Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1298 - 1298: Pledging Allegiance

Everyone in the world was looking up at the illusion of the face that was made from light in the sky.

Every citizen of the Immortal World was looking at the sky. Now even the beasts could take their eyes off. 

Don't Blood Dragons were sleeping in random parts of the Immortal World, but even they opened their eyes, looking up in the sky. 

In the center of the Immortal World, a woman was standing calmly. Her face was the face that was being seen in the sky. She simply stood with her eyes closed, waiting for something. 

Finally, she opened her eyes. At the same time, the illusion in the sky also opened the eyes. 

"Greetings, the people of the Immortal World!" .

The woman said softly. Even though she didn't speak in a loud tone, her words were laced with something mystical. They were heard far and wide. 

Even the people in the farthest corner of the world heard her words. They felt as if the woman was talking to them while standing right in front of them. 

As for her voice, even though it sounds sweet, there was just something strange about the voice, which was filled with incredible strength. Hearing the voice, people developed a worshipping feeling in their hearts, going down to their knees without realizing. 

It wasn't only one person or two, but all the humans in the Immortal World who went down on their knees. Same was the case for the beasts. 

Even the closest aides of the Emperors went down on their knees. Princess Mimi wasn't an exception either as she went down to her knees. 

Only the Emperors hadn't gone down to their knees. They fiercely resisted as it was insulting for an Emperor to bow before anyone. They firmly kept standing, even though they were clearly struggling. 

"Most of you won't know me since you're all too young. Your Ancestors should have known about me. I am Empress Dai Jinjing! After sleeping for over millions of years, I returned to take my rightful place!" The woman said, shocking everyone. 

"Treat it as my initial introduction to you all. You'll know more about me in the future, but just know that the Immortal World will soon return to how it's supposed to be!" She further added. 

The illusion soon stopped as the face in the sky disappeared, but not before shocking everyone.

Even though the face had disappeared, something else appeared in its place. A spatial crack had opened up, which continued getting bigger and bigger. 

From the massive spatial crack, a huge palace came out, which seemed as big as an entire city. The Palace seemed to be floating on top of a white cloud. 

It was the first time the citizens of the Immortal World had seen a floating palace, especially one which was so big. The palace of the current Emperors wasn't even a fraction of its size here. 

Seeing the massive palace, even the lips of the Emperors had opened slightly. They knew they were in trouble. They had realized it when the woman mentioned her name, as that rang the bells in their head, making them remember.  

Dai Jinjing was a big name, as she existed even before the first Emperor did. Moreover, she was the only one who was told to be stronger than the Blood Dragon Emperor at that time. 

Unfortunately, she was also said to be an emotionless lady for the most part. She didn't have any sympathy for the humans. For the most part, she stayed in her floating palace, not doing much. 

According to the Scriptures, she was also the teacher of the First Emperor for a little while. But she didn't care for him either. Once he went to ask her for help against the Blood Dragon Emperor, but she refused without even listening. 

She didn't bother to help him. Ultimately, the First Emperor left disappointed. 

But that's when something strange happened. No one knew what happened, but one day the floating palace disappeared. And with that, Dai Jinjing was also gone. No one heard from her again. No one knew where she went or what happened to her. 

Even the first Emperor mentioned about this event in the scriptures. In that, he said that it was the only question that he didn't have an answer to, and he regretted that. 

Hundreds of years after that, the First Emperor finally hatched the plan to scheme against the Blood Dragon Emperor, and he also succeeded, ending the era of the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

After that, humans were free. The era of human dominance began, and it continued until now. For Dai Jinjing and her floating palace to return so abruptly out of nowhere, it was shocking. 

More than shocking, it was a rude awakening. It was a signal that the rule of the Emperors was over. If the lady was actually Dai Jinjing, they couldn't do anything against her. All they could do was accept their defeat and pledge their loyalty to her. 

All four Emperors left their palace as they started flying straight to the floating palace in the sky to pledge their allegiance. That way, they could secure their place too. They all knew that Dai Jinjing didn't involve herself in mundane things. 

She only stayed in the Palace in the sky in the past. If that was the case, they should continue ruling their land as her proxy. 

As the four Emperors reached the Palace, they noticed each other. 

They all looked at each other and nodded as if acknowledging that they were in the same place about what they needed to do. 

They all flew up together, landing in front of the Palace. 

As soon as they landed, they found a woman standing at the gates. The woman didn't seem like Dai Jinjing though. She was standing with a spear in her hand like a guard. 

"What purpose do you have for approaching Her Majesty?" the woman asked. 

Believing her to be someone who worked for Dai Jinjing, all the Emperors kept their respectful attitude before her. 

"We are here to meet Her Majesty to pledge our allegiance to her." The Northern Emperor was the one who stepped ahead and explained. 

"Allegiance to Her Majesty? Why do you need to do that face to face? Won't you have allegiance to her without meeting her?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"That's not what we mean. We mean that we want to greet Her Majesty since we're happy about her return. We're the successors of her Disciple, after all."

" We were holding the reins of this world as the rulers waiting for her return. Now that she's back, he wanted to greet her at least!"