Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1315 - 1315: Overboard

Zhu Chang was fully elated on the inside as he realized that he was finally going to get his wish. He was finally going to face the enemies who were at the peak of this world. 

Moreover, after this, he could leave this world too, so it was even better for him. 

"Let's see that then, shall we?" he asked, amused.

He gently tapped his feet on the ground against bringing out a weapon, but unlike his special weapon from before, he was going to use an ordinary spear this time to make it even more challenging.

He also stepped forward and picked up the small golden box, keeping it in his spatial storage as he didn't want it to create an obstruction. 

Zhu Chang waited to be attacked first, but he wasn't alone. The other side was also standing in their positions, thinking that Zhu Chang was going to attack. 

In the meantime, Blood Dragon Emperor flew back, giving everyone enough space to fight.. He knew how strong Zhu Chang was. He didn't want to be caught in the middle of his powerful attack for no reason at all. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor's gesture was seen as a gesture of cowardice by the old man who smirked. It further boosted his theory that Zhu Chang wasn't that powerful. If he were that powerful, the Blood Dragon Emperor wouldn't have moved back in fear. 

He found one thing off though. Why wasn't Zhu Chang attacking first? It was always the weak one who attacked first that wanted to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, that wasn't all.

In the end, he decided that it was for him to attack first now. It didn't matter if Zhu Chang attacked first or not. What mattered was for them to attack. 

The old man personally took the lead as he teleported didn't behind Zhu Chang while a sword made of lightning appeared in his hand. 

He thrust his sword towards Zhu Chang. 

"Child's trick," Zhu Chang muttered as he used his spear to block the sword without even having to turn back. 

The old man disappeared again as soon as his attack was blocked, appearing in front of Zhu Chang as he again attacked. At the same time, four more of his men appeared around Zhu Chang, attacking at the same time. 

A calm smirk rested on Zhu Chang's lips as he kicked the chest of the old man while punching two other men at the same time before turning around and using a swing kick to take care of the other two. 

All of this happened within a fraction of a second, which highlighted how fast he was. 

Moreover, it was as if he knew where everyone was going to appear as soon as it happened, helping him take care of them. 

The Black Tortoise Clan was a clan known for their powerful defense, and they were the slowest when it came to speed when it came to attacks in the Heavenly Beasts. 

As for the fastest, they were from the White Tiger Clan, who had not only the fastest Speed but powerful strength too. On the other hand, the Dragon Clan had the strongest attacks but slightly slower speed than the white Tiger Clan. 

Despite being the slowest amongst the Heavenly Beast Species and restricting his strength to a small fraction, Zhu Chang was still much faster than all his opponents here. 

The four men he attacked hadn't expected an attack coming to them, which was why they couldn't protect themselves. His punch and kicks broke their ribs as they flew back, ultimately crashing on the ground, coughing out blood. 

They couldn't even sit up as they were heavily injured. 

On the other hand, the old man was attacking from the front, so he was a bit alert about being attacked as he had the most risk because of his position. That was why he saw the kick of Zhu Chang coming towards him. 

He used his lightning sword to defend himself. 

Unfortunately, even his sword wasn't able to block the attack entirely. It shattered instantly from the brute force before the kick ultimately landed on the old man's chest, making him fly back. 

Fortunately, the sword had managed to decrease the strength behind that kick even though it had ultimately broken, which protected the old man from any heavy harm. 

He also crashed in the ground as his chest ached, but that was all. He managed to stand up instantly.

There was a deep frown on his face as he saw the condition of his other men that couldn't even stand up.

He realized that the battle was going to be hard since they were facing an Immortal World beast, but he still didn't give up since they still had a chance. 

The other men of his clan kept attacking Zhu Chang, coming at him in hoards, but they couldn't overwhelm Zhu Chang, who instead laughed as he faced them all together!

"Enough!" The old man yelled, raising his hand in the sky. "Everyone! Step back!"

As per his command, all his men stepped back and stopped attacking.

"What? It was just getting fun?" Zhu Chang exclaimed, discontent. 

"I'll show you what trust fun means!"The old man roared as he clenched his fist. 

Thousands of lightning bolts appeared around Zhu Chang, trapping him in the thunder prison, which was the same in which Blood Dragon Emperor was trapped. 

However, the old man knew that it wasn't going to be enough for them to take care of it. 

"Everyone! Boost the prison!" The old man commanded. 


All his men also raised their hands in the sky, clenching their fists, casting more thunder prisons around Zhu Chang. 

Ultimately, there were over a hundred thunder prisons inside which he was trapped. All the Spatial Prisons combined, merging into one massive thunder prison which had walls that were five meters thick. 

There was only enough space for two people to stand inside the prison even though it was more than ten meters wide in total, because most of it was simply thunder wall. 

It was a prison made with the combined attacks of the entire clan, making it as strong as it could possibly be.

"Let alone you, even I wouldn't have been able to come out of that," The old man chuckled, watching Zhu Chang inside the prison.

"Now it's time for you to be gone forever! Have a great afterlife!" he further added as he tilted his hand a little. 

The walls of the thunder prison started closing in on Zhu Chang, trying to crush him inside the prison forever.