Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 596 - 596: Kill Yourself

Long Chen was surprised that Mi Yin was able to control her expressions. The last time he met her in Ruan Yi's place, he could read her expressions, but this time, it seemed like she was an entirely calm and collected person who didn't show her rage bit anger easily.

'I have a weird feeling. Something is definitely wrong here,' Long Chen thought as she frowned.

The dice disappeared from his side and appeared before another disciple.

That disciple rolled the dice, which stopped at number one. He climbed a step.

His stairs started shining and showed some words before him.

" Force someone to enter the Mind Maze of Death. His failure to clear it in three minutes will result in death," That man read the words.

He looked back at the Temple Priest for an explanation.

" The words were pretty clear this time," The Temple Priest let out as he sighed at the disciple's failure to understand. 

"You can force any of the nine Disciples to go through the mind maze of death. If they fail to clear it in three minutes, they will die, and their soul will act as a sacrifice to the Hall of Death," He explained.

"Oh, nice," The man laughed as he looked to his left towards another peak Sky Realm Disciple that was in the lead. 

"I choose you. Have fun," That man said as he pointed his fingers towards a dark-haired man who was in the lead.

"You bastard!" The Dark Haired man cursed, but belt he could say anything else, his expressions turned black.

The others realized that his consciousness was inside the Mind Maze of Death. 

The man screamed in pain for the next three minutes, but he didn't return.

After three minutes passed, his eyes and his nose started bleeding as his body started rotting.

"He failed," the Temple Priest muttered as he saw the man's body fall down the stairs and disintegrate.

Long Chen and the others saw the condition of the man that had just died.

Most of the Disciples couldn't help but feel a chill down their spine, thinking that it might have been him if they were chosen.

Long Chen had his mind on something different, though.

He wondered what this Mind Maze of Death was, which made everyone so miserable. Why weren't they able to clear it in time? When the task gave them three minutes of time to clear it, that meant that the task was difficult to finish in three minutes, but it wasn't impossible. He wondered if he was in that guy's situation, would he be able to finish it or not?

' It's a Maze that is not real and only made up in the mind. It sounds awfully lot like a mind illusion. If it's actually an illusion, I might be able to clear it much more easily,' Long Chen thought. He knew that it was only an assumption at the moment since he only had an outer understanding about the Mind Maze of Death.

The man that had given this punishment to the dark-haired man was also surprised, but he was happy as well since he was able to get rid of a powerful enemy.

The dice disappeared before him and appeared before another Disciple.

It was actually the turn of the dark-haired man now, but he was dead now, so the dice chose the next person.

The next person held the dice and rolled it.

The dice stopped at the Number Four. The man climbed four steps and waited for the world to appear, telling him what he needed to do.

The stairs started shining, and a few words appeared before him.

The man read the Words.

" Choose a person to get a double roll."

He also looked at the Temple Priest to ask for an explanation about the words.

"You can select any Disciple from the ones that are still alive, excluding yourself. That person will be able to roll the dice twice when it's their turn," The Temple Priest explained.

"Such a useless task tsk. It doesn't benefit me at all. Instead, it asks me to choose the person who gets the benefits when everyone else is my enemy in this trial," The man muttered in annoyance.

He didn't have any choice, though. He had to complete the task, or he would be dead. 

The man looked towards the order disciples to find the person that had the least chance of being his opponent in this trial since he didn't want to give anyone the advantage from his task. 

All the disciples hoped that they would be the ones selected by the man. They all put a gentle smile on their faces as they waited for the man's choice. 

Even the person that was the cause of someone's death just now was smiling innocently and hoping that he would be selected.

"I chose you!" 

The man finally made a decision as he pointed his finger towards a Disciple.

' He's the weakest here. He won't be a threat to me even if he gets two tries,' The man thought.

Long Chen saw the finger pointing towards him.

' I knew it. There are some advantages of looking the weakest in the room, especially in trials like this,' Long Chen thought as he gracefully smiled and accepted the free gift.

The dice disappeared again and appeared before another Disciple.

"Kill yourself," that man read the task he received.

" What the heck is this task! It straight away asked me to die! Not even a chance!" The Disciple complained to the Temple Priest with a look of disbelief on his face.

" I can't do anything about it. You must do what it says, or you will die for not doing your task!" The Temple Priest replied as he shook his head.

"Do it, man!"

"Follow the rules!"

"You must finish your task! We all did ours too!" 

The other Disciples also started chiming in with their opinions to force the person to finish the task and kill himself since it was beneficial for them. They would have one less person to worry about if this person was dead. 

" What the heck is wrong you! Do you think I don't know what you want? You all want me to die to decrease the competitors! Only a fool would kill himself! The Disciple let out as he refused to comply with the task.

The bright words that were floating before the man kept floating before him for the next few minutes, but when the man didn't do as the task said, the words turned red and flew towards the man.

They entered the body of the man.

" What?" The man let out in confusion as he saw the words enter him.

Long Chen also saw the things that were happening before him with great interest, wondering what was going to happen next.

After the blood-red words entered the body of the man, the body suddenly burst apart as his blood spilled all around the stairs.

"As I said, if you don't do as the words said, you will die! There is a reason this is called the Temple Sacrifice. When you took part in it, you agreed to be sacrificed if you failed. You had your chance to leave many times by crushing that crystal, but you didn't. The only way out now is getting to the top since only one person will be able to leave the stairs alive," The Temple Priest let out in an expressive tone.

A lot of Disciples that were still alive couldn't help but gulp down. They clenched their fists as they promised themselves that they would definitely complete all the trials of the stairs and reach the top before everyone else.

The Dice disappeared again and appeared before another disciple.