Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 916 - 916: Clue

The Blue Haired Girl called Bing Lui was the Princess from the Lightning World. The other two people on the team were also high-profile people. 

The red-haired boy was known as Mu Li. He was the son of the Mu Clan, which was one of the strongest clans in her Empire. He was also the Head Disciple of the Dreaming Light Sect, which was the best Sect that was managed by the Uncle of Bing Lui.

He was known as the most desirable bachelor in the Empire. Almost all girls were crazy for him, but only Bing Lui and the third member of this team knew that he wasn't interested in any girl actually. He was more into the men instead. 

The third person in the team was a Dark Haired Man who was known as Gin Lin. Gin Lin was the only person on the team who hadn't come from a rich family. He was someone who started from a low-income family. All success he received was because of the hard work that he placed behind his Cultivation. His efforts and his achievements were what made him famous.

Many prominent families started focusing on him and sponsoring him. Gin Lai was none other than the boyfriend of the red-haired man who was walking beside him. The two of them were in love with each other, but they hadn't even touched each other yet.

The two wanted to achieve something and become even more important in the Empire before telling the whole world. Their plan was to perform good in this tournament and get in the top ten. After that, the second stage of the trial was going to be in their Lightning World. They could win the top two ranks and confess to each other before everyone. This was their plan, at least.

If it couldn't be done, they were going to wait until they became one of the strongest Cultivators in their world.

"Don't worry, Lui. You'll find him again. I'm certain," Mu Li patted the shoulder of Bing Lui as he comforted her.

Since he wasn't interested in the girl, he wished for her to find her true love. It didn't matter if that love was from their Lightning World or this world. If things turned out the way they should, they could take the man with them.

"Yeah. It's the first time I felt that way about a guy. I wanted to be close to him to know if these feelings were just fascination or something more; however, he disappeared. I wonder where I'll see him again. We don't have long to be in this place anyway," the girl muttered as she smiled wryly.

She turned back to look at Long Chen standing like the Royal Guard behind her. Her smile was nonexistent on her face as soon as she saw him. "It's not like these idiots can even find him since they're so useless. I can only hope for some miracle to happen,' she commented.

"Hahaha, let's go," The red-haired man let out laughing as he caught the hand of the girl and dragged her with him to the shop where Long Chen had come out of.

"It's the Talisman Shop where that guy came from. Maybe they'll know something about him," he said.

"Right! Why didn't I thought of it," the girl suddenly let out as if she was blaming herself to be stupid enough to not think of something so simple.

"Welcome; how may I help you?"

The store helper asked them as soon as they all stepped inside the shop. It was the same storage helper that had helped Long Chen previously. He could see the people surrounded by high profile guards of the Empire, making it obvious that these were some high profile people.

He was finding himself to be extremely lucky. He could sell so many things to these people. They wouldn't be lacking in money at all, after all. 

"The guy that stepped out of this shop. Do you know who he was?" Mu Li asked straight away without wasting a single second.

"Oh, you mean the guy in the half mask?" The helper asked, confused.

"Yeah. That guy. We need to find him. Tell us who he is or where he lives," The blue-haired girl asked. She felt like she could get answers now. 

"Ah, I apologize, but I myself don't know who he is or where he lives," the helper answered, but he didn't entirely disappoint them as he continued. "But I can help you if you wish to meet him."

"How can you help us when you don't even know his identity or whereabouts?" The red-haired man asked, finding it a bit suspicious.

"Oh, it's because he will be coming back here soon. He has selected this Talisman to purchase. He just left to bring money. He should be back soon," The helper answered.

Long Chen stood in the back, shaking his head. This idiot still didn't understand that he wasn't going to come. Not only did he not have this much money, even if he did, he still couldn't come since he was already here.

"Oh, that must be why he was in a hurry. Alright. We can wait a bit here," the blue-haired girl let out as she grinned. She was happy to have some hope finally.

"Arrange some seats for us and bring some drinks while we wait. Also, show us your best collection of talismans. Since you helped me, I'll buy a few things from this place," she continued.

"Ah, R-right away, madam!" The helper hurriedly ran to the back and brought people to arrange some seats. He also made a few people get drinks for them. 

No matter how much he wished to take the credit by making solo sales, he could see that the party was too big. If the shop owner knew that people of such high caliber came here and he wasn't informed, he was going to be furious. Keeping that in mind, he went upstairs and informed the owner of the Talisman Shop. He also informed the owner that the people were being escorted by Royal Guards.

As the owner of the shop was friends with the nobles, he knew about the guests that were going to come from other worlds. It didn't take him long term to realize who these people might be. 

"You duffer! How can you make such important people wait downstairs with commoners? You should've brought them upstairs!" he scolded the man as he came down the stairs.

"Welcome, welcome to the shop of this little one," the Shop Owner personally greeted the guests.