Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1177 - 1177: Incoming General

The future of the Gu Clan was bright, he believed.

As Long Chen had already accepted the truth, the King also nodded. Since he didn't have to cheat now, he was finally relieved, and he could be honest. 

"Great Master Long is right. You made haste in putting in the materials. But it's also a common mistake since it's all about timing. You'll improve in the future," the King said kindly. "You can go back."

"Do you want to declare the results of the first tiers?" Prince Lu asked Long Chen. 

"Even though I already know, you can go ahead. As I said, it's your competition. You handle these things. I'm only the observer," Long Chen casually said.

"Alright. The first is Du Han," the King declared, pointing towards the red-haired man. 

"Second is Ming Lia!'

"Third is..."

The King declared the results as he named the participants one after another. 

Even though Gu Lin had messed up, there were others who had messed up even more, so she managed to get the seventh place out of the twenty-four people that had participated. 

As for Gu Ren, he was in Seventeenth Place. 

"You can all go back. The rewards will be declared in the end," the King said as he sent everyone back. Gu Lin walked back to her seat behind Long Chen. 

As for others, they went to sit with the Clans since they couldn't sit with the big guys. 

"Next trial. For the Elders of the Clans. What trial should we have? I want you to decide this too. Please Great Master. Don't say no this time," the King told Long Chen, telling him to select the test again.

"Alright. I won't say no in this then. I want the next trial to be the battles," Long Chen declared.

He wanted to see the Elders fight to understand how they used their strength.

"Alright. Physical Battles it will be. Each Clan is only allowed to send one Elder to the battlefield. It'll be a single battle where everyone will join the fight. The one who falls, gets eliminated," the King said, further making the rules to make the battles more interesting for Long Chen. 

" You aren't allowed to fly either. The last one standing is the winner. Your rank will be decided depending on how long you can last. Other than that, you can use any treasure or anything you possess. Nothing is barred as long as you don't kill the other person," the King further said. 

"That's interesting. It can be fun," Long Chen muttered. It really seemed to be fun to be a spectator for once. 

But he didn't know that he wasn't going to be alone for so long as someone was flying towards this Kingdom. 

The real General of the Western Emperor was going to some place with his team, and he needed to pass through this Kingdom to get there. The second strongest person in the Western Empire was coming. 

Unaware of all that, Long Chen was excited for the battle that was going to be held here. 

"Gu Qian! You'll take part for us!" Gu Wang said as he commanded one of his Elders. 

"Du Ming! You'll take part from our side. You must win!"

"Gianli, you go from our side. Make sure to show the strength of my Ming Clan to the Great Master! Don't disappoint them!" 

"Ying Wan!  Go ahead and give your best!" 

One after another, all Clans sent one of their Elders to represent their sides. 

Soon, twelve elders were standing on the field, facing each other. All of them seemed to be prepared and waiting for the signal from the King.

"Shall we start?" The King asked Long Chen's permission 

As soon as Long Chen nodded his head, the King declared, "Start the battle!"

Even though this was a battle where everyone was everyone's enemy, it didn't progress like that. After the initial rush, it seemed like everyone had selected one enemy. Instead of being an all-on-one battle, it became six separate battles. 

The Gu Clan Elder was facing against the Ming Clan Elder, and he didn't forget to use his specialty. While the Gu Clan used poison, the Ming Clan was the clan of artificers, so they had many treasures. 

Long Chen was learning a lot from Ming Clan. The attacks of Gu Clan Elder were frightening, but the Ming Clan member was using his treasures like they weren't external help but a part of his body. 

As for the other clans, they were also showing something different. How to fight while defending self? How to use poison, how to use artifacts, how to make the enemy attack the way you want.

There was so much that was happening in the battle. Long Chen was really glad that he had come here for this free show. Not only could he relax, but he could also learn more while also subtly meditating to stabilize his core. 

In fact, even now he was stabilizing his core while sitting. 

The battles also started getting close to an end as more and more people started getting eliminated. It didn't take long before it actually turned into a fight that it was intended. It started from two against one and turned into an all out battle where everyone attacked everyone. 

The number of Elders kept decreasing even more, and soon there were only three people left—the elder of Gu Clan, Elder of Tian Clan, and Elder of Ming Clan. 

Unfortunately, that was as far as the Gu Clan Elder could go before getting eliminated. He came third as he also dropped to the ground, defeated. 

In the end, the Tian Clan took the first place while the Ming Clan took the second place. 

"I don't think I need to declare the results. They are already before you all. You can all go back," The King said. 

"Next, the Clan Masters of the twelve clans step forward. It's time for the final trial and the most important one."

As the King commanded, the Sect Masters of all the Clans stood up and stepped forward. Gu Wang also stood up as he walked to stand with other Clan Masters. 

"Great Master. What do you want the third test to be?" The King once again asked Long Chen's advice regarding what the test to do, but this time Long Chen actually had no idea what he should choose. 

He only had an interest in two things. Battles and Alchemy, and both of them had already happened. 

It was only after thinking for a while that he came up with an idea for the Clan Masters.