Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1190 - 1190: Dragon Graveyard

Four powerful beasts landed in the middle of the desert in front of a beautiful golden door in the raging heat.

"The entrance of the Dragon Temple. Finally, we are here. We can check inside to see if the Blood Dragons are still there or not," The Western General said as he smiled. ​​

"The gate is really beautiful; I must say," the Eastern General said as he observed the beautiful marking on the door. 

"Of course, it's really beautiful. It was made by the First Emperor after all, when the humanity was just settling in the Immortal World," the Northern General commented. "He noticed the entrance of the Dragon Temple and made an entrance here so no humans could disturb them."

"That's right. He also made only five keys, didn't he? One for himself and four for his sons. I must say, he was really clever. If he hadn't done that, a lot of people would have unintentionally entered and annoyed the Blood Dragons," The Western General said. 

"He even made the gate marked with a special formation, so it doesn't resist the Blood Dragons. It was only to stop other species from stepping inside the precious place of the Blood Dragons. That's why he was the closest to Blood Dragons," he further said. 

"Yeah. It was only after his death that things went south, and the relationship between the humans and the Blood Dragons soured.  That's when these doors were forever closed, and the Blood Dragons stopped coming out," Northern General said. 

"The day when the two sides stopped interacting. Only once in a while did an Emperor enter the Dragon Temple after that. After the Four Emperor positions were made by the last sole emperor, he gave the four of them a key each while he kept the last for himself," he further said. 

" Unfortunately, the Emperors don't seem interested in going in now. We are really lucky to have this opportunity. Entering the place where only the greatest of Emperors have entered," the Western General said as he watched the Northern General bring out a key. 

He inserted the key in the keyhole, opening the gate. 

As the gates were opened, a special portal was revealed. The Northern General brought the key out before he kept it back. 

The Northwest General turned back as he warned the others, " We can enter, but no one should touch anything. Just remember, we're only going there for observation. Other than that, nothing else is allowed."

"We know. If the Blood Dragons exist there, we aren't allowed to annoy them. So don't worry," the others said, agreeing as they entered the Dragon Temple one after another. 

As the men entered, they also found them amazed at the picturesque sight they saw. They had only heard that it was a beautiful place, but only now did they understand how beautiful it was. 

"Such an amazing place. Look at all those beautiful places. They look so good from outside; I can't even imagine how many treasures there would be," the Southern General said, his mouth opening slightly. 

"It doesn't matter how many treasures there are. We aren't allowed to touch anything! Remember that always, even if you see a world-ending treasure. All those treasures were gifted to the Dragon Temple by the previous emperor," the Northern Emperor said, warning them again.

"Because the Emperors also took precautions to make sure not a single person is allowed to take those treasures. If anyone other than a free Blood Dragon took them, the entrance gate would be locked, and it won't be open again. Our key will become useless," he further explained. 

"So control your greed properly!" 

"Come on; I wasn't talking about taking them. I was just saying that this place is a treasure trove, not that we should take it," the Southern General gave his justification. 

"That better be it. So let's start from the first place. We'll go through every place one by one to see if something odd is going on here. As soon as we found the Blood Dragons inside, we'll leave," the Northern General said as he started flying towards the first building. 

The others also followed after him. Even though all of them could have searched a different place, they decided to stick together since there was a little distrust between them. 

As for Long Chen, he had gone towards a different building already. The four Generals didn't notice him at all. 


Long Chen was standing in front of the massive gates that were ten meters tall and wide enough to let hundreds of people enter at the same time. 

"Is this the place?" Snake Monarch asked him while flying beside him. 

"That's right. It's the place which leads to the graveyard of Dragons," Long Chen replied.

"Are we robbing a graveyard? I thought we were here for treasures?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"Don't worry; we're here for something. But it's not exactly a treasure. On the other hand, it's no less than a treasure either. It's something that I must get," Long Chen replied. "But you should stay prepared. We'll need to fight a lot of Dragons inside. It won't be easy."

"You mean this place is filled with Dragons? Why would they stay in a graveyard instead of all the other places? There are so many other places here? Man, the Dragons are weird," Snake Monarch let out, rolling his eyes. 

"Where will dead dragons stay if not the graveyard?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"Wait. When you said we'd need to fight a lot of Dragons, did you mean dead dragons?" Snake Monarch asked in disbelief. 

"That's right. They are dead, but at the same time, they will come out to kill us. We're not Dragons, after all. Only Dragons can come inside this sacred place," Long Chen explained. 

"Then send that Dragon you tamed. Tell him what you want. No need to fight hundreds of dead dragons," Snake Monarch said firmly. 

"Hahaha, is the mighty Snake Monarch scared?" Long Chen asked, grinning. 

"Me? Never! Not at all!" The Snake Monarch let out as if he had heard the most absurd thing of his life.

" A few dead dragons aren't enough to scare me at all. It's just that sending a dragon would be easier. Why put so much effort when we can just send him in?" He clarified. 

"Well, braveheart, we can't send the Blood Dragon either since he'll be attacked too. Only free dragons are allowed to enter that place freely. A tamed blood dragon will have the same effect as one of his entering," Long Chen explained. "So we must enter ourselves."