Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1198 - 1198: Strength Of First Emperor

Long Chen had finished telling the truth to his family that he wasn't actually their son. 

After a moment of overwhelming pause, Long Jun finally shook his head.  ​​

"I don't know how my son was and how he had to suffer, but I know you aren't responsible for anything. I can also understand why you didn't tell the truth before. It would have been just as overwhelming for you to know you were in someone else's body," Long Jun said. 

If I was in your place, I might have done the same as well," He further said. "But I do know one thing. You never treated the long clan as strangers. You did so much for us that most family members won't even do."

"You might not be our son that we believed you to be, but you're still our son. Just like you treated us like your family, you are our family. How did you think that we would hate you because of this? You did nothing wrong," Sima Ziyi said as she stood up and stepped closer to Long Chen. 

She sat right beside him. Long Chen also sat up, glancing at her. 

"So your name is Long Chen, you said?" She asked.

"Yeah," Long Chen said, nodding. 

"Chen'er, do you think of me as your mother?" Sima Ziyi inquired. 

Long Chen nodded again. 

"Can you promise your mother one thing then?" Sima Ziyi asked again as she rubbed Long Chen's head.

"What promise?"

"Promise me that you'll bring my other son back too. I want both of my sons. Can you do it?' Sima Ziyi inquired. 

"I will do it," Long Chen affirmed. "But as I said, it'll take a long time."

"No matter how long it takes. I just don't want his soul to stay alone for an eternity. Even if it takes a hundred years, as long as he can come back and live a normal life, I'll be happy," Sima Ziyi told Long Chen. 

"He'll be back," Long Chen said. 

"So, which of you still tell this to Grandpa?" Long Chen asked, smiling wryly. "Because I'm not the one who's going to do it."

"Don't worry, I'll tell him. He'll understand too," Long Jun replied. 


Long Chen spent three more hours inside the Herb Garden with his family before he actually stood up while telling them that it was his time to leave. 

He sent the family back, leaving only the Snake Monarch, who was seemingly getting bored here after spending so long. 

"Finally. We can leave," he told Long Chen, who just finished sending his family back. 

"That's right. Let's leave," he said, excited. 

"Not yet. I just said that to send them away.  We're going to stay here for a few more months. It's a perfect place, completely isolated from the outside. I can spend months here to stabilize my cultivation without being disturbed. That's also why I sent my family away. So I could be at peace," Long Chen explained b

"Now it's your turn to leave as well. Rest in the Beast Region for a little while," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, who seemed annoyed. 

"Come on! What's the fun in that? Let's go out and face slap some arrogant cultivators with our strength. You can stabilize outside too. I'll be so bored inside the Beast Region alone," Snake Monarch complained. 

"Alone? There are so many beasts there. How can you be alone?" Long Chen asked. 

"They're all kids for me. I can't talk to kids. They're immature," Snake Monarch retorted. 

"Train the kids then. Help them get stronger. Moreover, there is also the Blood Dragon there. I think you two can practice battle and get stronger. Because I'm not leaving this place anytime soon. I'll call you out when I leave though," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, not changing his decision. 

"Fine. You make, you're really irritating sometimes. When I get my temple, I won't give you even the smallest of space in there," Snake Monarch retorted, rolling his eyes. 

"It's fine. I don't need space in your temple. I'll have one of my own." Long Chen chuckled. "Anyway, I think it should be time for the second Beast Competition. How about you have that?"

"Second one? That's right! I can defeat that puppy this time and get the title that I deserve! This time I won't let him cheat!" Snake Monarch exclaimed as he liked Long Chen's suggestion. He found it interesting. 

"Best of luck for the tournament, little guy. I'm sure you will do great. I'll wait to hear the results when I call you out next time," Long Chen said before he sent the Snake Monarch back inside the Beast Region. 

"At last peace," he muttered as he sat down again. 

He closed his eyes and started stabilizing his Red Core.


While Long Chen was stabilizing his core, Immortal World was in chaos. The four Emperors were informed about the broken statue and about the possible return of the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

Hearing that news, the Emperors dropped everything and hastily came to the Northern Empire.

A news had spread everywhere that something big was going to happen since all Four Emperors and Four Generals were together in the Northern Empire. 

 In a meeting room, four Emperors were sitting around a black round table. The four Generals were standing behind them respectfully. 

"If that statue is really broken, this is really problematic. Even the First Emperor had to resort to tricks to defeat the Blood Dragon Emperor. And he was only able to succeed with the help of the other Blood Dragons," the Northern Emperor spoke in a grim tone.

"That's enough to show how strong Blood Dragon Emperor must be. If he returns today, can we even handle him?" He asked the others. 

"The First Emperor was alone. There are four of us now. And Humans have gotten stronger. I think we should be able to take him on. Even though a lot of people will die in the battle, we should be able to win as long as we give it our all," the Southern General said. 

"I disagree," the Eastern Emperor chimed in. "Even if the First Emperor was only one, he was one of the strongest ever to exist."

" He single handedly conquered the Immortal World. I doubt any of us would be able to defeat him if he was alive today, even if we joined. That's the information I have on him according to the records," he continued. "We should take this seriously and not be overconfident."

"We can't let the Blood Dragon Emperor return," he finished.

"You're taking the records too seriously."