As for how to do it... I'm sure you can think of something," he added before he walked over to the window. 

"You can leave now," he further said without even looking back. 

Lu Wang gazed at the back of the man who stood near the window briefly before he started walking away. 

He pushed the door open and stepped outside as he left. 

"This is going to be complicated a little. Let's see how this plays out. If only the destiny could keep him under control, I wouldn't have this much uncertainty, but the stronger he gets, the less destiny can keep an eye on things related to him. It's all so vague now," the half-masked man muttered as he looked at the street where the men could be seen walking back and forth. 

He couldn't help but wonder if these men were considered more lucky or more unlucky. They were fortunate because they didn't have to worry about things that could end the world in its entirety. They could live their life carefreely. 

On the other hand, they could also be considered unlucky. There were such big forces in this world that could destroy them on any given day, and these people couldn't even know. Were they lucky or unlucky?

Lu Wang stepped outside the small house. No one could have guessed that such influential people were having a discussion in a place that looked so bad from the outside 

He climbed on his horse that had two beautiful unicorn-like wings. The horse took to air as soon as Lu Wang climbed on top of it. It started flying towards the place where the Royal Palace of Esteria was situated. The Royal Palace of Esteria was where Long Chen was with Mingyu at the moment. 

The Palace was on a different end of the Esteria Empire, whereas Lu Wang was on an entirely different corner of the Empire at the moment. It seemed like he was going to have to travel all night long to get back to the Empire. 


Long Chen and Mingyu spent the entire night together on the bed, twisting and turning as the room filled with pleasure of a couple that hadn't been together for a long time. 

The night passed away slowly as the first day of sunlight fell on the ground. 

Long Chen was lying on Mingyu's bed with her in his arms. 

He slowly opened his eyes as he realized that it was getting the time to leave. 

He gazed at Mingyu, who was sleeping with her head on his left arm. He didn't wish to wake her up, but he also had to leave before the Emperor could come to check up on him. 

He had to leave without disturbing Mingyu. He used his other hand to slowly raise Mingyu's head before he slipped his other hand out. 

After he managed to get his hand free successfully, Long Chen stood up and got off the bed.

After standing up, he walked over to his bed and got dressed properly before he gazed one last time at Mingyu. She was still sleeping peacefully, seemingly tired. That made sense since she only went to sleep about an hour ago. It was too soon for her to wake up. 

He gazed towards the door to once again make sure that the door was closed and no one could barge inside before Mingyu woke up. 

After making sure that nothing was left, he Teleported outside the room. He kept his Divine Sense spread out as he kept going through short-range bursts of Teleportation. 

After a long time, he reached near his room. He was a hundred meters away from his room and just one Teleportation away from his room. 

Unfortunately, as soon as he appeared there, he stopped. It was too late to Teleport away since a guy had just walked inside that corridor. If he Teleported now, they were going to know about his ability.

The person that had walked inside seemed like a youngster that was in his late twenties. He was wearing very luxurious clothes that made him seen as nothing less than a Prince. 

With all that, Long Chen could already guess his identity. The Empire only had one Prince, the brother of Mingyu.