Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1131 - 1131: Cheated

"Taking this time then," Long Chen said as he reached out his hand, taking the time from the Saint King's right hand. 

As he took the golden ring, he looked inside only to find that there were no treasures inside. There were only three small bottles that seemed to be filled with liquids of different colors. 

"I get it. There must be a different space inside it like my ring," Long Chen muttered, realizing that it was probably a fake show on the outside. 

He glanced at the Saint King before he asked, "How do I open the treasure space inside the ring?"

"What treasure space? The space you see inside the ring is the only space," Saint King said, smiling. 

"But... There are only three bottles inside? Where are the Purified Origin Flowers? Or the martial skill of yours? Or other treasures?" 

Saint King didn't reply and simply smiled. 

"Don't tell me you fooled me. I would be really upset," Long Chen said, glaring at the Saint King. 

"What can you even do if you're upset, kid? You already took the Heavenly Oath. If you want to live, you must take my revenge. As for me, I'm already dead," Saint King replied as he chuckled. 

"So you really fooled me? There was no treasure like that?" Long Chen asked, confused. "How could you fool your own heir?"

"Hahaha," Saint King burst into laughter as he saw the look on Long Chen's face. 

Hearing his laughter, Long Chen felt even worse. He felt as if the Saint King was laughing at his misery. He had really been a fool. He took someone else's revenge on his head and a heavenly oath, all for nothing. 

After a long and hearty laugh, the Saint King finally stopped. 

"Don't make that crying face. I didn't fool you. I was just joking. The treasure isn't in that Gold ring but that red one in my left hand," he told Long Chen.

Not only Long Chen but the others inside the room also looked at the Saint King blankly. He really was mischievous. While Xue and Mei kept their mouths silent, Snake Monarch didn't. 

"You really are shameless, aren't you? Messing with your Heir? Where is your dignity?" Snake Monarch asked, feeling bad that Long Chen was being messed with and especially because the one doing the messing wasn't him. 

"I told you all; I've been bored in this place. And within a few minutes, even this fragment of my soul will go to eternal sleep. Don't feel bad. I just wanted to make my last few moments happy ones," Saint King expressed as he sighed.

"Don't worry about this. I understand. At Least you really didn't fool me without any treasures, even though you could have. I appreciate that," Long Chen said as he once again reached out his hand towards the red ring. 

"You idiot, wait! I told you that you'd burn if you touch the red ring!" Saint King called out to Long Chen as he watched himself about to touch the ring. 

Long Chen's fingers stopped just a few inches away from the ring as a frustrated look appeared on his face. 

"Saint King, I know you have been bored, but please stop messing with me. Where is the treasure?" Long Chen asked as he looked back at Saint King, tired of this back and forth.

"It's in the red ring," Saint King answered. 

"But you said I'll burn to death if I take the red ring. If the treasures are in that, how can I take them?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

"That's why I made you take the golden ring. You need to do as I say if you want to remove the protection of my red ring," Saint King answered.

"Do what?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

"You see the three bottles inside the golden ring?" Saint King asked Long Chen before he continued. "Take the red one out."

Long Chen did as he was told and took the red bottle out.

"Now be careful and use that liquid inside that red bottle. Make sure that only two drops of that liquid fall on my red ring," Saint King guided Long Chen. 

With extreme care, Long Chen made two drops of red liquid fall on the red ring. 

"Good work. Now keep it back and bring out the yellow bottle and make one drop of that liquid fall on the ring," Saint King further commanded. 

Long Chen did as he was told and used the yellow bottle too before it was the turn of the last, green bottle. 

As he used all three bottles, the Saint King told him to before he looked back. 

"What next?"

"Next? Just take the ring," Saint King said, smiling. "And don't worry, the protection of the ring is gone now. You can take it, and you can use it. It won't harm you," Saint King answered. 

Long Chen reached out his hand for the third time to take the time. 


Just as he was about to touch the ring, he once ahead stopped as he heard a shout from behind him. 

"What now?" He asked the Snake Monarch who had shouted. 

"Nothing, I just wanted you to write a will before you touch the ring. Who knows, you might be ash the next moment. We need to decide your own inheritance first before you die for someone else's," Snake Monarch told Long Chen, seemingly concerned. 

"Shut up," Long Chen rolled his eyes as he finally touched the ring. As his fingers touched the ring, he felt a strange sensation as if the ring had connected to him.

"You feel that? You're the real owner of my ring now. The process you used was something I created especially for this ring.  Now it has nothing to do with me. I give you my ring and my inheritance. Go and become the strongest, Long Chen," Saint King said. 

Long Chen took out the ring from the Saint King's fingers and wore it on his own before he finally looked inside. 

As he gazed inside the ring, he was stunned.  The ring was nothing but a treasure trove! There were so many things inside the ring, and as per his expectations, these should all be treasures from the Immortal World. 

He also saw two flowers inside the storage ring. 

"Are these two flowers the Purified Origin Flowers?" Long Chen asked the Saint King. 

"That's right. I only had those two in my ring when I had to leave. If I knew that this was going to happen and that I'll be needing an heir from the Mortal World, I would have taken more with me," Saint King affirmed.