Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1225 - 1225: Even If I Kill You

And even if he did create trouble and it was discovered that he was here, the Envoys would still not get the blame as it was also possible for Long Chen to come here after escaping to another world. 

There was no way to prove that they had failed in catching him. 

"Sigh, first the appearance of Blood Dragon Emperor and then this Heavenly Demon member. He really had to appear just now," the Northern Emperor let out, sighing.

He glanced at the four envoys before he continued, "It's fine; you all can leave."

The Envoys respectfully left, breathing a sigh of relief as they escaped the problem. They were mostly safe now.


Long Chen entered his room again and started resting, hoping that no one was going to disturb him this time. 

"Who killed them?"

Unfortunately for Long Chen, the small problems kept coming as a person stopped in front of the bodies of the Sun Sect Disciples. 

He was the Prime Disciple of the Saint Formation Sect and the rival of Fu Qua in the Saint Formation Sect. He was also here for the same thing she was here for. He was known as Hu Liman

The only difference was that his team consisted of the Sun Sect Elites. Unfortunately, those elites were lying dead in front of him now. His entire plan had gone down the drain. 

"I asked who killed him!" He asked, roaring again. 

"Your father killed him!" A voice came from the distance. 

Hu Liman looked up, wondering who dared to talk to him like that, only to realize that the voice was coming from inside the hotel. There was only one window that seemed to be open. It seemed clear to him about who it was that had done it. 

He still couldn't see the person, though. 

He started flying up towards the building. 


Long Chen was lying in the bed, trying to sleep, when he suddenly heard a yell. "Your father killed him!"

At the sound, he sat up and glared at the Snake Monarch who was flying near the building. 

"What trouble are you brewing now?" Long Chen asked. 

" I'm not doing anything. It's the problems that keep coming to you. One thing leads to another. The people you killed? It seemed like someone we offended. I think it's better if you see yourself. It looks like the whole town will soon become your enemy. Your luck is really bad," Snake Monarch said. 

"What luck? The only bad luck in my life is you," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. He got off the bed and walked towards the window to see what was happening. 

As Long Chen looked outside the window, he couldn't help but hold his head as if his head was aching. 

"Another youngster. This never ends, does it? At this time, it would be easier to wipe the town itself," he let out, annoyed. 

Hu Liman stopped in front of Long Chen outside the window. 

"Did you say that?" The young man asked. "Are you the one that killed those youngsters?"

"I didn't. You're mistaken. I can't even kill a fly," Long Chen responded, shrugging. 

"Then why did you say that? Were you just trying to antagonize me?" Hu Liman asked. 

"God, what did I say? Are you sure you're not mistaken? Please leave and forget me. I didn't kill anyone," Long Chen replied. 

"You need to come down with me," Hu Liman commanded Long Chen, without leaving Long Chen. 

"Sigh, you really aren't going to let it go, are you?" Long Chen inquired. 

"Are you coming down or not?' Hu Liman asked again. 

"Alright. That's it. Enough is enough," Long Chen said in frustration as he released his Aura!

His powerful aura filled the entire city, bringing everyone down to their knees. 

What was happening? Everyone was shocked. Was the Sect Master of a High Grade Sect here? People thought. 

Long Chen had released his Aura while keeping it in control so that others couldn't actually guess that he was as strong as an Empire's General. He only made it seem like he was the Sect Master of a High Grade Sect since that was perfect for stopping everyone. No one was going to dare to attack him. 

He also couldn't help but wonder why he didn't think of this before. In order to not make the city chaotic, he had kept his aura hidden even after all that happened, but it only made things more chaotic for him. 

It was better if the City was chaotic if it was going to be like that. At Least he could be free of such small troubles. 

Long Chen flew outside the room and grabbed Hu Lia by the neck. 

"Youngsters nowadays are really brazen. Even when a person tries to avoid all troubles, you all just keep trying to mess with him! Do you really think there isn't anyone stronger than you? Your Saing Formation Sect has really grown arrogant, it seems!" Long Chen said. 

He intentionally said things out loud, making sure everyone in the city could hear him. 

Even Fu Qua came out as she looked at Long Chen. She couldn't help but be stunned. Long Chen was so strong. Was he actually as strong as their Sect Master? 

Even the Dark Moon Sect Elder could see Long Chen from his window. His knees buckled as he dropped down, shivering in fear.

He had thought that Long Chen was as strong as a mid-grade Sect Master, but he was one level higher. He was as strong as the Sect Master of a High grade sect?

He couldn't even believe how bad he had messed up. Fortunately, Long Chen didn't kill him. He prayed that Long Chen wasn't going to know that he had sent the Sun Sect Elders. 

' Why is someone as strong as him here? He can't be younger than fifty with that strength. So he can't enter the Ghost Town. So why is he really here?' Fu Qua thought as she also realized that she was wrong. 

Her initial assumption that Long Chen was a disciple like her was wrong. 

"This old man always tries to avoid killing people! That's why I didn't kill anyone even when I had my first conflict here. But you all won't let me rest in peace, will you? Will you be happy if I wipe this entire town? Tell me! Will that make you all happy?!"

"Who do you think you are to command me to do anything?! Even your Sect Master can't tell this old man what to do! And you think you can just because you're a disciple of the Saint Formation Sect?"

"Let me tell you; your Sect Master won't even ask me a question if I kill you right now!" 

Long Chen really seemed furious, but he didn't forget to talk big as if he was a thousand years old expert.