Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1304 - 1304: Dark Spirit Creatures

"So I'm supposed to be scared of that threat and let you leave with what you want? That too after all you did?" the old man inquired. 

"Old man, listen to me. Tell him to give me the stone, and we can stop it right here. I'll even heal him entirely after getting the stone. These wounds aren't something that can't be healed by me," Long Chen reminded the old man. 

"However, if these wounds aren't healed in a short time, the damage would become permanent. Just remember that," he further added.  .

"Young man, I don't care about your threat. Moreover, I don't care what stone it was. The only thing I care about is that you attacked him. And if you don't heal him right now, then let alone leaving with the stone, you won't be able to leave even without the stone."

The old man stubbornly stood his ground, refusing to budge.."So tell me who you are and heal him!"

"Sigh." Long Chen couldn't help but sigh. This talking thing wasn't working at all. 

"What are you doing? Stop talking and kill the old man. We don't have all day here!" Blood Dragon Emperor reminded Long Chen, getting impatient. 

"Man, will you just shut up now? It's all because of your big mouth that we're stuck in this mess! We should've been done long ago if you hadn't blurted everything and made the girl run. So shut up!" Long Chen scolded the man. 

"I never knew I would meet someone who was worse at knowing when to say what, but you certainly trump everything he ever did. He at least had a naive mindset when he did such things, but you're purely filled with arrogance!"

" So tame down that arrogance before I snap someday and kill you myself! Now you're not the mighty Blood Dragon Emperor who ruled over the Immortal World at one time! So stay in your place and don't make things worse for me!" 

Long Chen had kept most of his anger bottled up until now, but he finally snapped. Even then, he mostly controlled himself and didn't actually hurt the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor looked blankly at Long Chen, feeling even more embarrassed. He was being scolded like a child by someone who was millions of years weaker than him. 

'Fine! I don't care what Zhu Chang does to me anymore, but as soon as I get my body, I'm killing you! Just you wait, you bastard!' he thought, but he didn't let his thoughts show on his face. 

Long Chen didn't let the flames of anger die as he looked at the old man before him. 

"As for you, old man. I'm already upset as it is. I don't have all day to spend here. I'm giving you the count of ten.  You either get me the stone, or I'll attack you in the eleventh second!"

"Now that I've made a commitment to myself, I'm not going to listen to even myself! Your time starts now!" 

The winds had almost stopped entirely as Long Chen placed the tip of his King's Sword on the ground, holding its hilt. He started waiting. 

At the same time, he began the count. 

"So you're really not going to tell me about it?"


"Hmm…that's a lot of you. Dark Spirits…was it?" Zhu Chang muttered, watching the Dark Spirits crawl away from him, startled by his sudden arrival. Some Dark Spirits were humanoid, while others were purely beasts. 

But mostly, they were a mixture of human and snake possessing a humanoid upper half and a serpentine lower half. 

Their forms were murky, like a black gelatinous mixture around which a black mist swirled around, accompanying them wherever they went. 

They existed in a wide variety. Some had enlarged eyes that occupied half their faces; some had massive hands that were able to crush their foes; some had long tails. There were even Dark Spirits with more than two pairs of hands. 

There was one Dark Spirit with a long tail and almost ten pairs of hands on its upper body, causing Zhu Chang to frown at its irritating appearance. After all, it wasn't symmetrical. On one side, it had three arms, but on the other, it had seven. 

Its head consisted of four eyes, but two of them were vertically next to one another while the remaining two were horizontally next to one another. And both the pairs of eyes were placed diagonally to each other. 

It had a mouth on one side, with a reddish tongue peeking out alarmingly. But, even it wasn't symmetrical, with the flesh on one side twice thicker than the other side. 

Every aspect of it wasn't symmetrical, irritating to the eyes. 

Upon seeing it, Zhu Chang pointed his hand at it, condensing a tiny sphere of red at the tip of his index finger, launching it forth, "You're first. Stuff like you is better off dead."

The tiny sphere of red only spanned the side of his thumb, swirling within itself, condensing a vortex at its center. 

It was a sphere of lava, boasting a tremendously high temperature. Any mortal that faced such an attack would melt without any bones remaining. 

The time lava sphere flew forth, about to slam into the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit, when the other party cackled, spilling out a sticky goo from its tongue, causing Zhu Chang to unwillingly flinch in disgust. 

The sense of disgust threw his aim off, causing the tiny lava sphere to fall upon another Dark Spirit, setting it and tens of Dark Spirits around it aflame. 

"Nasty! Disgusting fellow! Just die!" Zhu Chang groaned when he noticed in surprise that the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit had vanished. 

The ones that had been killed in his attack were just some measly Dark Spirits. 

It immediately made him think, 'If it had been a mortal in my place, they would have been distracted by the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit.'

'While they are vomiting in disgust, the other Dark Spirits would devour them. Thankfully for me, I have high resistance against such a level of mental attack.'

"Well, let's start it slow, shall we?" Zhu Chang laughed, pumped up now, "I never thought they would be this interesting."

"Battle always starts with a simple sword fight," He muttered, condensing an energy blade, swinging it a couple of times to see that it was perfect. 

He then stepped once, flashing past by ten meters as he arrived before a Dark Spirit, hacking it in half. 

The Dark Spirit was cut in half but wasn't dead yet. Instead, it counterattacked, condensing a sphere of dark aura that it thrust into his stomach, intending to impale him. 

Unfortunately for it, though, its attack failed to even scratch him, stopping at his clothes.