Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 825 - 825: Misunderstanding

"Do you want a sword to do it?" Long Chen asked as he pulled out an Earth Grade sword out of his storage ring. 

He had killed many people throughout his journey and robbed many treasuries. He even robbed the Dark Soul Sect, which gave him an ample amount of treasures like this. He brought one such sword out of his Storage Ring. 

"There's no need. I have a sword," Ji Shan muttered softly. He brought a sword out as well.

"This was a sword that was gifted by her to me," Ji Shan muttered as he smiled sadly. His smile was heart-wrenching to watch as it failed to hide the immense pain inside his heart.

Ji Shan pointed his sword towards the man who was on his knees. "You caused all this. I begged you not to force her! I begged you to let us be but you! You didn't let us live. You didn't let her live, killing the both of us!" 

"Hah! What did I do? It was all your fault! You fooled my daughter with your sweet words and trapped her! Who didn't know that it was all a scheme from you to become a part of our glorious Xie Clan! You even make my daughter betray her own clan by running away with her. No matter how much you blame me. You'll always be the real culprit. If you hadn't come in her life, my daughter would have been alive," the Patriarch of the Xie Clan replied, forcing all the blame on Ji Shan.

Long Chen was amazed at how shameless this man was. His own men killed his daughter on his orders, and he was blaming someone else. If it weren't Ji Shan's job, he would have killed the guy himself.

"You still don't understand what you did. What more could I expect from the man that had her own daughter killed by his own men. I don't care, though. Go and ask for forgiveness from her," Ji Shan muttered as he raised his sword.

"I had my daughter killed by my men? What do you mean? You stabbed my daughter from the back! How dare you lie!" The man let out furiously.

"I can't believe I'm being killed by the killer of my daughter."

"What? What did you say?" Ji Shan asked in confusion as he stopped his attack.

"I didn't kill my daughter! You killed her! How dare you accuse me!" The Clan Master asked.

" Shut up! Who do you think you're lying to? There is no jury or judge here, and I was personally there! Do you think your lying can fool anyone?" Ji Shan raged in answer as he hackled down, cutting the head of the man. 

The Clan Master, who was the strongest person in the Xie Clan, died instantly in the hands of the person he looked down on.

Long Chen stayed there thinking for quite some time about the words of the man. 

"Do you think he might be telling the truth? The people that killed his daughter lied to him to save their skin? It might be possible that he actually didn't order it, and he was being fooled about the incident? He was definitely the culprit for forcing his daughter and trying to capture her, but I didn't think he was lying about her death," Long Chen told Ji Shan about his assumption.

"No... It can't be that he didn't know what happened. And even if he didn't have a hand in it, he was still the cause of it," Ji Shan answered Long Chen as he looked at the body of the Clan Master.

"Who actually killed her? How about we kill that person?" Long Chen asked Ji Shan. "You need closure before you can move on. Let me help."

Ji Shan closed his eyes and saw the flashes of what had happened. It seemed as if it had happened just yesterday. He could still see every minor detail about the event that occurred. Her scream and cry were still fresh in his head.

"I don't want you to involve yourself. The main culprit, I still kill him myself. I hadn't expected that you would drag the Clan Master here either. I was planning on becoming strong enough to take my own revenge from my own hands to extinguish the flames of revenge that are burning inside my chest," Ji Shan told Long Chen.

"I can understand how you must be feeling, but you should understand that you don't have enough time to wait and train yourself to get stronger. When the Royal Clan attacks the Xie Clan, they would be wiped. The Person that killed your girl would most probably die, and on rare chance, he would escape, and you won't be able to find him. This should be a final chance for you," Long Chen said to Ji Shan, understanding the toll it would take on Ji Shan if he can't take his revenge.

Long Chen had taken a few revenges of his own, and he knew how incomplete it felt without being able to finish them. That was especially true for Ji Shan, who had lost the love of his life. 

"This... But it will put your life in danger. I can't let that happen," Ji Shan answered as he sighed.

Long Chen smiled as he glanced back at Ji Shan. Stepping forward, he placed his hand on his shoulder. 

"What danger? I can take care of myself and of you. I would've brought him here myself if I knew what he looked like, but I don't, so you'll have to come with me."

"Unfortunately, I can't use the portal again today, so we'll have to go from the main entrance," Long Chen muttered.

"Main entrance? No, forget it. It'll be even more dangerous. We won't do that," Ji Shan refused as he shook his head intently.

"Sigh,  I told you I'm not taking any risk. We won't break inside if you don't want to. We would just stand outside and make sure that the person who killed your woman didn't escape. If he tries, I can catch him. If he doesn't, we can enter behind the Royal Clan army that comes to destroy the Xie Clan. I am sure the Princess will be there as well. She should let us in since we saved her life. Don't worry, leave everything to me. Nothing bad will happen," Long Chen insisted.

"Sigh, if you say so," Ji Shan muttered as he nodded his head. He also wished for it as well. He also wanted to kill the people that killed the most precious girl to him.