Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 992 - 992: Escort Us

Surprisingly the horse didn't crash into any walls or anything and kept following after Lu Wang. 

'Well, at least it knows who to follow. As long as it follows the movement of the house ahead, I shouldn't have any problems,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head at the sight of the horse striding ahead.

It seemed like the horse was only following the horse that was ahead of it. If that wasn't the truth, then he didn't understand what the heck was actually happening because he sure as hell wasn't controlling the horse. 

In any case, Long Chen sat prepared to jump off the horse as soon as things went south. 

The horse calmly followed the horse of Lu Wang. 

Their horses strode through the city as fast as they could. The streets were already seemingly empty as people walked on the sides of the roads. 

The guards could also be seen on the side, just keeping an eye. 

It seemed obvious that the men had been alerted about the outing of Prince Lu Wang and the Prince Consort Long Chen. 

But only them but the citizens were also told. No one dared to step on the road to become an obstruction for them. 

They all walked on the side while looking at the Prince with adoration-filled gazes as his horse ran ahead. 

After a short trip, the horse of Prince Wang stopped. Long Chen's horse was chasing him, but it also slowed down as it saw Lu Wang's horse stop. 

"As expected, this guy is chasing him and following his actions. It's good. I don't have to do anything now," Long Chen muttered as he saw his horse stopping behind Lu Wang's horse. 

The horse was doing as he expected. After the horse stopped, Long Chen also got down off the horse to look at Lu Wang, who was standing near his horse, looking at the building nearby. 

He looked back at Long Chen and nodded his head in appreciation. "Not bad. I thought you wouldn't even know how to ride it, but you did manage."

"Of course. I exactly knew what I was doing. It was easy," Long Chen replied proudly. 

"So, where are we?"

"We are at the flower pavilion. It's a place where the richest of the rich come to spend time. Father told me to show you all the best places in our city, and this is one of them," Lu Wang explained. "Come, let's enter."

He started walking towards the entrance. 

"Who about these? Are we going to leave them here?" Long Chen asked, wondering if they were going to leave the horse here. They could run anywhere and create a disturbance. 

"Don't worry. These two are one of our smartest ones. They won't move," Lu Wang replied; without even looking back, he understood what Long Chen was talking about. 

They entered the building, which seemed like a beautiful garden. There were some of the rarest flowers and trees that Long Chen had seen. Some of the trees even had faces that were looking at the people entering. It somewhat weirded him out.

'Eh, what's that?" He wondered as he smiled wryly, not understanding what it was. A tree or an actual living creature that looked one a tree?

"Welcome to the Flower Pavilion."

Seeing Long Chen looking towards him, the tree with a face greeted Long Chen, shocking him even more. What the heck was it? A tree that not only had a face but could talk as well?

"Which tree is that?" He asked Lu Wang, who didn't respond. 

'Cheh, he's going to ignore me, isn't he?' he thought as he smiled wryly. Lu Wang was pretty arrogant from what it seemed, but Long Chen also felt some kind of hate from him. 

Just when Long Chen had thought that the man wasn't going to reply to him, he did. 

"These are called Haemu Trees. They have souls and are just like us for the most part as they can see, hear and speak. But they can't move or do anything else."

"Interesting," Long Chen muttered, rubbing his chin. 

"Thanks for the warm welcome," he said, raising his hands towards the trees. Since the trees could not only speak but listen too, he thanked them for their greetings. 


They passed through the entrance garden and entered a different part of the building, which seemed to be like a maze of rooms. 

There were single rooms all around and paths going from the middle of them, making something like a maze. 

Two beautiful ladies were at the entrance that greeted them. As they bowed to welcome the Prince and him, Long Chen could see their cleavage through the dress that barely covered anything. 

Lu Wang intentionally glanced back at Long Chen to see how he was going to respond. Was he going to ogle their breasts, or was he could to look elsewhere. 

To his surprise, Long Chen did none of the things he thought. Neither he looked at their breasts, nor he looked to the side. Instead, his calm gaze looked at the faces of the woman as he replied to them. 

"Thank you."

"Oh, Your Highness, please don't talk to us with such respect. We don't deserve it," the women told Long Chen as they took a step back in shock. 

Long Chen was the Prince Consort now. To have him thank them, it came as a shock. They didn't expect the Royalty to be so respectful. 

Normally they were calm and somewhat arrogant. They didn't talk much, let alone thank these women. 

They had worked here for a long time and welcomed a lot of nobles and even the Prince a few times. None of them were like this. It was somewhat shocking. 

Maybe it was because Long Chen was a new Royalty? And that's why he hadn't developed the arrogance? They thought.

"Nonsense. You're a human just like me, and you deserve respect too. So don't worry," Long Chen let out calmly. The soothing smile on his face made him seem even more charming than Prince Lu Wang. 

Seeing his face and that beautiful smile, the heartbeat of these women skipped a beat as their faces turned red. 

"Escort us to our room," Lu Wang broke the calm atmosphere by commanding the women who came out of their dazes. 

"Yes, Your Highness."

The women turned back like a scared bunny and started walking. "Please follow us."

Long Chen and Lu Wang followed the women who brought them to a room. 

'This will be the right place to put my plan in motion. After this, he will lose everything,' Lu Wang thought as he stepped inside the room that the women brought them to.