Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1098 - 1098: Mystery Of Missing Emotion

"It's good, but you made sure to leave a deep impact on them, right?" Long Chen asked Mingyu as he heard about the clash. 

He had already realized that Mingyu was fine since she said that there were no Cultivators in this place.  He didn't need to ask her if she was fine.

"I did. Don't worry; they won't even dare to try to hurt Grandma because of what I did. I carefully filled their hearts in fear," Mingyu said, nodding.  

"That's better. I guess we can leave without having to think about other things then," Long Chen said. 

"Are we really leaving?" Mingyu asked Long Chen. "But your health? Are you even able to travel?"

Long Chen looked towards Zhiqing as he smiled. "Zhiqing, please tell Mingyu what I told you. Also, tell her about my promise so she can stop worrying as well."

"Come, let me explain." Zhiqing took Mingyu outside and started explaining.

Long Chen remained on the bed as he started resting. "Xun." 

"Yeah?" Xun replied to Long Chen's call. 

"I had a question. My dear father-in-law... He said that he had called for envoys from the Immortal Worlds when he was trying to delay last time. He talked to them as if they were the envoys of the Immortal World; you noticed that too, right?" Long Chen asked. 

"I did," Xun answered. "And you're right."

"Exactly. But that guy talked as if he didn't know what my dear father-in-law was talking about. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" Long Chen asked. 

"You're saying that your father-in-law was misunderstanding the identity of the enemies?" Xun let out. 

"That's right. My father-in-law thought that they were the Envoys from the upper world who were here to capture me. Now they weren't the Envoys, but that begs the question. Where are the real Envoys from the Immortal World?" Long Chen asked. 

"And why do they want to capture me?" he further inquired. 

"I have no idea. I believe the only person who knows about this is your father-in-law. No one else probably knows why he contacted the Envoys of the Immortal World to capture you and why they were supposed to come," Xun answered. 

"Thanks for stating the obvious. So, please suggest how I can go to hell to contact my father-in-law?" Long Chen asked sarcastically. 

"Hey, it's not my fault your father-in-law died. He can only blame himself for misunderstanding," Xun said.

"Wait a minute... The Envoys! Is that why you want to leave this place fast?" She asked Long Chen as she thought of something. 

"That's right. The Envoys are supposed to come to this world. And they will be from the Immortal World. I don't even want to imagine how strong they were going to be. I should stay as far away from them as I possibly can. I have already delayed so much," Long Chen replied. 

"I don't know why, but I feel like it would be too late if I don't leave soon enough. Even though I'm injured, I need to leave this world," he added as he placed his head on top of the pillow and closed his eyes.

"You're right. You're in no condition to travel, but your condition is even worse for battle. If there needs to be a choice between the two things, traveling while being injured is better than fighting Immortal Warriors while being injured. I support your decision this time," Xun said, smiling. 

"You're pretty clever this time. Not bad. I guess you're becoming less and less naive," she further said. 

"I still don't understand one thing, Xun. This Dark Sacrifice... Which emotion did it take from me? So much time had passed since I woke up. And the longer it passes, the more I feel like I'm missing something important. But I just can't place my finger on it," Long Chen said as a frown appeared on his forehead. 

"I thought about all emotions, and I have all I could have thought about. All major ones, at least. My love, hate, affection... And all others that I could remember. Even my Lust is the same since I tested it. It's not hard for me to get aroused. So what is it that I'm missing?" He asked Xun. 

"Maybe you're just worrying needlessly? Even though it's almost impossible, maybe you lose nothing this time? Maybe Dark Sacrifice didn't affect you in that way? Or maybe what you lost was so minor that you can't even remember? In any case, stop thinking about it," Xun told Long Chen as she looked at his face. 

"Stop worrying about everything and just focus on your healing. You lost no emotion and as for the Envoys, just do your best to leave as fast as you can, and you'll be fine. It's not like they will have an easier time finding you," she further added before she disappeared. 


Just as Xun had spoken about the Envoys of the Immortal World, five portals appeared in the middle of the Esteria Empire in the world of Fengshu. 

Five men stepped out of the portals and landed on the ground but as soon as they came out, their mouths were left open. 

"Looks like we won't need to make sure if the Emperor was telling the truth or not. It was most certainly the truth," one of the Five Envoys said as they stared straight ahead at the city, which was almost completely destroyed. 

The destroyed buildings were being cleaned by the people of the city, and dead bodies were being brought out from the rubble. 

Blood could be seen everywhere. The five envoys didn't have a hard time recognizing the Royal Palace since a fraction of it was left standing. 

"Can you feel the darkness in the atmosphere as well?" The leader of the Five Envoys asked the other four. 

"I can."

"I can as well."

"This is most certainly something similar to what Heavenly Demons let out when they use their Dark Sacrifice. The darkness is too dense. It's certainly the work of a Heavenly Demon."

"I guess we were a bit too late. The Heavenly Demon had escaped from the Emperor. We thought the Emperor was lying because a Heavenly Demon would never run. I believe this Emperor misunderstood something."

"The Heavenly Demon left for some other reason and not because he was scared. Maybe he remembered he needed to do something important?"

"That's right. The Emperor thought he ran away from him, and he mentioned it in the letter which made us think he was lying."

The discussion between the five envoys was continuing as they observed their surroundings.