Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1235 - 1235: The Five

"Please come," Mimi told Long Chen as she walked towards the Palace as well. 

"How have you been, little girl," Long Chen asked now that there was no one here. He could be himself. 

"I've been good. You?" Mimi asked. 

"Me too. I must say though. Your Palace is really beautiful," Long Chen commented. 

"Well, if you accept to work for the Royal Family, you can also stay here. What do you think?" Mimi inquired. "I already gave you the offer before.  Just accept it."

"I'm sorry, but as I said, I'm not interested in treasures and the Royal Family support. I can't work for you," Long Chen answered. 

"Then why did you take part in the event?" Mimi inquired.

I just came to see you once since I was passing through the Vampire. But I somehow ended up in the crowd, misunderstood as a participant," Long Chen replied. "I don't want to attract too much attention, so I just went with it."

"You could've just said you're here to meet me?" Mimi suggested.

"I could, but that would give me too much attention. I don't want to stand out. There will be questions about how I met you and many more. It's much better this way. Don't you think so? Especially since I don't want to end up in a mess because of what happened before," Long Chen answered. 

"So you really only came to meet me?" Mimi asked. 

"That's right. I also had another thing to do, but that's for later," Long Chen answered, smiling. 

Aa Long Chen and Mimi were walking together, and they soon reached near the entrance of the Palace. 

They were just about to enter when Mimi heard some words coming out of the guard's mouth. 

"Lord Glen is here!" The voice came from the guards.

"He's here?" Mimi turned around, surprised.

Even Long Chen was somewhat stunned to see Mimi react like that. What was happening? 

He also turned around.

Looking behind, he was able to see someone in the distance. 

A person who stood on top of his sword with his hand behind his back like a great expert. He was standing on his sword, which came closer to the Royal Palace. 

'Lord Glen... Is he the one I think he is?' Long Chen thought, surprised. 

He did remember hearing the name in the diary of Saint King. 

When the Saint King was selecting the four Emperors that were going to rule the four sides, there were actually five competitors for that spot. 

The four who were selected became the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Emperors. As for the fifth person, he was Lord Glen. 

The person who once stood on the same level as the Emperors.

Even though he wasn't selected as one of the Four Emperors, he stayed loyal to the Saint King. Whenever there was any major problem in any of the Mortal Worlds, he was sent by the Saint King to solve that. 

Even though he didn't receive a high position like the Four Emperors, he still had a great influence since he was said to be the closest to the Saint King. 

It was also why it was surprising for the most that the Saint King hadn't selected him as one of the Four Emperors. 

Most of the citizens of the Immortal World didn't understand why this was. They believed it might be because the Saint King didn't think Lord Glen had the abilities to lead the Empires, as well as the others, could. 

There were a lot of questions about this decision, but only Long Chen knew what the mystery behind this decision was.

It wasn't because Lord Glen didn't have the qualities needed to lead. Instead, it was because the Saint King actually didn't want him to become an Emperor. 

He knew what a tiring job it was to be the leader of an Empire. He himself had grown tired of this responsibility, and he wasn't able to give time to his family. That's why he decided to make four Empires under him and Four Emperors to lead them. 

He didn't want Lord Glen to have to bear that hard responsibility when he could enjoy his freedom more. The Saint King never told anyone the reasoning behind his decision. Even Lord Glen wasn't told this. But he did mention it in his diary. 

"Who is he?" He asked the Princess. 

"Shhh," Mimi reacted, telling Long Chen not to talk at the moment. " Let him go in first."

Long Chen nodded as he stepped aside as well, observing the man who was coming towards them on his sword. 

Long Chen felt that the man had a high cultivation which wasn't shocking considering his identity. He had lived for a really long time. 

But the man still didn't look old at all. Despite living for so long, he looked to be only in his mid forties. The man's long silver hair waved with the wind as his deep blue eyes remained on the Royal Palace. 

The flying sword stopped at the entrance of the Royal Palace, and the man got on the ground. 

Standing so close to the Sword, Long Chen was able to feel the aura of the sword. It seemed like a great treasure of high quality, similar to the King's Sword that he carried. 

Lord Glen casually glanced at Long Chen and Mimi as he entered inside the Palace, not saying anything. Not even the guards dared to stop him. His sword flew behind him.

' It's a Spirit Sword as well, I guess,' Long Chen thought as he saw the Sword flying behind the Silver Haired man. 

After the man left, Mimi finally entered the Palace with Long Chen. 

"Who was he? Why did it seem like he was the owner of this Palace instead?" Long Chen asked Mimi. 

"He is a powerful cultivator. And an old friend of my father, I guess. The two have known each other for a long time. He's pretty strong. I don't think he's as strong as my father though," Mimi said. 

"Old Friend?" Long Chen asked, amused. 

He remembered the diary mentioning that Lord Glen never got along with any of the Emperors. How could he be their friend? He believed she was believing two familiar people to be friends. It was obvious that no one was going to show their bickering before the world.

Lord Glen wasn't going to say that he hated the Emperors. Similarly, the others weren't going to say that they didn't get along with him. 

But he was curious about one thing though. Why was this guy here? 

"Does he come here often?" Long Chen asked Mimi. 

"He doesn't. He rarely comes here," Mimi answered.