Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 912 - 912: Protection Talisman

The five teams that had stepped out of the Royal Palace walked through the city, attracted the gazes of people wherever they passed through.

They didn't walk together for long, though. After a short distance, each world's team stepped in a different direction. It was advised by their guardians to make sure that they didn't get in a conflict with each other. 

They could also see something new without being in the company of the others to spoil their mood. It was a good idea that no one had a problem with. 

It was especially good for the four teams that weren't with the Beastkins since they looked normal. The Beastkins didn't look like humans at all. That was the reason they attracted the most attention of the citizens.

As the other teams walked with them, they attracted just as much attention. As long as they weren't with them, they could have a more pleasant time.

They would certainly attract a few gazes from people since they were walking with Royal Guards, but that wouldn't be as bad as now.

The five teams spread out, going in separate directions, leaving the Beastkins alone.

"Hmph, these bastards finally stopped following us," The long-necked man let out as he grinned. Watching the others leave, he was very satisfied. 

"Good riddance," the tiger-clawed woman let out, rolling her eyes.

By separating, the five teams decreased their problems, but they increased the problem for Long Chen, who was having an easier time observing them when they were together. Now he needed to decide which team specifically to follow.

"I'll go with them," he muttered as his eyes fell on the team of Lightning World. He felt like he had a better time getting to know them and that they were an easier target. 

Long Chen walked into an alley that was empty. After entering the alleyway, he Teleported to the top of a roof which he found to be empty through his Divine Sense.

On the empty roof, he changed his clothes from an old man's attire to a Youngster's clothes. He also used the Mask of Mischief to alter his face to the face of a handsome youngster.

He had used his imagination to create the most perfect looking face for himself. A face that he believed to be so handsome that it would make any girl fall for him at first glance.

He also used a thin mask to cover the lower half of his face. 

After making sure that he was prepared, he once again used Teleportation. He had made a map of the entire city in his head, which made it easier for him to know which places were safer to Teleport to and which weren't. 

He Teleported to a different alleyway that was always empty as well, but it was in the place where he had seen the team from the Lightning World to come. 

He stepped out of the alleyway and walked inside a shop that was near the street.

It was a shop that was selling many previous talismans. Some of the talismans were placed on showcase while the more precious ones were kept downstairs.

"Welcome to Xi Talisman House. What talisman are you looking for?" A worker of the Talisman shop walked up to Long Chen and asked him if he needed help. 

"We have Defensive Talismans, offensive talismans, and many more. If you tell me what you're looking for, I can help you find it even faster," he continued.

He didn't find it strange that Long Chen was covering the lower half of his face with a mask since many people wore it nowadays as a fashion accessory. 

Long Chen spread out his Divine Sense to keep an eye on the streets since shipping wasn't his main objective in entering inside this shop.

Even though it wasn't his purpose to stop, he couldn't let it show, or he was going to raise suspicions on him. After he spread out his Divine Sense, he shifted his focus back to the helper of this store.

"All these talismans work, right?" He asked the man.

"Of course. Even if they are placed on show, all of these are created by our experienced Talisman Makers. They're a work of art and quality talismans," the helper answered Long Chen, nodding his head.

"Good. I am looking for a few talismans to give to my friend. I want protection talismans since they are the best ones in my eye," Long Chen answered.

"Ah, Protection Talismans. We certainly have a good range of them. Please come with me," The helper said as a salesman-like fawning smile appeared on his face.

"Are there no defensive talismans in these pieces?" Long Chen asked as he waved his hand towards the talismans that were placed on the shelves near the entrance.

"This... Right, there are a few defensive talismans amongst them, but you can find better ones inside," the man answered.

Long Chen squinted his eyes as he glared at the man as if he had found something suspicious. He asked, "Didn't you say all these are talismans that are created by your experienced Talisman Makers and that these are a work of art and quality? How can you ignore them so easily? Were you really lying to me?" 

"This... O-of course. These are good talismans as well. I just meant that you could find more variety inside. But if you're interested in these, I can certainly tell you about them. You can buy any talisman amongst these, and these will work just as effectively," the man answered as he gained back the lost composure.

"That sounds better. If I can find better talismans here, you wouldn't need to make more efforts to show me more stuff," Long Chen answered as he nodded his head.

"Good. Let's start with this one. I heard talismans that are green in color are defensive. This one should be a Protection talisman, then. What can it do, and how much protection can it provide me?" He asked the man.

He tried to make the helper busy while he waited for the Lightning World team to get here. 

" A good choice indeed. I must praise your keen eye, sir. This is one of the best protection talismans. It's called Devil Flames Talisman. It can easily be activated by tearing it up," the man answered.

" Once it's torn, it gets activated and creates a wall of flame around the person who used it. The flame is capable of protecting the user against any one attack. It can even protect them from the strongest attack of mid-Heaven Realm Cultivators. This is a very good defensive choice." The man continued.