Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1040 - 1040: Impossible

"I'm not a goddess who is supposed to know everything, am I?" Xun asked. 

"I don't know how he did that. Maybe it's some skill that uses a bit of space and time comprehension?" she wondered. 

"So something similar to what my Sword of Time does? I remember when I was attacked once, it sent me in a parallel space and time to help me dodge the energy blast of Xu Liang. If it's something similar, it will make sense. But still, how?" Long Chen asked again. 

"The sword of time can do it because it's a God Grade Weapon. It's made by the strongest laws of the universe. Du Liang is different. He isn't a Heavenly Warrior. He is a mortal too. How can he have that?"

It didn't make sense for Long Chen. Du Liang has a skill that was the same as the ability of a God Grade weapon?

"That's right. That's my assumption, though. The reality might be something else entirely." Xun answered. 

"Do you think he comprehended the Law of Space too?" Long Chen asked again. "I have space Law too. But I can't do that."

"That's because you not only need the law of space comprehension to do it but also the Law of Time comprehension," Xun explained. 

"So he has two supreme laws? How?" 

"Do you think I can read everyone's mind? How would I know the laws he knows and the laws he doesn't? I can't even read your mind without your permission. To get your answer, you'll need to wait until he uses a definitive skill of those laws. Or you can go ask him yourself," Xun said, annoyed at all the questions. 

"Oh right. There's one more possibility," she added.

"What possibility?" Long Chen asked.

"It's that he found an ancient skill that can help him do it. There were Ancient Cultivators that comprehended a bit of laws. Maybe someone comprehended a little bit of both Space and Time? If that guy wrote his understanding in a book and made this a skill that mortals can understand, then it would explain it," Xun answered.

"Interesting. In any case, this Du Liang is proving to be more threatening with each passing second. His unorthodox skills can be really troublesome," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed his chin. 

"And if he is this unorthodox, just how unorthodox will his father be? Did I underestimate the Emperors?" 

He had a feeling that he was going to go against these people. Not only them, in his mind, there was a chance that he would be fighting everyone he met. So he always tried to think of ways to counter the skills that he saw. 

Even though Du Liang wasn't using these skills on him; In his mind, Long Chen was the one fighting the battle with Du Liang instead of Emperor Meng. 

Simultaneously, he was also fighting against Emperor Meng instead of Long Chen. 

As he saw Du Liang use this strange skill, his mind was sent in confusion.


Emperor Meng was the one who was actually fighting Du Liang, and he was even more confused. Just what skill did Du Liang use?

Why did he look like an illusion when the attack landed on him?

"Fine! Take my attack!"

He roared as he reached near Du Liang and punched out towards Du Liang's chest. 


As his fist reached near Du Liang, he also passed through Du Liang's body like that man didn't even exist. 


He stood behind Du Liang and kept attacking, but Du Liang didn't even react. Du Liang just stood calmly with his arms folded as he slowly turned back and watched the Emperor with an amused smile on his face. 

His eyes were still shining, which the Emperor avoided looking at. 

"What the heck! Are you really an illusion? Stop hiding like a coward and show your real self!"

After not hitting Du Liang even once despite attacking him for over a minute straight, the Emperor gave up. 

This couldn't have been a skill. No skill was effective for this long. This was most probably an illusion. 

But where was real Du Liang? That's what he wondered. No matter how much he tried, he wasn't able to find.

This ground wasn't that big. His Spiritual Sense easily covered the whole arena, but strangely enough, he only saw one Du Liang. It was the one who was standing in front of him.

"Aren't you the same as your son?" Du Liang asked with an amused smile on his face. "You seemed embarrassed at his actions, but you're doing the same?"

"What do you mean?" Emperor Meng asked in rage. Did this man imply that he was embarrassing himself?

"As I said, your son also did the same thing. When he found out that he was going to lose against Qian Yu, he told her to fight like a man by not using what she was strong at? Aren't you asking me the same? To not use my abilities so you can hit me?" Du Liang asked. 

"Anyway, I would have obliged you to do that as well. I don't like hiding either. But as I said, my father made me promise that I won't actually fight you. He is concerned for no reason. Whatever, since I promised my old man, I'll listen to him. Even though it means I lose the opportunity to have a hearty battle against one of the Emperors," he added. 

"You coward! How dare you compare me to my son? You're not fighting me and only hiding. On the contrary, that girl was openly fighting. Stop hiding in your shell!" the Emperor roared as he attacked again, only to have the attack miss. 

"Liang'er, five minutes of the battle are over. It's time to come back."

Du Liang was standing calmly, watching the futile struggle of Emperor Meng, when he heard a voice. 

The voice belonged to his father. 

"Alright. I guess it's time to end this. I wish I could have actually fought, though. I apologize to you," Du Liang told Emperor Meng before he raised his right hand. 

"I surrender!" he declared. 

After declaring, he started waiting for sixty seconds in which Emperor Meng used all the attacks he could. Unfortunately, none of the attacks landed on him.

"Alright! The battle is over! Stop!"

Sixty seconds after Du Liang surrendered, General Wuki called out for the battle to be stopped. 

Emperor Meng stopped attacking, tired. He was breathing heavily. In these six minutes,  he had used everything he could. But not a single attack landed on his enemy.