Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1167 - 1167: Night Break-in

"What nonsense is this?!" Ji Shan yelled out in shock. Did the Gu Clan go crazy? They were sending women to accompany them?

"Get out! I don't want to see any of you. I'll be alone! Tell whoever sent you that I don't need any service," He told the maids. 

"But, Young Master...."

"No but! Get out!" Ji Shan yelled as he pointed towards the door.

"Alright. We will go," the maids said respectfully before they left, keeping their heads down. 

It was only after they left that they raised their heads and started cursing. 

"Who the fuck did that guy thinking he is? Only a measly Heaven Realm cultivator? Just why is he so arrogant?"

"Did he really think someone would care for him? If only he weren't the friend of that strong being, we wouldn't even be sent there!" One of the maids cursed as she felt insulted that a pathetic Heaven Realm cultivator had refused her. She never felt this insulted. 

"Why are you thinking like that? Instead, you should be happy. We escaped. Now we don't have to be touched by that useless man!" Another maid chimed in as she patted her shoulder. 

Just as the maids were leaving, Gu Lin came from the distance. 

"What happened? Why aren't you in the room of that guy?" Gu Lin asked, stopping before them. 

"He told us to go away. I guess he has no interest in girls. Or maybe he just didn't want to be with others. He did look like he was reading something. They could be why," The maids answered.

"That's right. Then when Long Chen asked him to come for dinner, he said that he was studying. It's fine. You can leave. You did your job by offering. We're done at that point," Gu Lin told the maids. 

"Yes, Young Miss," the maids said as they left.

"I hope he won't be reading. I'm finally going to offer him something. It'll suck if he says no," Gu Lin thought as she started walking towards Long Chen's room.

She also didn't knock this time as she stepped inside. 


Long Chen heard the sound of the door opening. He stopped his meditation but didn't open his eyes. He wanted to see who it was, but he also wanted to know what that person was here for. 

He kept his eyes closed as he pretended to sleep while he used his Divine Sense to keep an eye on everything. 


As Gu Lin entered the room, she noticed that Long Chen was sleeping. She wanted to wake him up, but she wanted to wake him up in a special way, so he knew her intentions and her seriousness clearly. 

'I play the game I can afford to lose. I'll show you,' Gu Lin thought as she stepped closer to Long Chen. 

She sat near Long Chen's legs, looking at her innocent sleeping face. She didn't know that Long Chen could see everything. 

She reached out her hands and caught Long Chen's pants, lowering them to reveal his manhood. 

She placed her gentle fingers around it as she started moving her hand up and down.

'What the heck? This girl is going to give me a blowjob when I'm sleeping?' Long Chen thought as he frowned. He was just about to open his eyes when Xun stopped him.

"Wait. What's the hurry? Let her do what she's here for?" Xun said in Long Chen's head.

'What do you mean let her do it? My core will be corrupt!' Long Chen replied. 'I need to stop her.'

"It won't be corrupt with just that much. As long as you don't have proper sex, you'll be fine. In fact, you can even release with this, or you can use your hands to calm yourself. Both of them won't affect you. Since she's here, let her do it for you. It'll calm your violent yang energy," Xun told Long Chen. 

'You idiot! Why didn't you tell me before that this much was fine? I thought everything affected me negatively! If you had told me before, I would've done it with others and wouldn't have suffered like this all day!' Long Chen scolded Xun.

"Then how would I have seen you being tormented by a girl. You always bully me. Think of this as my payback. Just be glad I didn't drag this for long and told you the truth. Enjoy," Xun said as she stopped talking. 

Gu Lin was still shaking her hand up and down. Her fingers were wrapped around Long Chen's sword that kept getting bigger and bigger each second until it was fully erect. 

'He still isn't up? He sleeps so deep. God, someone could have killed him, and he wouldn't even know,' Gu Lin thought as she looked at Long Chen's face, who still seemed to be sleeping. 

"At Least someone is up," she smirked as she looked at what her hand was holding. Opening her mouth, she took it in. 


Mmm! Mmm!

Sounds of slurping kept echoing in the room, but Long Chen didn't open his eyes. At this point, he was finding it weird. If he opened her eyes, he would have to either reject her right now or go all the way, which will corrupt her. 

If he wakes up and lets her give a blowjob, she'll ask him for more. It was better to wake up when she was done with it and then tell her that he couldn't do it. 

'God, am I doing a scummy thing? Didn't matter. I didn't ask her to do it, did I? But still... In any case, it's already too late now. Might as well let her finish,' Long Chen thought as he let her do it. 

Ten minutes passed as Gu Lin continued, but Long Chen didn't wake up. 

Gu Lin looked at Long Chen as she brought her head back. "He's still sleeping. Is he the god of sleep or something!"

She again continued, hoping that he'll wake up after he release. 

After five more minutes, Long Chen finally released, inside Gu Lin's mouth. 

It was also when he opened her eyes. 

"Gu Lin? What are you doing here? Your hand? What did you do?" Long Chen asked, acting ignorantly. 

"I did what I wanted to do. I want to go all the way in this game," Gu Lin said as she swallowed before he caught Long Chen's hands and placed them on her breasts. 

"What are you doing?" Long Chen asked again. 

"I'm doing what we both need to do. I want to be yours entirely," Gu Lin said straight.